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Macsome iTunes Converter

09 October 2019

Convert DRM protected music to unprotected formats.


Macsome iTunes Converter can easily convert DRM-protected music and various audio files to unprotected MP3, AAC formats playable on any iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Creative Zen, and other MP3 players at high speed and CD quality. Convert M4P to MP3, AA to MP3 or AAC in 5X-fast speed, with ID tags preserved. iTunes M4P-to-MP3 converter, Audible AA-to-MP3 or -AAC converter.

Moreover, it is also a professional Apple Music Converter, which can convert all the downloaded files from M4P to MP3, and remove DRM protections so you can play Apple Music files without limitations any more. The iTunes Converter is used to convert all the iTunes music or other audio files which could be played on iTunes. The conversion is 20X speed faster, and the output could be CD quality. It's all-in-one tool to convert M4P to MP3, convert protected or unprotected audiobook, convert iTunes Match Music to MP3 , convert Apple Music to MP3 and convert AAC to MP3. It is a powerful, yet simple audio conversion tool to bypass DRM control with 5X recording and encoding to MP3 method. With batch conversion, the software plays protected music tracks silently in the background and records audio files with top digital quality at speeds up to 5x.

What's new in Macsome iTunes Converter

Version 2.4.8:
  • Fully compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

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12 January 2009

Most helpful

$40 is a bit pricey, especially when: - there are other methods that can do this for free. - all 10 million songs available on iTunes will be DRM free by the end of this quarter.
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Version 1.0
17 August 2018
Infected by virus
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Version 2.3.9
28 February 2017
"Moreover, it is also a professional Apple Music Converter". What does that even mean? Professional? I wouldn't touch this (or any of the other Chinese clones) with a 10-foot pole.
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Version 2.1.4
06 July 2016
So easy to backup all my iTunes Music library.
Version 2.0.5
29 May 2016
It's very helpful when i want to backup my Apple Music playlist, and play them on MP3 player. Thanks .
Version 2.0.4
09 May 2016
I am tempted to buy this or Sidify Apple Music (both are apparently from the same Chinese developer) and both do work fine. All tests show the quality is on par as the original, at least I could not hear a difference. But what troubles me: will this be updated when things change in OS X? I mean, this uses very probably a simple workaround by playing back and recording the audio in realtime or at FFW speed. What if Apple changed the AVFoundation API and prevent apps like this to work? Most certainly because both apps are illegal to use (and to sell). Still, I like to backup my Apple Music and put it on my children iPods. Yes, that too is illegal, I know. Hmmm.. will probably pay for it and see what happens in the near future.
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Version 2.0.4
21 July 2015
Good job, it can convert Apple Music files. I'm so happy when i convert all the Apple Music to MP3 format. Wow.....
Version 1.6.0
09 March 2013
Version 1.5.7 released on Mar 01, 2013 Support keeping chapters information while working with iTunes 11. Support adding files to conversion list by dragging files into the application.
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Version 1.5.6
09 December 2012
The latest version of iTunes converter causes high frequency clicks in the MP3's that are converted. This sounds horrible. I've got the MP3 conversion set to 48 kHz and 320bps. This happens especially during loud portions of the song. Please help. Earlier versions did not have this problem!
Version 1.5.6
03 September 2012
Tried it. Very easy to use. But not stable sometimes. FYI, I use Noteburner to convert DRM videos from iTunes. It works well.
Version 1.5.6
09 September 2011
Still crashes iTunes right after launch.
Version 1.5.4


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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.8.0 or later
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