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19 May 2020

Programming source code compiler.


Purebasic is a basic compiler available for Windows, Linux, Amiga, and now also for Mac OS X. It is easy to create portable source code for all platforms. Purebasic creates native executables with high-speed execution and low resource consumption. Once bought you have a lifetime update guarantee.

What's new in PureBasic

Version 5.72 LTS:

Download Purebasic for 32-bit processors

  • #PB_HTTP_Headers to HTTPInfo() to get the headers
  • #PB_HTTP_HeadersOnly to HTTPRequest() to only request the headers (GetHTTPHeaders() is now deprecated)
  • Scintilla word chars selection as user preference in IDE (kenmo)
  • Zoom keyboard shortcuts in IDE (kenmo)
  • New editor shortcut functions in IDE (kenmo)
  • Memview (idle)
  • PostEvent() now returns a result as it could fail in some extrem case
  • Sign() now returns an integer instead of a float.
  • OpenJPEG library to version 2.3.1
  • PCRE library to version 8.44
  • libpng to version 1.6.37
  • libjpeg to version 9d
  • libtiff to version 4.1.0
  • expat to version 2.2.9
  • libflac to version 1.3.3
  • libogg to version 1.3.4
  • libvorbis to version 1.3.6
  • sqlite to version 3.31.1
  • curl to version 7.68.0
  • 'Find Previous' freezing in IDE (kenmo)
  • Gadgets Drag'n'Drop Position in FormDesigner (ChrisR)
  • Re-enable buttons bug in window 'Find in Files' in IDE (Sicro)
  • Display errors in window '#WINDOW_Form_Parent' of the FormDesigner (Sicro)
  • Many documentation issues (Andre and Mesa)
  • Some compiler and libraries related bugs

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8 Reviews of PureBasic

04 February 2019
Version: 5.22 LTS

Most helpful

@macupdate: 5.70 LTS out a month ago. (2 January 2019) https://www.purebasic.com/news85.php Highlight features are: Much improved Http functions and it finally has native MySQL support (rather than having to use ODBC).
04 February 2019
Version: 5.22 LTS
@macupdate: 5.70 LTS out a month ago. (2 January 2019) https://www.purebasic.com/news85.php Highlight features are: Much improved Http functions and it finally has native MySQL support (rather than having to use ODBC).
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02 September 2016
Version: 5.22 LTS
@MacUpdate admins, Purebasic 5.50 has been available since July 2016 (http://www.purebasic.com/news76.php)

Also, the web version, SpiderBasic, is now at 1.40 (https://www.spiderbasic.com) - I notice there is no entry for it at macUpdate

Having had a chance to play with PB a bit now, I can say that it is a lot more powerful than might be expected. It's chock-full of functionality and yet still generates small and fast executables across three platforms. It's more like C with a Basic syntax than old school Basics. Pointers, structures, modules, events, etc etc make this a useful addition to your dev toolbox.

Although some of the functionality can be a little clunky, such as the JSON commands, the decent Help and helpful online community makes getting solutions to probems quite easy to achieve.

My one tip would be to avoid the built in form editor and use the new XML-based dialog library which is far more flexible.

As mentioned, there is a web version available, SpiderBasic (sold seperately) which I have used to build new user interfaces to our business APIs -works a charm.
19 October 2015
Version: 5.22 LTS
@MacUpdate admins - v5.40 LTS was released a couple of days ago. The MU version number (5.22) is very out of date now. I'm really enjoying getting to know PB more and more. It is incredibly feature rich and far, far from the BASICs of the 1980s whilst retaining familiar syntax.
27 February 2015
Version: 5.22 LTS
Note for MacUpdate admins: PureBasic is currently at version 5.31 with an LTS version at 5.24 (from October 2014).
08 May 2014
Version: 5.22 LTS
I've been using PureBasic since 2001. I don't understand these bad reviews on here. The developer has done a great job at making this one of the best cross platform programming languages ever. I've used it on Windows, Linux and OS X. If you're like me and don't like the bulky Xcode app and want to create small and fast apps, look no further then PureBasic.
17 March 2013
Version: 4.20
This now version 5.10 on 3 of the 4 available Operating Systems (Amiga is still v4). Why hasn't it been updated here in MAcUpdate?
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03 January 2013
Version: 4.20
Haven't had time to try it yet but am DLing v5.0 which shows that development is ongoing. So this site is not up to date. Sometimes criticism can be harsh based on little data and largely on a dislike of the visual appearance of the software. Keep in mind this is the only software I know that can create on 4 separate OS platforms for the one relatively low lifetime price of 79 Euros. It would be much more useful if the criticism addressed the functional and usability aspects of the software and left the beauty contests for the Miss Universe pageants. There are several applications I use regularly, despite their interfaces because they do what they do very well and better than anything else to hand.
21 June 2008
Version: 4.20
Unless you are very desperate or like to throw your money away, find another program. The comments below are still valid today! Its June 2008 and the developer's release a PowerPC program. The GUI looks like a direct port from windows, ugly and awkward. Pathetic