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10 September 2019

Bittorrent client forked from Azureus.


BiglyBT is a feature-filled, open-source, ad-free bittorrent client. Forked from the Azureus open-source project created in 2003, BiglyBT continues its development, and keeps all the features you've loved. If you are already using Azureus or Vuze, you'll have the option to copy and migrate the config settings, downloads, and plugins.

  • Downloading
    • Swarm Merging to complete torrents that do not have all the available bits, and to speed up downloading
    • Rate limiting globally, by download, by tag, by peer-set (e.g. peers from a given country), by network (public/I2P) and even by peer. Overall capacity limits are also supported to work with ISP limits. Limits can also be scheduled by time of day etc.
    • WebTorrent support - BiglyBT can download and seed to WebTorrent peers. There is also a built-in WebTorrent tracker.
  • Control
    • Robust settings. If you want to control it, there’s probably a setting for it!
    • Remote controlling via Android app (any android app that supports the Transmission RPC will do, but we recommend ).
  • Organization, Discovery, and Social
    • Tags and Categories. Allows you also to set share ratios, file locations, speed limits, etc for a group of torrents.
    • Meta-search, with the ability to add and create custom site templates
    • Swarm Discoveries which lists torrents that other people have downloaded along with the torrents you download.
    • Tag Discovery to discover what other users have tagged content with. This can be very helpful before deciding to download the content.
    • Subscriptions to RSS feeds as well as search results. You can also create your own subscription feed to share with others
    • Decentralized ratings and comments. You can view them before the torrent is added to BiglyBT.
    • Decentralized public and anonymous chats with default channels for individual torrents, tags, subscriptions, and trackers
  • Privacy/Security
    • I2P support (using I2P DHT) for anonymous downloading
    • Detection of VPNs for better integration
    • Ability to proxy search results, subscriptions, and internal browser connections through Tor if site is inaccessible
  • Content
    • Media Playback
    • Media Conversion (Transcoding)
    • UPnP Media Server and DLNA support, allowing devices to connect and browse your content, and allowing BiglyBT to send content directly to devices.
    • RSS to chat publisher for sharing content streams via chat
    • Decentralized content replication for sharing arbitrary modifiable files

