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MacUpdate is the #1 Mac-only software directory on the Web, as well as the leading destination for daily Mac software deals and bundles at MacUpdate Promo. We're looking for some energetic Mac fanatics to join our dynamic group and take the site to the next level.

As the Mac's market share continues to grow, MacUpdate is leading the way in software promotion and distribution for the Mac. Founded in 1996, MacUpdate was recently named one of the fastest growing companies in the USA three years in a row (Inc. 500: 2008, 2009, and 2010).

MacUpdate is an enterprise where employees enjoy some flexibility of working from home, allowing you to integrate your life's values better with your work. If you're a motivated, self-disciplined, and detail-oriented person, you'll be joining a group of like-minded people working on ground-breaking projects with lasting effects, good rewards, and a fun environment.

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2 Available Positions - Updated July 22, 2014

App Sales and Promotions - MacUpdate Promo offers Mac users the chance to purchase premiere Mac app titles at deep discounts while providing developers the ability to promote their apps directly to the vast Mac community. This position is responsible for identifying popular Mac apps and working directly with developers to arrange the terms of app promotions. You will help build the app sales landscape at by managing the marketing, operations and support for each promotion. Communication is at the center of this position’s responsibilities, as you will be in direct and constant contact with both developer clients and MacUpdate customers.

At a minimum, you should have:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience using Macs for work and play
  • Experience with digital marketing and sales, preferably in the Mac app or software sales industry
  • Demonstrated ability applying branding/design concepts to sales and marketing strategies

We’d love it if you also have:
  • Experience writing web copy
  • Experience using web analytics software
  • Graphic design abilities
  • HTML & CSS skills
  • Experience using a CRM to manage sales activity
  • Project management experience

Location: Traverse City, MI

This is a full time position. Compensation includes reimbursement for individual health insurance premiums, flexible work schedule and a new Mac.

To Apply

We’d love to see your exceptional written communication skills. Please send an email to highlighting your skills; specifically, which of your strengths you think would have the greatest impact at MacUpdate. Please include a resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile. Also, feel free to list two or three of your favorite Mac apps and why you love them.

PHP Web developer - MacUpdate is seeking a full-time web developer programmer enthusiastic about the Mac. You will work on some big projects central to the direction of MacUpdate, including AJAX-heavy web-based interfaces on the popular website as well as the growing ecommerce MacUpdate Promo community. MacUpdate is about to go places that no other Mac website has gone—it's the most exciting time to be a part of the development process!

  • 3-5+ years experience developing Web-based applications
  • expert knowledge of MySQL and/or other RDBMS
  • expert knowledge working with PHP, DOM, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX technologies or other frameworks
  • experience with source control (CVS, SVN, etc...)
  • experience with substantial multi-person projects is a plus
  • functional grasp of Perl, Ruby, Python, etc...
  • Unix system administration skills (especially RHEL) is a plus
  • experience building e-commerce store front and managing beginning-to-end processes of software sales and affiliate programs is a strong bonus

Location: Traverse City, MI

Work during normal U.S. business hours, 45-55 hours per week. Health insurance is included in the form of extra compensation of base pay to cover individual health plans, based on your geography. Compensation is negotiable.

When applying for this position, please write a custom cover letter to our founder, Joel, introducing yourself, as well as samples of your work and desired salary range. Feel free to include a link to your LinkedIn page. (