iCleanMemory free download for Mac


27 September 2011

Free up memory.


iCleanMemory is a simple application to free memory. Just click 'Optimize Memory' to free memory.

Great for:

  • Graphic artists
  • Final Cut Pro users
  • Architects
  • Programmers
  • 3D modellers and animators
  • Developers
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Scientists
  • Parallels Desktop users

What's new in iCleanMemory

Version 1.6:


  • developer clean memory mode
  • automatically clean
  • notification
  • custom menu used memory color

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4 Reviews of iCleanMemory

18 July 2011
Version: 1.1

Most helpful

In the Terminal write "purge" then hit enter, done! No need to purhcase this!
09 August 2011
Version: 1.4
Purchased this for .99 via the App Store and PayPal. Apple charged me eight (8) times for the same purchase, but calling PayPal I was quickly able to get the proper credits. (A week later Apple acknowledged the error was theirs by email). I was excited by the then glowing reviews for this app, but after a few days use I found its use was making my Mac very unstable and have since stopped using it. There is no such thing as a free lunch (or even a .99 one) so my advice is caveat emptor.
01 August 2011
Version: 1.3
This app is completely unnecessary. Mac OS X does a great job at automatically freeing memory when you need it. If you really think it makes a difference manually freeing some memory, you do NOT need to buy a program like iCleanMemory. Just install the developer tools and type "purge" in the Terminal application. Save you money. This app is unnecessary.
19 July 2011
Version: 1.1
This is one of those neat little "does one thing and does it well" type of utilities. Sure, you could use the "purge" command in Terminal as suggested below but I like the convenience of having the utility in my Menu Bar so I can quickly check the amount of used/free memory and purge it if needed. I don't want to think about opening Terminal and typing in the command. I also like to support indie developers who come up with nice solutions as this. I give this 5 stars.
18 July 2011
Version: 1.1
In the Terminal write "purge" then hit enter, done! No need to purhcase this!
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