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22 January 2019

Organize Web pages, notes and documents into a visual map.


TheBrain (formerly PersonalBrain) creates a digital home for your mind. Organize Web pages, notes, and documents the way you think in a visual map. Immediately improves your computing experience with the following benefits:

  • Think More Clearly
    • Enables you to link items associatively
    • Provides information context and meaning
    • Uses an intuitive visual interface
  • Work More Effectively
    • Interacts with your existing files and software
    • Locates data faster and easier
    • Eliminates the confusion of files and folders
    • Reduces irrelevant information
    • Creates networks of information effortlessly
  • Navigate More Efficiently
    • Instant search takes you to the right information immediately
    • Organizes files and Web pages by concept and idea
    • Past thought list lets you backtrack and see your train of thought

Note: TheBrain begins with a 30 day trial of the Pro version after which it reverts to a forever free edition. The pro version can be purchased after the trial period for $219.

What's new in TheBrain

New Features

Prevent import of a folder that contains the backend data for a Brain (including v8/9/10 data)


Import error while importing subfolder from a v8 brain

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22 April 2010

Most helpful

In the interests of transparency, here are the prices for PersonalBrain: * Pro US$249.95 * Core US$149.95 * Free US$0.00 I do not now and nor do I ever want to seem like one of those who come to this site and post complaints for the sake of it. I do politely request, however, that developers are more open about their "free" products. For example, what are the differences between these versions? What do you get for your $150 or $250 beyond what the free version offers? (Or, to put it another way, what's missing from the free version?) I don't like feeling like I'm being gulled into paying for something. To me this is a fairly low form of marketing technique, and very often seen in the Windows community. I'd hate to see it gain more traction in the Mac world than it already has. No disrespect, but could the developer of this software please take these comments on board.
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12 June 2018
At first sight, it looks like a good rival for Mindjet MindManager but it gives me errors when trying to import MMM's maps, so I couldn't push my trial very far... Will wait until they correct the import issue, hopefully in a future version.
08 December 2017
TheBrain 9 is the official release at this point, even thought the company stills says it is in Beta. If you go to TheBrain website, version 9 is what you will download. It is, for the most part, superior to version 8, starting with the fact that the developer has abandoned Java and has created native apps for both Windows and Mac. If you've tried TheBrain in the past, you should evaluate it based on version 9.
20 March 2015
To the dev: That's a very minimalist image of your app above; couldn't you have chosen something containing a bit more visual information? OTOH, don't go overboard like the Tinderbox crew!
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11 October 2013
There's no info on how data is stored and if it can be easily migrated to other environments. I can't waste time with a tool that locks in my data, so it would be wise for the the developer to state upfront the details about this.
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23 November 2012
I've had this for awhile - as the individual free version. I really WANT to like it, but honestly don't use it a lot. That is partly because I expect it may evaporate as a "free for single use" app, though it hasn't yet. I'd like to own it, despite people griping that it is un-mac-like, but this price is insane, imo. No product seems to have hit mindmapping perfectly yet & the prices are outrageous for software that may turn out to be a bust. I haven't found the ideal brainstorming app which is within my budget. This one has a sort of pleasant interface compared to some competitors (who ALSO were originally targeting the Windows platform & keep a very ugly interface with icons which feel as though they were designed by 1st graders!) And who are more a subscription than owned software. At least that's the perception of this Mac user. I have price limits beyond which I would not drift these days.
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18 August 2012
As a Mac user, probably one of the first things you notice using this software is that it was not made for Mac originally. It is a bit clunky, but overall I must say it is stable and works the way it should most of the time. The most powerful and most anticipated feature of this software, the fact that it works 'like a brain' is a big disappointment. It becomes a big mess if you interlink too much thoughts, witch is why that feature is unusable. Unfortunately making it fancy-looking, overpriced and simple mindmapping software (with promise). Make it possible for users to interlink as much thoughts as they wich, without creating a big mess, and this software will do it's name (and price a little bit more) right.
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15 May 2012
This is a trivial comment I know, but is there a corresponding app called "PinkyAnd"?
10 May 2012
Hate trials,although love the app
Version 7.0.4
17 March 2012
While the download is free, it does not seem free to use indefinitely. When launching the product opening window indicates it is a trial version with an expiration. Checking the website indicates the paid version is a $100 or more. As such it might be more appropriate to list it as Commercial. Additionally it asks for personal information when launched as the App seems to be a portal so some kind of a social network. At this point I closed it and deleted from my computer.
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26 April 2012
From the developer's web site: "How the Free Download Works You get 30 days to try all the features of TheBrain Pro. After that if you want to keep using the advanced features you will need to upgrade to TheBrain Pro. If you don't upgrade, you can keep using TheBrain Free Edition. You will not lose any of your work and will still be able to access everything you created."
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01 May 2012
The 'personal information' it asks for is to log in to a server that can sync your work between computers. If you don't want to use that feature, you can just click 'do not connect to a server' in the dialog box.
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11 December 2011
I wanted to update my review from a couple of years ago. I continue to use PersonalBrain on my office PC and on my MacBook. Using WebBrain, I can keep "Brains" on both computers in sync. Beyond this, PersonalBrain is simply fun to use. It's one of the few applications I've found that inspires me. I think of it as a GPS system for my information.
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