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Striking real-time animated image of the Earth for your Desktop.
Spelling, grammar, dictionary, and more.
CRM without internet connection.
Batch re-encoder for text files and find/replace text.
Number puzzle.
Displays mouse coordinates (was MouseCoord).

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Traditional MasterMind logic pattern game.
Memory card game.
Convert a number from any base, or express a number in words.
Remove emails directly from the server.
Birthday and event reminder.
Add, remove, or change file name extension.
Simple color picker for developers.
Personal finance solution.
Image capture for astrophotography using Canon cameras.
Updates on November 17, 2018
Versatile screenshot utility with easy sharing features.
Terminal emulator.
Mac Cleaner & Software Uninstaller.
Preview and remove applications and their service files (was App Cleaner).
Easy way to manage screen resolution on single and dual monitors.
Find upfront electronic dance music very quickly and easily.
Set wonderful effects in a fast and easy way.
Menubar calendar.
Full-featured marine navigation app.
DJ software for harmonic mixing.
Chat with customers on your website.
Total management for files and folders.
Image and photo viewer.
Fast and efficient mind-mapping (was Mindmap Social Pro).
Reminders/to-do/task manager.
Play your music with a new interface.
Turn your iPhone into a wireless trackpad and keyboard.
Control your Philips Hue lights from your menu bar (was Hue Menu).
Encrypted, password-protected database for OS X and iPhone.
Make phone calls over the Internet.
Supports multiple hex conversions (was Hex Calculator).
Organize, analyze, and display your exercise activities.
iTunes in the menubar.
Updates on November 16, 2018
Simple, state-of-the-art encryption and plausible deniability for your data.
Adds power and flexibility to Final Cut Pro X encoding and exporting.
Stream music, create playlists and more.
Fast, safe Web browser.
Email client from Mozilla.
Professional video editing solution.
Create and customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects.
Create searchable notes and access them anywhere.
Create invoices and estimates.
Professional screenwriting software.
Correct image creation and modification date and time.
Advanced system monitor.
Mirror your Roku to your TV.
Mirror the screen of your Mac to any Sony Bravia Smart TV.
Task List Management.
Designs for Keynote (was DesiGN Templates for Keynote).
Mirror your Mac to any Samsung Smart TV.
Easy-to-use astrophotography image capturing.
Planetarium and telescope-mount control for astrophotography.
Simple and easy to use check balancing app (was CheckBook).
Simplify XML editing.
Advanced screen-capture utility.
Simple to-do list.
Sign and countersign documents without printing.
Pages templates for resumes (was Resume Templates).
Cloud collaboration and review for Final Cut Pro X.
View route file types.
Support your presenters on stage with a countdown.
Securely store credit card, bank, health and insurance info, and more.
Astrology charting and ephemeris tool.
News reader with RSS feeds and read-later services.
Task management tool.
The easy way to watch television.
Notation and tab editor.
Simple timer to increase productivity (was Attention Timer).
Internet radio player and recorder.
Calculator for structural geology (was GeoCalc).
Removes digital noise from your photos without sacrificing detail.
Screen annotation and recording solution for presentations.
Personal movie and video collection manager.
Bibliographic reference manager.
Web browser with IRC chat, HTML editing, and more.

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