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19 November 2019

Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.


DEVONthink Standard is your paperless office. It stores all your documents, helps you keep them organized, and presents you with what you need to get the job done.

  • Keeps your data together
  • Scans your paper
  • Archives your email
  • Assists you with A.I.
  • Syncs your data securely
  • Automates repeating tasks
  • Lets you share your data

What's new in DEVONthink Standard

Version 3.0.2:

The 3.0.2 release of DEVONthink brings a long list of fixes, enhancements, and additions. Some keyboard-focused controls are available in the Navigate sidebar. WikiLinking is more reliable and now supports better autocompletion when using square bracket syntax, as well as the option to exclude items from WikiLinking. We have addressed some issues with smart rules and added some new actions. Many improvements have been made, touching on indexed files, email imports, and fixes for importing from Apple Notes on macOS Catalina. And many fixes have been made for increased performance and reliability.

  • Added keyboard navigation, typing selection, and arrow key hoisting of groups in the Navigate sidebar. This is enabled via Keyboard in Preferences > General > Sidebar. Also quick renaming can be initiated by pressing the Return key.
  • Added support for .ZRTF documents created by Nisus Writer. The files aren't editable in DEVONthink but are indexed and searchable. They can also be viewed, converted, or exported.
  • Tools > Summarize Highlights creates summaries as Markdown too.
  • Added an alternate menu items Window > Close All and File > Export > PDF Document without Annotations, shown when the Option key is pressed.
  • Added a Search hotkey to Preferences > Sorter.
  • Added Last Used Countries and Last Used Languages to dropdown menus in the Info > Custom inspector.
  • Added smart rule actions Move Into Database and Move To External Folder.
  • Items can now be excluded from WikiLinking in the Exclude from section of the Info inspector.
  • Subgroups can be ignored in smart group and smart rules.
  • Added a negation option, "not" or the prefix operator "!", to begin, end, and contain operators for use with string-based searches. Example: "name does not begin with Screen".
  • Added new optional script Edit > New Linked Markdown Note, available from the Extras sidebar.
  • Added Accessibility support to the scanning controls in the Import sidebar.
  • Added hidden preference EnableSearchFieldAutocompletion. This enables autocompletion of search terms in the toolbar search field when the search options Live while typing and Partial matches while typing are disabled.
  • Importing notes from Apple Notes in macOS Catalina now includes embedded images as part of the note.
  • Automatically expanded items in the Navigate sidebar are automatically collapsed after drag-and-drop if Automatically expand & collapse is enabled in Preferences > General > Sidebar.
  • Renamed the "Home" section of the Sorter to Navigation.
  • Pasting files in the item list is now possible via Edit > Paste.
  • Double-clicking documents always opens them in DEVONthink windows if Double-click opens documents externally is disabled in Preferences > General.
  • Formatted notes, web archives, and HTML pages now support cross-linking via Edit > Insert > Link To.
  • ⌘⇧I now toggles Info popover.
  • The Info inspector and popover displays size and number of items of selected smart groups.
  • The Content > Table of Contents inspector lists bold or underlined text in rich text files.
  • Search terms are highlighted in names while viewing search results in Icon and Column views.
  • The width of the Label column in list views can be customized.
  • The default toolbar items of document windows now include "Mark" and "Label" items.
  • Underscores in tags converted from hashtags are now supported. The case of the original hashtag is also retained, unless Case-Insensitive Tagging is enabled in File > Database Properties.
  • Preferences > Import > Tags > Convert hashtags to tags supports creating nested tags when using a forward slash, e.g., #software/development.
  • WikiLinking with Names and Aliases and Square Brackets now support including file extensions.
  • Merging PDFs retains the tables of contents of the original documents.
  • Conversion of sheets to HTML now retains URLs and improves the formatting of cells containing multiple lines. This also applies to web interface and File > Export > as Website.
  • Slightly revised output of Tools > Summarize Highlights, e.g. in case of PDF highlights having details. In addition, a page link is now inserted before each highlight and the links of highlighted text in RTF documents are retained.
  • After selecting a PDF annotation in the Document > Annotations inspector then selecting text, the annotation is automatically deselected again.
  • Barcode detection will be attempted on the first four pages of a PDF document.
  • A list of mounted volumes isn't retrieved anymore after opening databases, as this could freeze the application for quite some time.
  • When DEVONthink quits, it will attempt to unmount mounted volumes if the unmounting failed e.g., after closing an encrypted database.
  • Improved dark mode support for sheets converted to HTML, rich text documents, and email messages.
  • Improved and more consistent handling of window and view settings.
  • Improved conversion of rich text and email messages to PDF.
  • Improved autocompletion of square-bracket Wiki links in plain text, rich text, and Markdown documents.
  • Improved compatibility of automatic Wiki links to rendered HTML with Markdown documents.
  • Improved RSS support to avoid duplicate entries, if possible.
  • Importing email via drag-and-drop from Apple Mail is now performed in the background and can be also canceled.
  • Renamed smart rule event "On Save" to After saving and added a Before saving event trigger, e.g., useful for versioning.
  • DEVONthink will not attempt to perform scheduled smart rules if the targeted database or group is closed. This improves the accuracy of the schedule.
  • "search" and other parameters, e.g. "page", can now be used concurrently in item links.
  • Tags are now updated after modifying a document via AppleScript if Convert hashtags to tags is enabled in Preferences > Import > Tags.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Improved error handling and logging.
Improved (Pro)
  • Improved PDF quality in OCR results.
Improved (Sync)
  • Improved iCloud reliability, including a bit more accurate iCloud upload monitor, shown in the Activity window or the Activity pane at the bottom of the Navigate sidebar.
  • Improved some error message reporting.
  • The Max. Connections in Preferences > Sync can now be set to a minimum of 1.
  • Fixed a crash related to PDF thumbnails
  • Fixed rare crashes related to some kinds of drag-and-drop data.
