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Second Life
22 November 2018

Expansive online society, lived in and built by its participants.


Second Life is a 3D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively, and today is inhabited by a total of 5,145,919 people from around the globe.

From the moment you enter the World you'll discover a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment, experiences, and opportunity. Once you've explored a bit, perhaps you'll find a perfect parcel of land to build your house or business. You'll also be surrounded by the creations of your fellow residents. Because residents retain the rights to their digital creations, they can buy, sell, and trade with other residents.

The Marketplace currently supports millions of US dollars in monthly transactions. This commerce is handled with the in-world unit-of-trade, the Linden dollar, which can be converted to US dollars at several thriving online Linden Dollar exchanges.

Your first Basic account is FREE, and includes access to events, shopping, building, scripting - everything you can do in Second Life. After your first free Basic Account, each Additional Basic Account (known in-world as an "alt" account) costs a one-time fee of $9.95. A Premium Second Life account, starting at $9.95 a month, allows you to own land on which you can build, display, entertain, and live.

What's new in Second Life


Note: Not compatible with Mac OS X 10.14 Beta

Resolved Issues:
  • SL-1020 (animations) Animesh attachment does not animate after login on build 515000
  • SL-1027 [Animesh] Issue with animations during linking and delinking.
  • SL-1029 (lod) Issue with characters rendering low LoD upon checking Animated Mesh.
  • SL-1032 [Animesh] Viewer adds estimated tri counts of sitters to Animesh objects.
  • SL-1059 Joint positions not applied for observers after disabling animated mesh checkbox of a worn Animesh
  • SL-1082 (encroachment) Constrain encroachment by animesh objects and avatars somehow. Clamp joint position overrides?
  • SL-1123 Private Regions requesting Animesh server code
  • SL-1148 (editing) Can't edit textures on active animated mesh
  • SL-1218 (joint positions) Issue with one or more character's bone deforms not rendering properly among a group of all the same characters.
  • SL-1229 [Animesh] New avatar complexity seems excessively low for Animesh objects.
  • SL-1271 (other) Animesh - physics is not rotated while visual mesh is.
  • SL-1285 (lod) Animesh Enabled objects' size affects their bounding box
  • SL-1290 (animations) Issue with animations not rendering if they were stopped and started while host object is selected.
  • SL-1291 (graphics) animesh selection highlight jumps to origin on zoom out
  • SL-1317 [Animesh] Animesh object orientation is incorrect after rez.
  • SL-1350 (graphics) Animesh angle offset - lags behind when linked to rotating prim
  • SL-1428 (lod) (scattered static boxes can stretch the effective box) LOD and ARC of Rigged Mesh is even worse than I had previously thought....
  • SL-1564 (lod) (bad bear again) Animesh elephants are impostored even when standing close to them.
  • SL-1571 [Animesh] Appearance To XML crashes the viewer.
  • SL-1628 [ANIMESH] Animesh does not obey z-height offsets decided upon upload
  • SL-1642 Animesh attachments turning to boxes depending on rotation or zoom
  • SL-1659 (probably not animesh) The presence of Animesh characters with complexity values near your own or greater causes alerts of your own complexity value.
  • SL-1768 [Animesh] Don't add a skeleton to a linkset upon clicking "Animated Mesh" unless said linkset contains rigged mesh. Remove skeletons from linksets upon delinking if no links contain rigged mesh.
  • SL-1770 [Animesh] Viewer crash during buy the objects
  • SL-1780 Link-Set AniMesh broken on R.C. Agni (Main Grid)
  • SL-1796 [Animesh 32bit build] Rigged mesh avatars are not shown in the viewer
  • SL-1802 [Animesh] animesh attachment deforms avatar
  • SL-1824 [Animesh] Issue with specific mesh avatar lagging camera movement while Animated Mesh status is active.
  • SL-1826 (animations) Animesh is not animate quickly after teleporting
  • SL-1877 Crash on edit logcontrol-dev.xml
  • SL-2007 Animesh objects cast no shadows.
  • SL-2011 Viewer crash after teleporting while wearing animesh objects
  • SL-2106 The first Animesh to be dragged across a region boundary in a session will disappear.
  • SL-2121 Animesh is rendered lower in than previous viewers.
  • SL-2145 Animesh skeleton is incorrect after linking to a different Animesh.
  • SL-2180 Crash when wearing Animated Mesh
  • SL-2213 [PV] Inconsistent enablement of editing translation/rotation/scale via text widgets
