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MP3 Encoder2.18.0

11 July 2020

Convert a variety of audio formats to MP3.


MP3 Encoder enables you to convert a variety of audio formats to MP3 using a simple front-end to the high-quality LAME encoder. MP3 Encoder can also be used as a simple MP3 tag editor!

  • Supports Multi-Threading! Encode multiple MP3s at once, up to the number of processor cores your system has.
  • Reads and Writes Meta-data! Reads meta-data from the source file and writes it to the MP3 file. You can also enter your own meta-data via a pull-out drawer.
  • Converts songs bought on iTunes to MP3 and retains the metadata.
  • Edit metadata of existing MP3 files without re-encoding.
  • Also supports re-encoding exsting MP3 files.
  • MP3s are written to the same folder as the source file by default, but you can specify an alternate output folder in the preferences.
Currently supported source formats
  • AIF
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • MP3
  • M4A - Apple Lossless
  • M4A - AAC
  • MP4 - AAC
  • WMA
  • RA - Real Audio
  • RM - Real Media

Note: WMA Lossless and DRM Protected files are not supported.

What's new in MP3 Encoder

Version 2.18.0:
  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Update WavPack to 5.1.0, adding support for WavPack DSD files
  • Update LAME to 3.100
  • Update FLAC to 1.3.3
  • Update Ogg to 1.3.4
  • Other minor bug and cosmetic fixes.

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8 Reviews of MP3 Encoder

22 June 2014
Version: 2.16

Most helpful

Why pay money when you can use FREE apps that do so much more? Just search for "XLD" here at MacUpdate.
22 June 2014
Version: 2.16
Why pay money when you can use FREE apps that do so much more? Just search for "XLD" here at MacUpdate.
20 June 2013
Version: 2.14
There are soooo many apps that convert audio files to MP3 and a whole lot more that are FREE, easy to use, and even produce higher quality output. Just check out any of the apps in the Similar Software section on this page or search MacUpdate for 'audio converter' or something similar. It's shameful to charge $4 for this LAME (pardon the pun), one trick pony app when so many much better and more feature-rich free alternatives exist. BTW, MP3 is an anachronistic, halfassed, low quality audio codec. The codec created specifically to replace MP3 is called AAC (Advanced Audio Codec), and it produces substantially higher fidelity output at lower nitrates. Give it a try and join the 21st century.
15 March 2012
Version: 2.12
Personally, I've never wanted to convert anything to mp3. But, if there are people who do want to do that, WTF? Let them. They don't need to justify their actions to other people. Why is it anyone else's business? You haters sound like those trolls who whine because there are people who value giving up the bucks for a Macintosh over putting together a $500 Linux box in their basement.
18 February 2012
Version: 2.11.1
I tried this but it the results are not always good. Sometimes even very bad. I figured out when you are encoding more then one file at the same time it creates audible artifacts. No support for metadata is bad.
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25 January 2012
Version: 2.10
Good Player. Does what it says and works well. Ignore the negative sheeple comments below. They can't handle simple, good software and seem to believe that iTunes is the answer to everything. Kudos to developer.
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24 September 2011
Version: 2.9
In addition to what others have said regarding free and better alternatives to this software, why in the world would anyone want to actively convert audio to MP3 today anyway? Although its was a revelation in it's day, MP3 is now an antiquated format. Its patent encumbered, (for those who care about that sort of thing) and far behind virtually every other format in terms of quality and efficiency. Not to mention any modern software or device worth it's salt can play better alternatives such as AAC or FLAC. Personally X Lossless Decoder is my preferred audio encoder.
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09 June 2011
Version: 2.7
While I do use the free ALL2MP3 on occasion, as well as xACT and XLD, why wold anyone need to buy this and not just use iTunes? iTunes make very high quality MP3s. I use those other programs when I'm dealing with FLAC and other such formats.
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26 May 2011
Version: 2.7
I think I'm beginning to understand this app store business. Those in the know are not likely to buy MP3 Encoder when there are equal or better free alternatives. But those who migrated to Mac because of their iPod, iPhone, or iPad experience who don't know about the rich software treasury that is MacUpdate will do a search on the App Store, see this app prominently displayed, and buy it without even a trial. There's no incentive for the App Store exclusive developers to offer trials and downloads for those of us who do not want to use the App Store, because we tend to be more knowledgable about the state of Mac software and would know better than to give money for a lot of those apps that are only =< the free alternatives.