  • Fixed further rare crashes on macOS Mojave and Catalina.
  • Fixed an issue of the AppleScript command add custom metadata.
  • Fixed an issue where DEVONthink > Check for Updates didn't work when the application was registered. Also fixes a glitch when no newer version is found and the application is still in trial mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Data > Convert didn't work within local smart groups.
  • Fixed an issue where View > Show Only Documents wasn't honored when navigating forward and backward in the path bar.
  • Fixed an issue where Convert smart rule actions followed by additional actions weren't always performed synchronously. Note this did not affect the Convert & Continue action.
  • Fixed an issue where Date placeholders formatted as Date only, still used the time as well.
  • Fixed an issue where DEVONthink could stall when using indexed items.
  • Fixed an issue where a color applied to a tag in the Info inspector and popover couldn't be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where a modified date wasn't saved after being changed manually.
  • Fixed an issue where capturing PDFs didn't always work (macOS Catalina).
  • Fixed an issue where contextual menu items were always disabled in the Annotations & Reminders inspector and Document > Annotations inspector.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new document while editing another didn't select the new document.
  • Fixed an issue where custom metadata was lost after making changes to the metadata via AppleScript.
  • Fixed an issue where files created via Tools > Summarize Highlights and Tools > Create Metadata Overview didn't trigger smart rules using the On Creation smart rule action.
  • Fixed an issue where groups created in the Navigate sidebar were not added to the recent destinations.
  • Fixed an issue where images were immediately saved after adding text annotations.
  • Fixed an issue where indexing email files using the latest macOS Spotlight importer didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where indexing HTML content, including content in emails, didn't always work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where installing additional scripts via DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons deactivated the application (macOS Mojave and later).
  • Fixed an issue where locked images could still be rotated or flipped.
  • Fixed an issue where modifying a global smart group or smart rule changed its item link.
  • Fixed an issue where moving duplicates to other databases with smart rules didn't work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where moving items between two indexed folders didn't always move all the items between the external folders in the Finder.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple scripts were executed concurrently via triggered scripts, smart rule scripts, or reminder scripts.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Sorter while the Web Clip section was active caused a delay.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling RTFD files didn't work after opening their embedded images in an external application.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a database in the Favorites of the Navigate sidebar didn't update the main view.
  • Fixed an issue where taking a screen capture didn't hide the Sorter (macOS Catalina).
  • Fixed an issue where the "Kind" metadata of PDF documents wasn't updated in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search inspector didn't support searching for invisible characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the View > Preview setting wasn't always retained.
  • Fixed an issue where the item list in List view didn't always retain the current expansion of groups
  • Fixed an issue where the Sorter didn't honor the Select (and display) automatically option in Preferences > Import.
  • Fixed an issue where the Send Email smart rule action always used Apple Mail.
  • Fixed an issue where the conversion of hashtags to tags retained the #.
  • Fixed an issue where the criterion Tag is (not) in smart rules and smart groups could return incorrect results.
  • Fixed an issue where the insertion point color in plain texts and Markdown documents wasn't visible in dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the same shortcut was assigned to two different menu commands in View > Sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue where the search scope of a toolbar search wasn't updated when selecting items in the Navigate sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue where the suggestions for auto-classification weren't updated after reopening databases.
  • Fixed an issue where WikiLinks were being incorrectly detected in MathJax and code blocks in Markdown documents.
  • Fixed issues (via workarounds) with Apple Notes' AppleScript support (macOS Catalina).
  • Fixed issues of searching in PDF documents, e.g. rare crashes or support for Hebrew.
  • Fixed issues related to sorting in the Navigate sidebar.
  • Fixed issues related to the history popups in the navigation bar and path bar.
  • Fixed issues with Date … (not) within… x days criteria of searches, smart groups, and smart rules when specifying future dates.
  • Fixed a glitch where dragging search results to other databases would incorrectly retain a selection in the results.
  • Fixed a glitch where the alignment of the Edit > Insert > Link To popover wasn't correct.
  • Fixed a glitch where the name of automatically created Wiki documents sometimes did not include all the characters of the linked word.
Fixed (Pro)
  • Fixed a crash related to archiving large mailboxes.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Download Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where imprints didn't work correctly (macOS El Capitan).
  • Fixed an issue where OCR didn't retain a name entered in the group selector on import.
  • Fixed an issue where OCR didn't select the resulting file.
  • Fixed an issue where some auto-generated names from ScanSnap Home inhibited OCR.
  • Fixed an issue where the "OCR to…" smart rule action didn't retain the attributes of the original file.
  • Fixed an issue where the Download Manager downloaded too many items when resources were included, e.g., stylesheets and scripts.
  • Fixed issues related to scanning, including better support for scanning in macOS Catalina.
Fixed (Pro)
  • Fixed an issue where some documents could be modified via web sharing even though it wasn't allowed.
  • Fixed issues related to creating new bookmarks and feeds via web sharing.
  • Fixed an glitch in the TLS Certificate dropdown of Preferences > Server.
Fixed (Sync)
  • Fixed a rare crash when using Bonjour connections.
  • Removed default smart rule script "Move Into Database" and "Move To External Folder" from distribution. Already installed scripts aren't removed so that existing smart rules still work.