  • SL-2291 (lod) Animesh - Animated rigged mesh gets avatar LOD radius boost
  • SL-2302 [PV] An observer receives error message when someone links 2 Animesh together.
  • SL-2376 child animesh object influences root animesh object.
  • SL-2462 [Animesh] Issue with selected object inventory refusing to stay loaded while animations in the same inventory are playing and Animation Info is enabled.
  • SL-2501 Animesh objects outside view frustum stop rendering after a while.
  • SL-2712 (other) Animesh - physics/BB scaling does not reflect visual scaling
  • SL-2788 [PV] Observers do not see objects transition between Animesh and rigged mesh states
  • SL-2792 Viewer crash when disabling Animated Mesh of an object with multiple meshes
  • SL-2808 [Animesh] Users from different viewer don't see the Animesh stop animating when it is selected.
  • SL-2842 [ANIMESH] Crash in LLDrawPoolAvatar::removeRiggedFace: Face reference data corrupt for rigged type 16; wrong face pointer
  • SL-2856 Crash after detaching an Animesh attachment that has stopped rendering in-world
  • SL-2860 Inconsistent rules for rigged mesh uploads - attachment points
  • SL-691 Viewer support for animating non-attached meshes
  • SL-694 viewer: Define object type for animated objects
  • SL-704 (cleanup) Clean up viewer "AXON" comments before release
  • SL-707 UI design for animated mesh property editing
  • SL-712 [PV] Update wiki for new LSL functions
  • SL-714 Handle selection/edit for animated objects
  • SL-718 [PV] Support animated objects as attachments
  • SL-719 [PV] Handle objects with physics
  • SL-722 Handle multi-piece linksets, only root object should set/examine the animated object checkbox
  • SL-724 Optimize the control avatar
  • SL-725 Restrict animations for control avatar
  • SL-726 Restrict updateCharacter() transform munging for control avatars
  • SL-727 Disable display of agent-related text with control avatars, and agent-related interaction options
  • SL-729 [PV] Handle region crossings
  • SL-749 Edit/move animated object across region boundary causes object to disappear
  • SL-751 Test infrastructure
  • SL-759 Animated Objects should impostor correctly
  • SL-760 [PV] Support sitting on animated objects
  • SL-761 [PV] Refine transformation matching between skeleton, object
  • SL-763 Distant animated objects run at super-fast speed
  • SL-779 Support non-rigged root object for animesh linksets (viewer)
  • SL-785 Non-rigged objects in animesh linksets do not display properly
  • SL-786 Bug notes from Henri, open source list
  • SL-789 Crash in LLCharacter::LLCharacter() - assert sAllowInstancesChange
  • SL-790 [PV] Enforce limit on how many animesh attachments can be worn simultaneously (viewer)
  • SL-794 [PV] Enforce triangle count limit for animesh objects (viewer)
  • SL-797 [PV] Placeholder ARC impact from animated objects
  • SL-800 [PV] Changing animated mesh flag on attached object should update joint positions appropriately
  • SL-808 [PV] Update ARC display for animated objects
  • SL-811 [PV] Non-self av showing with wrong joint positions. Also reset skeleton fails with attached animesh.
  • SL-830 Corrupted graphics state in multi-piece animesh linksets
  • SL-831 Support link/unlink with multi-piece animesh linksets
  • SL-838 Crash when un-flagging an animesh attachment - "Tried to add a rigged face that's referenced elsewhere"
  • SL-859 (animations) New arrivals may not get notification of previously started animations
  • SL-863 (other) Jelly-doll support for animesh objects
  • SL-897 (limits) viewer updates for final limits
  • SL-902 Animesh objects with rigged meshes must always display rigged to skeleton
  • SL-908 Animesh - rigged mesh highlighting broken
  • SL-915 Dynamic tracking for rigged mesh extents
  • SL-928 Mesh upload should warn about orientation issues with rigged mesh
  • SL-944 Improve performance when developing and debugging
  • SL-966 Enforce size, offset limits for rigged meshes
  • SL-9671 SimulatorFeatures should be refreshed on region change
  • SL-9673 [Animesh] Certain HUDs collapse when zooming
  • SL-9680 [Animesh] Any UNRIGGED attachment attached while your camera is fairly close to your avatar renders at low LOD & remains there until you zoom camera out and back
  • SL-9773 [ ANIMESH ] Attached animesh objects visible in mouselook, despite unchecked 'Show me in mouselook' setting.
  • SL-9805 Animesh: Massive performance loss since animesh update.
  • SL-9849 Animesh attachments should derive their impostor state from parent avatar
  • SL-9857 [Animesh] [Mac] The animated object becomes invisible after user crosses the region’s boundary.
  • SL-986 Bear animesh fly away after stopping animation.

