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Quicken 2019

21 November 2019

Complete personal finance solution.


Quicken makes managing your money easier than ever. Whether paying bills, upgrading from Windows, enjoying more reliable downloads, or getting expert product help, Quicken's new and improved features will help you save time and get better control of your money.

  • Pay your bills from right within Quicken:
    • See and track them all in one place so that you never miss a bill
    • See what bills have been paid, are coming up, or past due
    • Easily pay your bills on time from right within Quicken
  • Single-click upgrade from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac:
    • Convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac in one click (excludes version from Mac App Store)
    • Do it all right from your Mac (no Windows required)
    • Easily import data from Quicken Mac 2015, Quicken Mac 2007, and Quicken Essentials with just one click
  • Export Category Summary and Tax Summary reports to a CSV file:
    • Export these reports with a single click
    • Enables you to analyze and graph data in Excel, Numbers, or your favorite spreadsheet app
    • Send your Quicken data to your accountant, financial planner, or other non-Quicken users
  • Ability to transfer money between different accounts within your bank:
    • Transfer funds from your savings account to your checking account
    • User must enable transaction download with the associated bank account
  • Free phone support:
    • We'll help every step of the way: we'll help you get started, upgrade, or set up new features
    • Phone support available Monday to Friday 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST
    • Reach us online via our 24-hour live chat support
  • See all your accounts in one place - Get a single comprehensive view of your bank, credit, card, investment and retirement accounts. Say "goodbye" to multiple sites, passwords and statements. Automatically download transactions from over 14,500 financial institutions. Easily see where you're spending and where you can save.
  • Easily manage your accounts and transactions - The completely redesigned account register makes it easier than ever to manage your transactions--super fast search and filtering options, customizable columns and row height, and a great new look. Plus, all the features you expect from Quicken--categories, splits, tags, attachments, check printing and more.
  • Stay on top of bills and spending - Schedule reminders for upcoming paychecks, bills and payments to help avoid late fees. Get helpful reminders and alerts so that you can make your payments on time. See the impact of upcoming paychecks and bills on your account balance to avoid overdrafts or slipping below minimum balance requirements.
  • Get a handy calendar view of your spending - See your transactions at a glance. See when and where you spent your money. Look at your future bill and income reminders to understand the impact on your account balance.
  • Plan and stay on a budget - Makes budgeting and sticking to a budget painless. Automatically create a budget based on your past spending. Customize your plan, and track your progress.
  • Make smart money decisions on the go - Check your account balances and budget on the go. Free mobile app syncs data from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, and Android device. Take pictures of receipts to track key purchases.
  • Manage your investments and plan for taxes - See how your investments are performing. We continuously update quotes to keep your portfolio value current. Track cost basis, see realized and unrealized gains, and calculate capital gains, and more to make tax time easier.
  • Get valuable reports to help you make better financial decisions - Get or customize reports that help you understand different aspects of your finances. A cash flow graph shows how your upcoming bills and income affect your balance to help avoid overspending or late fees. Knowing your net worth over time helps you evaluate your current financial health and plan your financial future. We'll even show the amount spent by payee so that you can be smarter about managing your money. Other popular reports include category summary, spending over time, and tax schedule.
  • Easily import data - Easily import data from Quicken Essentials for Mac, Quicken Mac 2007, and Quicken 2010 for Windows or newer versions.
  • Easy to get started and keep going - Step-by-step guidance helps you get up and running fast. Gives you the big picture in minutes. Special tool for upgraders, too! Easy setup tool for automatic downloads. See a list of all accounts that can be connected and just click to get set up.

What's new in Quicken 2019

Version 5.13.3:
  • Fixed a crash that would occur for a small group of people when clicking on loans.
  • Fixed more crashes that could occur on macOS 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 Sierra. One of these crashes occurred when viewing the investment security history list.

