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New Mac Apps Updated 13 hours ago

Updates on June 15, 2019
Native YouTube client.
Video recording and live streaming.
Scientific calculator of colocalization coefficients.
Advanced Safari tab management app.
Secure, Open-Source browser.
Shukofukurou is an Anime and Manga library management.
Updates on June 15, 2019
Search through your PDF documents lightening fast.
Search engine ranking evaluation tool.
Learn touch typing.
Note-taking and annotation made easy.
Pixel grid generator.
Make a GIF from images.
Benchmarking tool based on CINEMA 4D.
Send large files to any email address.
App-usage statistics.
Display utility for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists.
Menu-bar unit converter.
Poker odds calculator.
Powerful word processor.
Audio file organizer.
Free voice, video, and messaging service.
Monitor the status of cloud services.
Take back control of your tasks.
Personal task manager.
Task and project manager with mind maps and to-do lists for teams.
Graphically manage MySQL databases.
Invoice app with iCloud syncing (was Moon Invoice Pro).
Keep track of golf handicaps, scoring, and stats.
Turns Gmail into a full-powered Desktop client.
Simple timer and stopwatch utility.
IDE for designing model-driven JavaScript applications.
Updates on June 14, 2019
Email client from Mozilla.
Browse privately using anonymous proxies and VPN servers.
Music creation and audio production tool.
One-window Web development suite.
Notebook app with customizable interface.
Classic mine sweeping game.
Simple, lightweight timer for your menu bar.
A timer in the menu bar.
World clock in the menu bar.
Make location data more accurate.
Calculator App that Contains 90 Calculators.
Convert your video to different formats.
Blu-ray Player.
Blu-ray converter.
Reliable and fully RFC-compliant TFTP server.
Ad blocking and filtering for browsers and applications.
Full-featured calendar with integrated full-featured task manager.
Find out what files are taking up all your HD space.
Extend native file handling in OS X (was OSXFUSE).
Truly gamer friendly, DRM-free online gaming platform.
Automate printing and exporting from InDesign.
Adjust the number of active CPU cores.
PDF manipulator.
Easy-to-use financial calculators.
Streamlined desktop calendar.
Timer and stopwatch for the Dock.
Catalog your movies.
Create icons from images.
Create icons from images.
Create icons from images.
Statistical software with data analysis.
Simple to-do list.
Delivery tracking app for many different services.
Manage your budget the easy way.
Lightweight and professional photo editor (was Polarr).
Browser for Netflix with reviews.
Access your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.
Monitor your desktop from your IOS device.
Evaluate your personal finances.
Draw shapes on your desktop.
Menu-bar shortcuts.
To-Do List Manager.
Displays machines, users, and IP addresses of Macs on your network.
Extendable development environment.
Updates on June 13, 2019
Fast, safe Web browser.
Customizable menu bar clock, calendar, alarms, timezones and chimes.
Voice-over-internet phone and chat software.
Access cloud storage just like a USB drive.
Establish remote connections with other Macs and PCs.

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