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New Mac Apps Updated 42 minutes ago

Learn and play Bridge.
Convert CSV files to QFX (Quicken) format.
Automatic Memory Cleaner.
Invoice app with iCloud syncing (was Moon Invoice Pro).
Note manager.
Find desired color codes (was Developer Color Tool).
High-performance Web browser.
Backup music and other media from your iPod and iPhone.
Versatile word-search maker.
Physically modelled virtual piano.
Cross-platform media player.
Perform actions just by dropping something (was Circles).
Easy upload of photos from Apple Photos to Shutterfly.
Virus definitions for Symantec/Norton AntiVirus.
Convert bank transactions to QFX format.
Convert bank transactions to OFX format.
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Expand typed abbreviations.
Run applications and scripts automatically.
Reliable backups, drive clones, and folder synchronizations.
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Data virtualization solution.
Stock and Financial JS Charts.
Mirror your Mac to any Panasonic TV.
Solve math problems and create interactive technical apps.
Professional music creation suite.
3D CAD/CAM tool for product development.
Cross-platform Open-Source Gamecube/Wii emulator.
Convert CSV or Excel to OFX.
Messenger based on the MTP protocol.
Brainstorming and project-management app.
Free accounting software for small business.
Backup and recovery software.
GUI for OpenVPN.
Browser for Netflix with reviews.
Open-Source OpenVPN client.
PDF creator with annotation features and more.
PDF creator, editor, form designer with OCR and more.
Turn your iPhone into a wireless trackpad and keyboard.
Solid 3D CAD modeler.
Organize your recipes, and much more.
Easy-to-use backup/cloning utility.
Complete media playback solution.
Powerful data recovery, RAID and dynamic disks supported.
Cloud backup and synchronization tool with Finder integration.
Open-Source Web-browser engine.
Import tabular data to Apple Contacts.
Turn your computer and webcam into a photo booth.
Powerful and flexible email client.
Inspect and analyze contents of music files.
High-performance FTP server.
Network protocol analyzer.
Turn your Mac into a karaoke machine and recording studio.
Convert bank transactions to QBO format.
Secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and sharing.
Customize multi-touch trackpad gestures.
Phonebook, SMS, and calendar for Nokia series 40 phones (was PhoneDirector).
Secure file-sharing tool.
File and print server for SMB and CIFS clients.
Create checklists for simple task-management.
Secure, Open-Source browser.
Non-destructive photo editor.
Colors icons according to their tag.
Build a city and a farm.
Improve pronunciation and flow of Chinese.
Disk health and maintenance.
Find duplicate files and tidy up your hard drive.
iCloud and Markdown powered document writing tool.
Design forms and enter data.
Chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app.
Display your current WAN and LAN IP.
Mindmapping application.
Updates on May 22, 2019
Fast, safe Web browser.
Email client from Mozilla.
Anonymize Web browsing and more.
Elegant personal task management.
Modern and fast Web browser.
Stream music, create playlists and more.
Free, open-source office suite.
Convert multimedia files between formats (was iFFmpeg).

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