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20 January 2021

Mac cleaning and optimizing solution.


BuhoCleaner is a Mac cleaning app that is made for boosting your Mac performance. With this handy Mac Cleaner app, you can keep your Mac hard drive storage in fit and always running fast.

  • Clean Up Mac Cache Junk, In One Tap
  • Completely Uninstall Apps You Don't Use
  • Speed Up and Boost Mac Performance
  • Find and Delete Large Files in a Snap
  • In-built Duplicate File Remover Widget
  • Tailored Xcode Cache Cleaner and More
  • Speed Up and Boost Mac Performance - Feel your Mac running slow? BuhoCleaner can terminate these unresponsive windows and reduce slow loading time. With Multiple-layed Mac Speed-up method, you can reload your Mac with heavy tasks and even make it run like new
  • Clean Up Mac Cache Junk, In One Tap - Feel your Mac is bloated and runs slow? Not a problem. BuhoCleaner gives you an instant Mac cleaning and maintenance solution by wiping out those temporary files, app leftovers, and system cache
  • Completely Uninstall Apps You Don't Use - Do you know moving an app to the Trash will not uninstall it completely? These app leftovers still remain on your Mac taking up a lot of storage. Let BuhoCleaner remove these unwanted applications the right way
  • Find and Delete Large Files in a Snap - It's a tough thing to free up disk space from a full hard drive. BuhoCleaner is an excellent tool for macOS that can list all your large files and allow you to get rid of useless ones in one click. Probably the most efficient mean to to get your disk cleaned up
  • In-built Duplicate File Remover Widget - The Copy-and-Paste gesture makes it easy to create duplicated files on your Mac. But to locate these duplicates would be tedious on macOS. BuhoCleaner is built with the Duplicate File Remover feature that allows you scan all identical files and clean them up all at one go
  • Tailored Xcode Cache Cleaner and More - If you use your Mac as dev workstation, maybe you've noticed that the Xcode and similar tools will bloat itself over time. BohuCleaner brings a solution letting you delete a load of Xcode orphaned simulators, freeing up huge amounts of space
  • Perfectly Optimized For macOS Big Sur - From the inner code, to the viewable UI design, BuhoCleaner knows best for the revamped Safari, iMessages and all new features in macOS Big Sur. By doing so, BuhoCleaner is about to bring you a whole experience for wiping out the macOS system clutter

What's new in BuhoCleaner

Version 1.1.5:
  • Greatly improve APP search speed, now generating the application list no more than 2 seconds.
  • Greatly improve Leftover search speed & accuracy.
Bug fixes
  • Fix an issue where the user interface may not be updated correctly during the deletion process.
  • Fix the problem that the APP may not move normally during startup.
  • Miscellaneous known bug fixes.

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4 Reviews of BuhoCleaner

19 December 2020
Version: 1.1.0

Most helpful

Great! Simple and fast app. This is one of the best cleaner apps I've ever purchased. Works very well on my MacBook pro.
23 December 2020
Version: 1.1.0
This is not a review per se, it is a discussion of the class of software to which this program belongs. As a public service to the MacUpdate community, I've found as many of these "cleaner" apps on this website as I could and listed them them below. I intend to post this every time a new or updated version of one of these things shows up on this site. There are now 58 in the list, and it seems like new entries in the 'Mac cleaner' market space pop up every day, metastasizing like a cancer. Unfortunately, more is not better. They are all of dubious value. Many have no reviews here. Many have what look to be essentially fake 5-star reviews with no useful commentary. Many -- probably the most accurate and honest -- have negative reviews, by users who have been burned by them. Most of the developers' descriptions boast about what a great job they do, but the truth is, there are no good, comprehensive, head-to-head reviews of these programs by impartial 3rd parties. True experts in macOS maintenance advise against using any of them, because in general they serve little useful purpose and they can easily do more harm than good. Macs simply do not need "cleaning." (See for example: https://www.thesafemac.com/the-myth-of-the-dirty-mac/) Some of these programs are notorious for being little more than malware. Many have "disk" in their name, although disks, especially internal ones, are now a thing of the past. (Although macOS still comes with the storage drive initialized as "Macintosh HD," a quaint relic of a bygone era.) You are well-advised to read any program documentation and make a RELIABLE BACKUP before attempting any changes. If I have missed any programs that should be on the list, please leave a comment and let me know. I will rate all these programs with one star, probably one more than they deserve. And I would appreciate comments. If you disagree, please speak up. But if all you can come up with is 5 stars and a sentence or two saying that program X is great and I don't know what I'm talking about, please save your breath. No one here will take you seriously. And I apologize for the almost unreadable formatting, a severe limitation of MacUpdate itself, which compresses maximum text into minimum space, leaving no whitespace for readability. :: BEGIN LIST: : Aooro : AppCleaner & Uninstaller : AutoTrash : AweCleaner : BuhoCleaner : CCleaner : CleanGeeker : Clean Me : Cleaner One Pro : CleanMyMac X : Cocktail : Combo Cleaner : Disk Aid : Disk Analyzer Pro : Disk BoostUp : Disk Clean Pro : Disk Cleaner : Disk Cleaner Pro : Disk Diet : Disk Doctor : Disk Expert : Disk Health : Disk Janitor : DiskKeeper Advanced Cleaner : DiskKeeper Cleaner - Modern : DiskKeeper Pro : Disk Manager: Disk Sensei : Disk Xray : Disk Xray Lite : Doctor Disk Cleaner : Hard Disk Manager : HD Cleaner : iMac Cleaner : MacBooster : Mac Cleaner : MacClean : MacClean360 : MacCleaner Pro : MacCleanse : MacEnizer : MacMaintenance : MacMaster : Mojave Cleaner : More Disk Space : Omni Remover : PowerMyMac : Precious Disk : Pro Disk Cleaner : Quick Cleaner : Sensei : Stellar SpeedUpMac : TrashMe 3 : Washing Machine : WeCleanse : WinZip Mac Optimizer : Wise Mac Care : Wise mCleaner :: END LIST : :: The only system maintenance tools I recommend are 1) TinkerTool System, a true bargain priced at only $14 for a single license. TinkerTool System is a an exceptional piece of quality engineering, safe when used properly, and superbly documented, with in-depth tutorials for every option. 2) OnyX, from Titanium Software, another excellent developer. 3) I have used Northern Softworks' "Cache Cleaners" in the past (the latest being "Catalina Cache Cleaner," which I have not used) and their products are first rate. As for the rest, listed above, it is safe to say that nobody who really knows what they're doing with Macs and macOS will touch them. Don't get sucked in by a pretty interface. You may very well regret it. -SB
20 December 2020
Version: 1.1.0
Two new users w/o any recent downloads but a 5-Star-rating? More than suspicious spam
19 December 2020
Version: 1.1.0
Great! Simple and fast app. This is one of the best cleaner apps I've ever purchased. Works very well on my MacBook pro.
05 December 2020
Version: 1.0.2
Simple Mac Cleaner. Nice.