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27 April 2011

Most helpful

Interesting that Linden Labs dropped PPC support but still supparts Panther 10.3.9. Huh? Also, why is it that Blizzard can write a game (Warcraft) that runs smoothly on OS X but Linden Labs' effort with Second Life is barely functional. I'm glad I never got hooked on SL.
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26 April 2015
Reminds me of V-World on the Caprica TV series (60 years prior to Battlestar Galactica)! Although it is not half as good. :P
23 April 2014
From the Chronicle of Higher Education:
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11 March 2014
I just wanted to leave a comment and say I enjoy messing around with Secondlife at times i really don't use it on a regular basis, but it's fun to explore. I wanted to also say how impressed i am to say my retina macbook pro late 2013 13" does really well on the graphics with the iris graphics. So far no slow downs and great detail. it only starts to really show a noticeable slow down on ultra but it's not huge so i put it back down on high. it also depends on the environment it seems as to how graphics are effected. I'm not much of a gamer though, i work with video and other forms of media for the most part. I've tried second life on my 2005 eMac back in 2005 the radeon 9600 card wasn't too bad but it was certainly slower. my white macbook wasn't the best when i tried it as the intel graphics back then weren't a gaming card, now i have it on this retina MBP and i think this has been the best i've seen it. I also noticed the fan is well controlled too it runs when it has to then slows down to silent again.
25 February 2014
This is Real FUN!!!!
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29 January 2014
Fun stuff
31 August 2012
Version was released on July 25, 2012 Available also are beta and development versions.
1 answer(s)
31 August 2012
Thanks Sanjinko, I've updated the listing.
12 January 2012
Users of Second Life may want check out the documentary called "Life 2.0", which will be released on DVD January 17th:
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2 answer(s)
17 October 2013
Thanks for sharing!
10 January 2014
I found the film interesting. If for no other reason then no one had an iPhone.
23 June 2011
Dont think of this as a 'Game' think of it more as a chat room with user defined graphics. There are some reasonably well defined locations to explore such are the Eiffel tower but the graphics hardly zip along as everything is stored on the S/L servers even your own clothing, possibly why the developers call it a 'viewer' In busy regions the lag can become horrendous and if the region has 50 occupants im sorry it just wont let you in. If you have the time and patience its ok for a laugh but do expect some lag and random crashes.
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27 April 2011
Interesting that Linden Labs dropped PPC support but still supparts Panther 10.3.9. Huh? Also, why is it that Blizzard can write a game (Warcraft) that runs smoothly on OS X but Linden Labs' effort with Second Life is barely functional. I'm glad I never got hooked on SL.
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26 April 2011
Wow, can't believe this is still being developed. I hardly use it any more and when I do it's as vacant as a ghost town when I visit. I guess everybody's gone to Facebook.
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1 answer(s)
04 August 2011
I never understood the attraction in the first place. I don't have a life in the real world so why duplicate that in the cyberworld. LOL
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  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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