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12 June 2019

Most helpful

The transition to DEVONThink versions 3.0 is going to be confusing. Therefore, this page was created to assist users: Upgrader's Guide "With DEVONthink 3.0 we have cleaned up the editions lineup. We retired DEVONnote and DEVONthink Personal, and rearranged the feature sets of the new editions in a way that we feel makes more sense to more of you...." The resulting versions for 3.0 will be: • DEVONThink Pro --> DEVONThink 3.0 • DEVONThink Office --> DEVONThink Pro 3.0 - OR --> DEVONThink Server 3.0 This page lists the features of both the NEW 3.0 Pro version and Server versions: DEVONthink Editions AND here is the what's New in DEVONthink 3 page:
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Version 3.0beta3
12 September 2019
I have been using DevonThink (pro) for a few years now. And I am very satisfied with it. I am now considering moving to version 3 but I continue to find the distinction between the different versions rather confusing! More precisely, I don't like their 'Comparison Edition' page! (on ) Rather than see 'The standard edition offers all features portrayed on the DEVONthink product page except those listed above', I would have preferred a simple presentation of all the main features with 3 columns. 'DEVONthink - DEVONthink Pro - DEVONthink Server' IMHO it would have been much clearer. (btw, stupid question: how is it possible to insert a blank line in a comment with the new interface of post review on MU ???)
Version 3.0
31 August 2019
I have DEVONnote and it is a brilliant product. Did not feel the need to move to DEVONThink. Nevertheless, I did have in mind to upgrade, which was only to around $25. Now, with retiring DEVONnote and DEVONthink Personal, the developer decided to be greedy, leaving two versions: Pro at $200!!! and Standard at "only" $100 ! Thank you very much, but NO. I'll continue using DEVONnote, and maybe purchasing Yojimbo ($20) if the developer shows that he continues developing it(last update was in 2017) or EagleFiler at $40 which is actively developed. But I have a suggestion to the developer, maybe consider offering DEVONthink Light at $30 to be competitive with EagleFiler and to be more affordable ?
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Version 3.0beta7
18 July 2019
The download link here is for beta 3 and NOT beta 4.
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Version 3.0beta4
1 answer(s)
19 July 2019
Beta 4 of the Standard Version now downloads here:
Seems not possible to get DEVONthink Pro demo without paying for it?
12 June 2019
The transition to DEVONThink versions 3.0 is going to be confusing. Therefore, this page was created to assist users: Upgrader's Guide "With DEVONthink 3.0 we have cleaned up the editions lineup. We retired DEVONnote and DEVONthink Personal, and rearranged the feature sets of the new editions in a way that we feel makes more sense to more of you...." The resulting versions for 3.0 will be: • DEVONThink Pro --> DEVONThink 3.0 • DEVONThink Office --> DEVONThink Pro 3.0 - OR --> DEVONThink Server 3.0 This page lists the features of both the NEW 3.0 Pro version and Server versions: DEVONthink Editions AND here is the what's New in DEVONthink 3 page:
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Version 3.0beta3
17 May 2019
I'm heart broken. Long time user and having to sign off now with the new pricing scheme. Having the server at such a high price is insane for users who have become so accustomed to being able to use the web interface. Fond farewells Devon.
Version 3.0beta1


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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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