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01 November 2019

Most helpful

I'm now relying only on Quicken 2019 ever since Catalina broke Quicken 2007 as was expected. Q2019 does meet my needs pretty well. It is nice and fast and the company updates and improves it frequently. Q2019's reporting capability is almost on par with Quicken 2007's QuickReport, I just wish it could run subtotals and I'm still hoping it will soon.
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Version 5.13.0
01 November 2019
I'm now relying only on Quicken 2019 ever since Catalina broke Quicken 2007 as was expected. Q2019 does meet my needs pretty well. It is nice and fast and the company updates and improves it frequently. Q2019's reporting capability is almost on par with Quicken 2007's QuickReport, I just wish it could run subtotals and I'm still hoping it will soon.
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Version 5.13.0
21 June 2019
Pretty impressed this time. I haven't encountered any bugs yet, which is a first. I love the simple clean interface, and its ability to interface with my banks/creditors asap. Very little fuss, and the budget features are awesome.
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Version 5.11.0
07 April 2019
I found that I would have to learn this as a new app for all had changed and I am 85 and I have no time for that.
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Version 5.11.0
30 March 2019
I have upgraded to Quicken 2019
Version 5.11.0
12 January 2019
For those tired of Quicken's unreliability and bugs, I encourage you to try SEE Finance. I switched years ago and have been very happy. My only concern is that many banks seem to abandoning Direct Connect access which Quicken, SEE Finance and other personal finance apps use to directly download account data. Banks have to pay for Direct Access and are trying to save money by abandoning this protocol in favor of Web Connect... but Web Connect requires logging in at each bank or brokerage site and then navigating through the menus to manually download the data files one by one, which can get very time consuming. People are apparently trying online personal finance aggregation services like Mint or Personal Capital which do not use Direct Access (they use web scraping), not realizing that these services mine your data and sell this information to advertisers, insurance companies, etc.--- which can make your rates go up, etc. (i.e. If the insurance company sees that you bought alcohol or medications, they may have reasons to hike your rates.) So with less users demanding Direct Access protocol, less banks are now offering this service.
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Version 5.9.2
05 January 2019
Hey Quicken, awake ! There's a new MacOSX Mojave out there ! Why Quicken doesn´t support the "Dark Mode" ???
Version 5.9.2
29 December 2018
I’ve been using Quicken for almost 30 years (Quicken for DOS starting in 1989, before Windows). My habit, up until now, was to upgrade every other

year since financial institution interfaces lasted for 3 years with each upgrade. I’m going to wait until 2019 comes out before I upgrade, and then I’m

going to take a look at other programs before I commit to an annual purchase for an unreliable product
To me, the biggest issue with Quicken is the “fragile” data base. I admit I haven’t cleaned out my Quicken file in about 12 years now (accounts have data

going back to 2006) so I’m probably stressing the file more than I should. But a fully functional financial program should use an SQL database with new

tables for each year (or fiscal year). An annual closeout, that closes the previous year and starts a new one, should happen automatically on the first

entry for the new (fiscal) year. I had a situation recently where
I withdrew a large chunk of money from a Savings Goal. The withdrawal from the goal worked but Quicken must have crashed before it put the money

into the originating account, leaving me $thousands short of cash until I found the error. Recently (starting in July), Quicken started duplicating some

downloaded transactions in multiple accounts:
I have 4 accounts with my investment broker and when a dividend was received in 1 account, Quicken put it in 2 others, even though those accounts

didn’t have any of the stock that was paying the dividend. I discovered this in August through a reconcile process that wouldn’t balance: Quicken had

$hundreds of “bogus” transactions that had to be manually deleted. I don’t know if this was the fault of Quicken or the financial institution.
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Version 5.9.2
1 answer(s)
02 February 2019
Shut up. That website your pushing is a scam website posing as real Quicken support staff.
And you are nothing more than a scammer marksilvester0.
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Red Deb
24 December 2018
After years I'm finally ditching the annual cash grab and general hot mess that is Quicken. Every time they add something new they break at least two different things. Finally had enough after finding over two month’s worth of recent records missing from my file. Their iPhone app is a joke and never synced correctly. I’ve been demoing several apps over the past month and am moving on to See Finance which is solid, hasn’t crashed once and has an iPhone app that syncs great. It was very exhilarating to turn off the auto-renew on my Quicken subscription. So long Quicken!
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Version 5.9.2
14 December 2018
Works for me. At first I was upset about having to pay a yearly fee for what little I use.. I use it as a glorified check book, but with free upgrades and help if I need it, I'm glad I have it.
Version 5.9.1
28 October 2018
By the way, version 5.8.2 updated Quicken 2018 to Quicken 2019 according to "About Quicken" within the application.
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Version 5.8.2