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MacUpdate Desktop 6

New Mac Apps Updated 23 minutes ago

Bartender logo
Organize your menu-bar apps.
Boxcryptor logo
Secure the files in your favorite cloud-storage solution.
Panorama X logo
Modern database solution.
GrandTotal logo
Create invoices and estimates.
iPass logo
Secure Wi-Fi for enterprise.
AweEraser logo
Erase data securely.
Vendetta Online logo
Massive, multi-player intergalactic action game.
Squeezit logo
Create your own study guides.
Browser Care logo
Browser maintenance app.
SSH Config Editor logo
Manage SSH client-configuration files.
Pine Player logo
Play almost all existing digital audio forms.
CotEditor logo
Plain text editor.
CM Batch JPEG Rotator logo
Correct rotation of cross-platform JPEGs.
Ticke-Tack logo
A typographic word clock that displays fuzzy time.
Artboard logo
Simple and direct vector drawing software.
Sequence Diagram logo
Create UML 2.0 style sequence diagrams.
WonderPen logo
Writing app for both professional and amateur writers.
JotTheDate logo
Draw out your calendar events.
SupremePlayer logo
Media player.
Double Commander logo
Dual-pane file manager inspired by Total Commander (beta).
Dot1xProfile logo
Generates 802.1x authentication profiles.
Dr. Unarchiver logo
Browse and expand compression archives.
Adobe DNG Converter logo
Digital negative converter update.
Adobe Camera Raw logo
Adds support for many new cameras.
Adobe Bridge CC 2018 logo
Powerful media manager for Creative Suite.
Adobe Animate CC 2018 logo
Animation authoring environment for creating interactive content (was Adobe Flash CC).
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC logo
Import, develop, and showcase volumes of digital images.
Photo Blur FX logo
Image blur and focus effects.
The Noun Project logo
Community-built collection of universal icons.
HSTracker logo
Hearthstone deck tracker.
Melodics logo
Music lessons for MIDI, pad controllers, and drums.
Grids logo
A beautiful way to experience Instagram.

Updates on December 11, 2017

ExpanDrive logo
Access cloud storage just like a USB drive.
FastScanner Pro logo
Discover and free your hard drive space (was DaisyScanner).
TickTick logo
To-do list and task manager.
Spotica Menu logo
Menubar icon that shows Spotify's currently playing track.
Ask Fortuna logo
Fortune generator.
Risk Manager logo
Manage risks of any nature.
Nice Shot logo
Tweak video settings for Rocket League.
Zotero logo
Maintain content in web browser in a personal library.
2Pixels logo
Pixel-art image editor.
Native Access logo
Manage installation of products from Native Instrument.
Acoustica logo
Cross-platform audio editing, mastering, and restoration.
Subler logo
Mux and tag your MP4 files.
Get Backup Pro logo
Powerful backup, synchronization, and cloning utility.
DetectX Swift logo
Security and troubleshooting tool (beta).
Sync-N-Link X logo
Batch sync dual-system sound using timecode.
MarginNote Pro logo
Highlight, organize, review, and sync notes and annotations.
iFindText logo
Search for words or phrases in all of your text files (was AskPoirot).
Requirements Manager logo
Simple, versatile requirements-management tool.
Membrane Pro logo
Create your own album artwork.
GitFinder logo
Lightweight Git client (beta).
Superstring Pro logo
Create stunning lyric videos in minutes.
TenFourFox logo
Harness the power of Firefox 45 on your PowerPC Mac.
Flow logo
Fast and elegant FTP and SFTP client.
Smart Converter Pro logo
Batch convert video simply and efficiently.
uRoute logo
Plan out your exercise.
1Player logo
Media player for playing back multimedia files.
Send Anywhere logo
Share files easily.
TG Pro logo
Control fan speeds, monitor temperatures, and find faulty sensors.
Usenetic logo
Usenet client with MegaSearch (beta).
nessMediaCenter logo
Make your Mac an optimal media center.
AudioBook to MP3 Converter logo
Convert iTunes and Audible audiobooks.
Newsflow logo
News from all of your favorite websites on your desktop.
Cardhop logo
Manage your contacts.
Anastasiy's Extension Manager logo
Simplify installation of Adobe extensions and panels.
JellyfiSSH logo
Simple bookmark manager for connecting to UNIX machines.
Romanysoft SpeedTest logo
Internet speed test without Flash.
GitFTP-Deploy logo
Simple FTP-deployments for your smaller projects.
iCollections logo
Organize your desktop icons.
SayMoney logo
Evaluate your personal finances.
SnippetsLab logo
Easy-to-use snippets management tool.
Make a List logo
Create unlimited lists.
Dru logo
Create PDFs containing images, text, vector shapes, more.
PDF Search logo
Search through your PDF documents lightening fast.
Mannote logo
Store and quickly use frequently used text.
LiveNow logo
Watch Twitch streams without Flash (was WatchNow).
To MP3 Converter logo
Encode audio and video to MP3.
To WAV Converter logo
Converts audio and video files to WAVs.
MIDI to MP3 logo
MIDI-to-MP3 converter.

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