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01 October 2019

Personal accounting app.


Money presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life. Oversee your account balances, track investments, keep budgets, and manage your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, assets, and cash. Do it all in a straightforward and stylish interface.

  • Create separate accounts for your bank accounts, cash, credit cards, investments, assets, and loans to balance your accounting with grace.
  • Money allows you to connect directly to hundreds of financial institutions via the Internet and update your accounts automatically.
  • Set your target revenues and expenses for each month. Afterwards, compare your targets with the actual outcome with the Budget Monitor bars.
  • Set up recurring transactions for payments that occur on regular basis. Money can add them automatically without you even noticing.
  • Money offers 13 types of reports, including Spending by Category, Net Worth, and more. See your financial situation appear right before your eyes.
  • Store Money documents in your Dropbox account to access and edit them from any of your devices, at home or on the go.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in Money

Version 5.6.10:
  • Up to 1 year of transaction history downloads for newly connected accounts

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05 November 2018
Version: 5.5.3

Most helpful

Probably the best finance app out there for Macs and iDevices. Works exceptionally well and manages to not be an eye-sore like many others.
21 July 2020
Version: 5.6.10
Cost of this app is $50 per year. It's an OK app, but Jumsoft has a history of scr*wing their software users over in the past with their other apps. I could see them just canceling this one day without warning. They have also still not added back the ability to create invoices, which used to be in an earlier version (I think version 3?).
17 May 2020
Version: 5.6.10
The positive: -They have the most beautiful icon in the whole app store. -I'm in love with the beneficiaries, I can customize with the icon, it's great! -The refund box. -Good iCloud synchronization. -Beautiful icons and beautiful typography, good size. -Categories and tags within preferences (although you should be able to resize the window). The negative (to be improved): -No automatic payments. -You can't see future transactions. (The forecast in the report is very basic). -You can't hide the time of the transaction. -You can't customize budgets by folders, or labels (and in turn individually by dates). -No alarms with iCal. -I would like to be able to separate by months the total transactions when scrolling. -I would like to be able to add keyboard shortcuts to switch between table and list view. -I would like to be able to save reports as favorites for quick reference without having to change preferences. -I would like to be able to see reports as tables and also the smart accounts to export them as pdf. -I would like to be able to see expenses in calendar view. And the web tutorial should include screenshots of the app.
18 September 2019
Version: 5.6.9
Jumsoft spams with notifications with machine. Doesn't allow you uninstall. Horrible -- is this a virus/worm or professional software?
10 May 2019
Version: 5.6.8
I understand from comments that this is a TRIAL version, not a FREE version ?
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09 January 2019
Version: 5.6.1
Best and most convenient budget app.
28 November 2018
Version: 5.5.5
MacUpdate Desktop lists the App "MoneyMoney" <> to update, but links to this App.
27 November 2018
Version: 5.5.5
What's "Free" is the trial period of a month. At the end of that time, the user's Apple account is automatically charged for a one year subscription to Money Premium. At the end of that year, renewal is also automatic. However, other options are available at different prices. Here is the current pricing schedule: Money Standard: $11.99 Money Premium yearly subscription with direct download updates: $49.99 Money Premium monthly subscription with direct download updates: $4.99 Be sure to read the fine print on the app's page at the Mac App Store.
14 November 2018
Version: 5.5.4
After checking out the website their is no mention of Bill Pay as part of the program. I am of the opinion, given current technology, that to purchase a personal financial program that includes bank connections for downloading transactions without providing Bill Pay is a waste of time and money.
07 November 2018
Version: 5.5.3
One of my favorite apps of all time. I've been with Money since 2013 and always loved its simple and easy to use approach for conveniently recording your cash flows and having a record on hand for reference. Money 5 seems to have taken this approach further and improved pretty much every single area of the app. I actually spend less time in it now not because I don't like to, but because I don't have to - they really nailed Apple's "it just works" concept. Their direct connection to banks is a life saver for a serial procrastinator like me: my only wish is that they would bring this feature to their iOS app - my phone goes everywhere with me, so it would be much more convenient to have my transactions downloaded directly into Money on my phone, instead of having to open the Mac app for this. Their blog says direct bank connection is coming to iOS in the near future so hopefully they stick to their promise. Meanwhile, iCloud synchronization works like a charm, so anything it downloads immediately visible on my phone. Kudos to JumSoft for making such a great app!
06 November 2018
Version: 5.5.3
Offers some of the best sync experience between devices unlike other accounting products which seem to only sync when they feel like it. Design is very beautiful and super user friendly with all the important features underneath. Supports a large list of banks for automatic connection.