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What Is the Best Visio Alternative for Mac [Free or Paid]?

There are strong reasons why Microsoft’s Visio has caught on to millions of users across the world. 

It’s an ingenious creation designed to transform highly complex graphical tasks into noob-friendly functions that do not require steep technical expertise. 

For professionals transitioning from Windows to Mac, things would go more smoothly if you’re able to apply your operational knowledge of Visio on its Mac equivalent.

That means you’d still be able to put together diagrams, layouts, flowcharts, infographics, and other types of graphics with the same ease and speed as you would on Visio, even if there’s no original version of the app for Mac. 

The good news is that there is a handful of high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use graphic design tools for Mac that work similarly to Visio. 

We’ve assembled a list of the top 8 paid and free Visio alternatives for Mac based on head-to-head comparisons of factors like the ease of installation/use, UX/UI, output quality, and lots more.

What is the best free Visio alternative for Mac?

Featured below are some Visio equivalents available for free download on MacUpdate:

  1. LibreOffice Draw
  2. Pencil
  3. Dia Diagram Editor
  4. yEd Graph Editor

LibreOffice Draw

Although it’s not a graphing or diagramming tool by origin, LibreOffice Draw gives you access to a decent set of diagramming functions.

As a Mac alternative to Visio, it allows you to put together professionally-looking wireframes, flowcharts, infographics, etc, without prior technical expertise. Its simple user interface allows you to draw graphics line by line until you complete them with perfection. 

As a component of LibreOffice, which is a free, cross-compatible software stack, Draw is compatible with Mac as well as Windows and Linux.


Pencil app


Pencil is a crème-of-the-crop diagramming freeware that brings your graphics ideas to life. Although its feature stack isn’t quite as impressive as the paid apps, its wireframing solutions are nearly unmatchable.

Pencil also provides a decent collection of templates – although it’s not quite as large as those of some of the other equivalents on this list. 

In addition, the software provides users with a myriad of formatting options, allowing for a wide latitude of customization choices. 

Dia Diagram Editor

Dia for Mac


If you’re looking for more customization and personalization in software like Visio, then this open-source tool is right up your alley. 

In addition to a host of advanced features mostly found in paid apps, Dia presents you with an impressive selection of extra plugins that give your project more oomph. 

The app’s humongous collection of diagram editing features, coupled with its decrepit user interface, can pose a bit of a bane for new users. However, this is something that most new users can shake off after a short while. 

yEd Graph Editor


Often simply called yEd, this app provides an impressive range of diagramming tools over a highly-intuitive user interface.

In no time, new users are able to navigate through its complex array of tools to put together professionally-looking flowcharts, mind maps, and other graphics. 

The only shortcoming in this app is its lack of Visio file support. However, it tries to make up for that with other features such as importing/exporting graph data directly to and from Microsoft Excel.

What is the best paid Visio alternative for Mac?

Some of the Paid Visio equivalents available on MacUpdate include:

  • Concept Draw
  • EDraw Max
  • MyDraw
  • Omnigraffle

Concept Draw

Concept Draw


ConceptDraw is a highly intuitive, flexible, and reliable diagramming software for designing professional-looking flowcharts, illustrations, and myriads of graphics files. It allows users to easily put together enterprise visualization outputs describing systems, processes, networks, and complex structures.

It also offers users the flexibility of choosing from several output file formats, from CAD documents to printed pages, presentations, web pages, and lots more. 

Other important features include those for cropping images, importing and exporting GIF animations, connectors improvements, and solution panels improvements.

EDraw Max

EDraw Max


With its massive collection of libraries and templates, EDraw eliminates fuss from the creation of graphics with crisp, clean lines, from flowcharts to mind maps, electrical diagrams, UML diagrams, floor plans, org charts, etc. 

The app is designed for users across the board, from students to instructors, professionals, and amateur artists.

Its humongous collection of graphics assets allows users to easily find perfect images, icons and shapes to use in their diagrams.




You’ll most likely not have any challenges switching over to MyDraw on your Mac if you’re an avid Visio user. With a user interface that bears a striking semblance to that of Visio, MyDraw is a video alternative designed for users across all graphic skill levels. 

The app also sports features and functions similar to those found in Visio, including a collection of simple and complex shapes and symbols, for only $69 




Rated above Visio by several quarters, Omnigraffle is one of the most prolific diagramming tools available in the markets today. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from an app that costs $149. 

This crème-of-the –crop app provides you with everything you need to churn out graphics on a professional level, including features like shape recognition, templates, artwork, etc, all accessible through a splendid user interface.


These are the Visio alternatives that can help you get the job done without much fuss. You can easily download any of them from MacUpdate. 

They provide a set of complex and simple features that can be combined to create high-quality graphics in a breeze.


Written by Shola Mercy

A Mac software expert with over 3 years of experience in applying solutions to Mac software issues. My speciality is ensuring an easy-switch from Windows to macOS for new Mac users.


Shola Mercy
Shola Mercy

Software Expert

A Mac software expert with over 3 years of experience in applying solutions to Mac software issues. My speciality is ensuring an easy-switch from Windows to macOS for new Mac users.