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Updates on October 23, 2018
Desktop publishing solution.
Application to preview your Photos from menubar.
Application to preview your Photos from menubar.
Communication for teams.
OpenPGP on macOS.
Interact with desktop applications across any network.

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Updates on October 23, 2018
Video surveillance for your home.
Recover lost data from your IOS device.
Create impressive and professional resumes in minutes.
Booking management tool for the chauffeur service.
Manage your song collections complete with lyrics and chords.
Fish puzzle game.
Create and use quick notes anywhere.
View metadata embedded by Memory Pictures (was Memory Pics Viewer).
Easy, elegant e-mail.
Project management tool.
Automatically sync any number of folders.
Folder synchronization for beginners and the most exacting professionals.
Improve the drawing of your pictograms.
Displays system monitoring info.
Record and do it easily.
Online backup service; $5/month for unlimited storage; 15-day trial.
Become enthralled in a stunning ancient castle.
Secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and sharing.
Schematic capture and printed circuit board design.
Free password manager.
Truly gamer friendly, DRM-free online gaming platform.
Record music using digital instruments, loops, and more.
Optimize your live performances.
MIDI batch editor and browser.
Free antivirus/anti-malware package.
Free open-source video editor.
Cloud-based SMS and file management between OS X and Android.
Professional mind-mapping and project-management.
Font management and repair utility.
Chromium Web browser without usage tracking.
Complete Web server solution.
Send messages and make free Viber calls.
Quick development for desktop, mobile, and Web.
Easily share files across the Internet and local networks.
Install and configure the Phabricator collection.
Set wonderful effects in a fast and easy way.
Create photo books and more.
Task tracking application with flowcharts.
The open source Web browser.
Send and receive faxes.
Desktop group video chat app.
Evaluate your personal finances.
Cartoon eyes watch your cursor.
Keep track of your flight hours.
A big clock in the dock with desktop option.
Native Lossless macOS audio player.
Team collaboration and communication in one.
Translates FCPX projects to other formats (was Xto7 for Final Cut Pro).
Keep a window open, on top of everything else.
Open and edit DWG drawings.
Improve pronunciation and flow of Chinese.
Record and play music back from a client-server.
Search for and remove duplicate photos.
Powerful, award-winning Finder alternative.
Transfer, edit, backup, manage, and view mobile data.
Easy-to-use backup/cloning utility.
Instant access to the OS X color wheel.
Create keyboard shortcuts for your common tasks.
Voice-over-internet phone and chat software.
Creative video mixing with a slick grid interface.
Play bridge at your pace.
Track your customer and client relationships.
Embed location and text in a photo's header (was Memory Pics).
Empower drag-and-drop on your Mac.
Safari extension that blocks ads while browsing.
Cocoa Objective-C framework wrapping Quartz Event Taps API.
Objective-C wrapper for Apple's accessibility API.
Mindmapping application.
Explore Quartz event taps.
Monitor the user interface of OS X apps.
GUI for rsync.
Updates on October 22, 2018
Scanner software with advanced features.
Graphics editor with powerful features.
File backup and sharing tool; 15 GB free (was Google Drive).

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