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4 Best Backup Software for Mac Owners in 2022

AvaBy Ruslana Lishchuk | July 01, 2022
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4 Best Backup Apps for Mac

There are a whole bunch of third-party applications that are designed to make system backups as simple as they can be. Some will help you backup your most important files, while others create complete clones of your Mac’s internal drive so that not a single megabyte of data is lost if your machine fails. Here are five of the best backup applications available for macOS in 2022.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill

A simple and easy to use data tool that can not only create full system backups, but can also help you recover files you’ve accidentally deleted.
Works with all kinds of storage devices and offers a host of handy data tools.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

An advanced and comprehensive backup solution that gives you more control over your data.
Can clone and recover complete systems, backup files to the cloud, and includes built-in malware protection.
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Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro

Despite its affordable price tag, Get Backup Pro is an incredibly powerful backup tool for Mac.
It can automate all your backup tasks, sync individual files, and compresses backup data to reduce its size.
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3.8Disk Drill
(196 reviews)

Disk Drill


Backs up your Mac and other storage drives
Can recover lost data from all kinds of storage devices
Can create macOS recovery drives
Built in “data shredder” feature
Can remove system junk and other unwanted files

Disk Drill is an all-in-one data tool that can not only help you recover files you’ve accidentally deleted from your system, but also backs up entire storage drives, flash memory sticks, SD cards, and lots more. Its “byte-to-byte” backup feature makes an exact clone of your data, so that if anything happens to your primary storage drives, nothing is gone for good.

Its clean and simple to understand design makes using Disk Drill incredibly simple. After the application is installed, simply select the “Byte-to-byte Backup” feature in the sidebar, connect an external drive, and start the backup process. Disk Drill takes care of the rest, but remember that for complete system backups, you’ll need plenty of storage space.

If it’s data loss you’re worried about, Disk Drill has other features that also provide peace of mind. Its excellent recovery tools can help you restore files that have been lost or inadvertently wiped from your machine. It can also recover data from Android and iOS devices, other drive partitions, Time Machine backups, and more. And you can begin creating smaller backups free of charge.

Content-Image Phpraptog
Complete “byte-to-byte” backup feature
Easy to use and understand
Can also recover lost data
Some features are free to use
Cannot create backups automatically or on a schedule
Complete backups and other features require a pro license
Upgrading to a pro license is expensive at $89
2.5Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office
(4 reviews)

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Price $49.99

Complete system backups and restoration
Ability to customize backup data
Built-in antivirus and malware protection
Cloud-to-cloud data backups
Enhanced file security

If you’re looking for complete control over your system backups, you’ll want to check out Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office. In addition to the ability to create complete drive clones, this intelligent data tool also lets you customize your backups to include only your most important data. You can include or exclude individual files and folders to keep your backups fast and lightweight.

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office supports all file systems used by macOS, including the latest APFS format, and it can help you restore all your data to a new machine if anything happens to your existing one. What’s more, it also offers a cloud-to-cloud backup feature, which keeps copies of everything you’ve saved in OneDrive just in case Microsoft’s service fails.

Acronis also packs in its own antivirus and malware protections to keep your Mac secure, so there’s no need to worry about picking up viruses that could leave your data vulnerable. And if you’re willing to pay more for its Advanced and Professional licenses, you can also add features like up to 5TB of cloud storage, automatic cloud backups, and enhanced electronic file security.

Advanced data tool with comprehensive backup features
Can restore entire macOS systems in just a few clicks
Also offers cloud-to-cloud backup services
Antivirus and malware protection built-in
May be more complex than some users require
Can be expensive, with prices starting at $49.99 per year
3.4Get Backup Pro
(36 reviews)

Get Backup Pro

Price $29.99

Automated backups that you never have to worry about
Can create complete or incremental system backups
Compresses backups to reduce file size
Can create bootable backup drives

Get Backup Pro is another customizable backup tool that lets you create complete clones of your Mac’s system drive, or incremental backup archives that automatically look out for file changes and keep them up to date. You can also choose to back up individual files and folders, and there are backup templates that make saving data from iTunes, Mail, Contacts, and more as easy as can be.

A number of encryption options are available in Get Backup Pro to help keep your data secure, and it supports automated backups, so you can set it up once and leave it to do its thing. You can even back up data to CDs and DVDs, and Get Backup Pro will help you create bootable backup drives that will let you start up another Mac using an image of your own system.

Get Backup Pro is easy to use, despite its powerful and extensive feature set, and its automated backup and sync features are an excellent addition for those who don’t want to have to worry about backing up manually. It’s also surprisingly affordable at just $19.99 for a single license.

Content-Image Phpewd6Ic
Gives you complete control over your Mac backups
Automatic system clones and file syncing
Creates bootable backup drives for use on other Macs
Can compress backups to reduce file size
Cannot help you remove system junk
0.0Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac
(0 reviews)

Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac

Price $79.95

Clones entire system drives
Supports almost all drive formats
Works with macOS built-in restore feature
Free to use

Backup and Recovery from Paragon takes care of your basic backup needs. It clones entire drives in almost any format, including those created for Windows machines, and does so incredibly quickly on modern Macs (assuming you’re using a fast external storage drive). It also works with macOS’ built-in restore feature to make recovering your data incredibly simple.

One of the best things about Backup and Recovery is that it’s completely free for personal use. Its biggest downside, however — apart from its rather barebones feature set — is that it’s currently only compatible with macOS Catalina officially. Big Sur compatibility is “coming soon,” according to Paragon’s website.

Content-Image Phpd5F7Nx
Quickly creates full system backups
Completely free for personal use
Works with macOS’ built-in restore feature
Doesn’t do much beyond basic drive cloning
Only compatible with macOS Catalina for now


Too many Mac users ignore the need to create regular system backups, which means that when their machine fails or goes missing, all their data goes with it. The rise of cloud storage solutions like iCloud help some users keep certain data safe, but when it comes to cloning your entire machine so that everything is secure, third-party backup solutions are still the best solution.

Thankfully, there are some great applications to choose from for macOS. Whether you simply want to clone drives with a basic option like Paragon Backup and Restore or Disk Drill, or you want an entirely automated backup system like Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office or Get Backup Pro, there’s a product out there that fits your needs perfectly.

One of our favorites is Get Backup Pro. It’s easy to use, offers an incredibly comprehensive feature set — including the ability to set up automated backups — and is amazingly affordable at just $19.99.


Overview of the best Mac cleaners

Complete drive cloning
External drive backups
Customizable backups
Cloud backups
Junk cleaning
Data recovery
Antivirus Protection
Disk Drill

Disk Drill

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro

Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac

Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac

Written ByRuslana Lishchuk
Ruslana is a passionate Mac admirer and tech writer with 5+ years of experience in Mac support.