What's new in BiglyBT

  • Plug | We now have a uTorrent/BitTorrent client migration plugin [TuxPaper]
  • Tag | Three tag view modes in tagging view with groups: Row, Column, Row-Compact [TuxPaper]
  • Tag | Drag of Tags or to Tags or to Tag Groups now supported in most places [TuxPaper]
  • Tag | F2 to rename tag when it has focus [TuxPaper]
  • Tag | Added peer client id to Peer Set criteria [Parg]
  • Tag | New Peer Set client auto classifier mode [Parg]
  • UI | Added 'boost' checkbox peers column, restructured menu [Parg]
  • UI | Support more multi-torrent option setting in open-torrent-options [Parg]
  • UI | Library view config import/export [Parg]
  • UI | Classic UI option to never show Tag library views [Parg]
  • UI | OSX Dark Theme initial support [Parg]
  • UI | Added search option to chat text [Parg]
  • UI | Added collapse-all to Tag groups [Parg]
  • UI | Peers view option to enable auto-Peer Set categorization [Parg]
  • UI | Max-age and Min-seeds search filters for subscriptions [Parg]
  • UI | Added 'show icons' menu to FilesView name item [Parg]
  • UI | Implement 'and' library filter for spaces [Parg]
  • UI | Added option to allow auto-assigned Tags in open-torrent-options to be subsequently modified [Parg]
  • Core | Added last-active, downloading-for, date-added and date-completed to XML stats [Parg]
  • Core | Added ability to revert files to original location via copy [Parg]
  • Core | Reworked disk manager error handling to pick up 'no space' errors better [Parg]
  • Core | Option to kick off a low-resource recheck of a seeding download [Parg]
  • Core | Speed Limit Handler option to preserve existing limits across activation [Parg]
  • Core | Added an aggressive hash checking mode [Parg]
  • Core | Option to control max concurrent checking downloads [Parg]
  • Core | Firewall test for IPv6 [Parg]
  • UI | Vivaldi/XferStats/Swarm Explore: Make more Google Maps-like -> Fix mouse-scroll-to-zoom direction; Zoom to cursor [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Sources (Trackers) View: Deleting via keyboard, toolbar, & content menu now use same prompt [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Torrent and file piece graphic column now shown when torrent isn't running [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Added Drag and Drop indicator when moving table columns around [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Reduced IP Filter icons to fit library [Parg]
  • UI | Prevent progress window from making main window visible if configured [Parg]
  • UI | Maintain selection when switching between Files View table/tree mode [Parg]
  • UI | Tag settings moved to separate UI config panel [Parg]
  • UI | TagIcon column now shows download-state icons [Parg]
  • UI | My Torrents sidebar children now more deterministically ordered [Parg]
  • UI | 'show icon' config should affect sub-rows too [Parg]
  • UI | Show category buttons in Tag views [Parg]
  • UI | 'Already running' UI warning now allows user to wait for old instance to close [Parg]
  • UI | Open-torrent-options dialog now has minimum depth for file table and scrollable Tags [Parg]
  • UI | Categories now shown in open-torrent-options dialog and Tagging view [Parg]
  • UI | Exclusive tag groups handled properly in open-torrent-options [Parg]
  • Tag | Tag Visuals Overhaul. No more checkbox; Solid selected tags, unselected are border-only [TuxPaper]
  • Tag | Library header tags are no longer buttons [TuxPaper]
  • Tag | Better handling of tag coloring (text color vs tag color, tag color on similar bg color) [TuxPaper]
  • Core | Removed for IP lookup as no longer working [Parg]
  • Core | Clear cached peers when changing networks [Parg]
  • Core | Seed to Peer ratio now based on aggregate scrape data [Parg]
  • Core | Update downloads will not be put into a stopped state on addition [Parg]
  • Core | Keep oldest subscription result publication date [Parg]
Bug fixed:
  • UI | Progress, Actions (Search Results) columns using wrong color when "Start UI before Core Initialization" is OFF [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Fix Tag Settings preventing max UL speed to be 0/unlimited, -1/disabled [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Fix Files View row invalidation [Parg]
  • UI | Fixed test-SOCKS button not working [Parg]
  • UI | Fixed some SWT issues for SWT 4757 [Parg]
  • UI | Inject explicit focus traversal on UI exit to pick up potential changes [Parg]
  • UI | Fix some issues with table column setup dialog [Parg]
  • UI | Prevent sound when hitting ctrl+x for regex filter [Parg]
  • UI | Fix sources/tracker view updating toolbar when nothing selected [Parg]
  • UI | Fix chat view styles no rendering sometimes [Parg]
  • UI | Improve browser popup white/black-listing [Parg]
  • UI | Bring back auto-speed 'adjustment interval' parameter [Parg]
  • UI | Subscription view table config not being saved [Parg]
  • UI | Category sidebar indicators not updating properly [Parg]
  • Core | Fixed search-for-existing-files failing on non-allocated downloads [Parg]
  • Core | Subscription auto-download should take note of persistent filters [Parg]
  • Core | Rechecking a completed torrent no longer updates completion date [TuxPaper]
  • Core | Fix speed limiters for client-id based Peer Sets [Parg]
  • Core | Fixed some long executing timer tasks [Parg]
  • Core | Handle partial-buddies and LAN limits properly [Parg]
  • Core | Fix renaming download on Windows when only case differs [Parg]
  • Core | Make sure we fixup file links when renaming downloads [Parg]
  • Core | Fixed re-download bug on stop-during-alloc/recheck [Parg]
  • Core | Make 'change data directory' work better with non-allocated downloads [Parg]
  • Tag | Fixed Tag constraint strings with escaped quotes like contains(name, """), hasTag("Foo"Bar") [TuxPaper]
  • Tag | Bring back the display of Tag constraint errors [Parg]
  • Tag | Fix torrents being moved with Tag 'move on complete' when disabled [Parg]

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09 August 2017

Most helpful

What a terrible name. These guys must be Trump supporters.
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16 February 2019
Will you be releasing a "Dark" version for Mojave?
21 July 2018
It works just as well as Vuze without the annoying ads. it turns out kernel_task spikes in usage between 65-70% everytime I use it. And the process keeps running for up to 4 hours afterwards. Not fun. Slows down everything on my Mac.
30 August 2017
Thanks. Its a fork of Vuze without the adware injected on it. At least thus it seems to be of entrance. No problem with the anti-virus nor sees nothing extra installed (with my limited knowledge).
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09 August 2017
What a terrible name. These guys must be Trump supporters.
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21 August 2017


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  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later
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