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13 May 2020

Bittorrent client forked from Azureus.


BiglyBT is a feature-filled, open-source, ad-free bittorrent client. Forked from the Azureus open-source project created in 2003, BiglyBT continues its development, and keeps all the features you've loved. If you are already using Azureus or Vuze, you'll have the option to copy and migrate the config settings, downloads, and plugins.

  • Downloading
    • Swarm Merging to complete torrents that do not have all the available bits, and to speed up downloading
    • Rate limiting globally, by download, by tag, by peer-set (e.g. peers from a given country), by network (public/I2P) and even by peer. Overall capacity limits are also supported to work with ISP limits. Limits can also be scheduled by time of day etc.
    • WebTorrent support - BiglyBT can download and seed to WebTorrent peers. There is also a built-in WebTorrent tracker.
  • Control
    • Robust settings. If you want to control it, there’s probably a setting for it!
    • Remote controlling via Android app (any android app that supports the Transmission RPC will do, but we recommend ).
  • Organization, Discovery, and Social
    • Tags and Categories. Allows you also to set share ratios, file locations, speed limits, etc for a group of torrents.
    • Meta-search, with the ability to add and create custom site templates
    • Swarm Discoveries which lists torrents that other people have downloaded along with the torrents you download.
    • Tag Discovery to discover what other users have tagged content with. This can be very helpful before deciding to download the content.
    • Subscriptions to RSS feeds as well as search results. You can also create your own subscription feed to share with others
    • Decentralized ratings and comments. You can view them before the torrent is added to BiglyBT.
    • Decentralized public and anonymous chats with default channels for individual torrents, tags, subscriptions, and trackers
  • Privacy/Security
    • I2P support (using I2P DHT) for anonymous downloading
    • Detection of VPNs for better integration
    • Ability to proxy search results, subscriptions, and internal browser connections through Tor if site is inaccessible
  • Content
    • Media Playback
    • Media Conversion (Transcoding)
    • UPnP Media Server and DLNA support, allowing devices to connect and browse your content, and allowing BiglyBT to send content directly to devices.
    • RSS to chat publisher for sharing content streams via chat
    • Decentralized content replication for sharing arbitrary modifiable files

What's new in BiglyBT

  • Tag | New tagPosition Tag constraint function
  • Tag | Tag execute-on-assign values of 'host/publish on tracker'
  • Tag | Tag Group option to automatically set move-on-assign to members
  • Tag | New move-on-assign Tag files feature
  • Core | Option to restrict external torrents to known ones
  • Core | Option to include skipped files when searching for existing
  • Core | Auto publish to chat feature
  • Core | Added asset-date to RSS items to distinguish magnet dates
  • Core | Added tracker logging
  • Core | Warn about potential tracker update fails on close-down
  • Core | Separate public and private tracker announce thread pools
  • Core | Added option to set tracker announce concurrency
  • Core | Added logging command and option to log all input/output to a file
  • Core | Option to set local names for Friends
  • UI | Added close-down tracker update time limit and progress indicator
  • UI | Added a 'has private torrents' column to All Trackers view
  • UI | New Tracker Activity view under Statistics
  • UI | Smarter magnet URI name truncation
  • UI | Warn about excessive tracker lag
  • UI | Added option to reset tabs
  • UI | Drag+drop tab reordering
  • UI | Added 'save path' column to open-torrent-options LHS
  • UI | Support more file menu options on FilesView inner tree nodes
  • UI | Share-Download with chat context menu
  • UI | Added delete menu option to chat MDI
  • UI | Clipboard copy for torrent comment in General view
  • UI | Show all buddy IP addresses
  • UI | Added time indicators to speed graphics
  • UI | Custom date format for chat window
  • UI | New 'quick links' toolbar
  • Tag | Execute-on-assign: change 'delete' to 'disconnect' for peer sets
  • Tag | Remember tag sharing state in add-tag dialog
  • Core | Maintain IPv4 DHT binding when testing IPv6
  • Core | Log originator IP with authentication error
  • Core | Set default refresh frequency for chat based RSS lower
  • Core | Log URL group map changes
  • Core | Try to maintain URL set order when applying DNS mods
  • Core | Added some download state checks prior to 'search for existing' dialog
  • Core | Support lower 'ignore FP rules for no upload time' values
  • Core | If a complete torrent is manually moved then prevent auto-move later
  • Core | Cache buddy profile data
  • UI | pt_BR: Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
  • UI | tr_TR: Turkish translation update [BouRock,Snn1452]
  • UI | no_NO: Norwegian translation update [lislei]
  • UI | sl_SI: Slovenian translation update [upwinxp]
  • UI | zh_CN: Simplified Chinese translation update [YuDong;spice2wolf]
  • UI | ko_KR: Korean translation update [tmddn741741]
  • UI | Added a few more places to discuss trackers
  • UI | Tidy up the chat discussion menus
  • UI | Keep the UI updating during close-down so you can see progress
  • UI | Place plugin sub-sections below core sub-sections [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Improve tracker source status text when disabled
  • UI | Support shift/ctrl+enter as well as alt for soft newline
  • UI | Indicate connected friends
  • UI | Make subfolder in open-torrent-options scale with window size
  • UI | BiglyBT DHT view for all
  • UI | 'only show transcoded content' -> 'only show listed content' for win/osx
  • Tag | Fix Tag FilesView not working
  • Tag | Fix Tag Settings scroll behaviour
  • Core | Ignore I2P flipping in DHT registrations
  • Core | Prevent duplicate UPnP logs
  • Core | Fix stats in all-trackers view
  • Core | Ensure we save any outstanding stats on close
  • Core | Fix case when last file in torrent is 0 byte and starts on a new piece
  • Core | Don't hide our own messages when ip-filtered
  • Core | Reduce pairing message size to fix update error
  • Core | Fix deadlock in temporary ban path
  • Core | Fix double-magnet download bug
  • Core | Fix up chat removal a bit
  • Core | Fix large tracker interval bug
  • Core | Decrease active folder writes for inactive downloads
  • Core | Don't use expensive swarm merge info for simple test if merging
  • Core | Improve multi-address buddy boost detection
  • Core | Fix ETA average overflow
  • Core | Don't chunk ETA history values as messes up short eta restore
  • Core | Only prompt for I2P install if explicit I2P tracker host
  • Core | Work around corrupt torrents with surplus length field
  • Core | Fix backup fails caused by file-in-use
  • UI | Fix MyTracker date-added sort
  • UI | Select the Tag Settings tab when requested to do so
  • UI | Remember TabbedMDI selected Tab for non-main-MDI
  • UI | Tidy up the search-for-files logging a bit
  • UI | Handle surrogates in menu split logic
  • UI | Fix OSX image alpha issue on 4932r18 (4.15)
  • UI | Fix password entry
  • UI | Ignore DiskManagerFileInfo selection in fancy menu
  • UI | Re-sort FilesView on data source change
  • UI | Fix empty groups on lower user modes [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Support udp:// urls in clipboard for trackers
  • UI | Fix ParameterGroup.size to include TabFolder [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Keep download speed stats running correctly over stop/starts
  • UI | Fix backup-hours disabling/enabling
  • UI | Fix 'posted' count in chat view

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16 February 2019

Most helpful

Will you be releasing a "Dark" version for Mojave?
16 February 2019
Will you be releasing a "Dark" version for Mojave?
21 July 2018
It works just as well as Vuze without the annoying ads. it turns out kernel_task spikes in usage between 65-70% everytime I use it. And the process keeps running for up to 4 hours afterwards. Not fun. Slows down everything on my Mac.
30 August 2017
Thanks. Its a fork of Vuze without the adware injected on it. At least thus it seems to be of entrance. No problem with the anti-virus nor sees nothing extra installed (with my limited knowledge).
09 August 2017
What a terrible name. These guys must be Trump supporters.
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