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HDD Fan Control2.5

10 June 2014

Control fan speed in relation to drive temperature.


HDD Fan Control controls fan speed in relation to drive temperature. If you have replaced your iMac's Hard Drive with a new Hard Drive or a SSD and the fan has started running at full speed creating a lot of noise, HDD Fan Control will control the fan speed, preventing the loud noise whilst keeping your drive safe

Note: This app is specifically designed to control your HDD Fan using your drives S.M.A.R.T data for iMacs with replacement drives which no longer provide correct temperature data to Apple's sensor

HDD Fan Control will run the fan at the correct speed, and keep your drive cool and safe from overheating.

Note: If you are looking for an application to adjust your Mac's fans from stock (and not to control fan noise after replacement disk) we can highly recommend the free smcFanControl or iStat Menus.

What's new in HDD Fan Control

Version 2.5:
  • Added support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

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30 Reviews of HDD Fan Control

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04 July 2011
Version: 2.0

Most helpful

If you're going competing a free app* with more versatility than your own you'll need to show a compelling reason for people to pay 30.00. (* smcFanControl, still compatible with 10.6.8)
27 July 2017
Version: 2.5
I had previously purchased HDD Fan Control and installed it on an iMac 27 with a replacement (non-Apple) hard drive. It worked fine, but I have now installed a SSD in place of the HDD and HDD Fan Control is no longer activated. I went through the process on their website to be re-notified of the serial number, but although the number came through OK it is not accepted by the activation dialog. This software has only ever been installed on this Mac. I have tried contacting their support by email but have had absolutely no response. My guess is that their activation server is now offline and the lack of a response to my emails suggests that the company is no longer in business. Beware!
07 November 2016
Version: 2.5
Works perfectly on my 2010 iMac running macOS Sierra after replacing the original hard drive with an SSD.
Mashmashu Studio
10 August 2015
Version: 2.5
Very difficult to remove.....
09 August 2015
Version: 2.5
I'd give minus 5 stars if I could for this VIRUS app !
I installed this and used for 2 days I got unsatisfied with its inner fan control system and decided to delete it. I clicked the remove in pref pane, however the app was still in application folder, I removed this too!

I discovered that my RIGHT FAN was not working (via another software).
After 2 hours struggling to fix the issue and reseting SMC a dozen times, I discovered that those irresponsible lame developers made a daemon that always runs, and still runs after I uninstalled the app.

I forced quit the daemon but it kept coming back, the devil... I finally found it in lib/lunchdeamons and removed it, but still my Right Fan was broken at 300 RPM...

Then I reset SMC once again and my fan finally came back to life !

35$ ?! I wish the developers would pay me 3500$ for all the work and time I wasted dealing with this VIRUS app!
18 October 2014
Version: 2.5
Screwed! Even after uninstalling this app, HDD fan can not be changed with any other fan control app. If I reinstall this HDD fan control app again, I can tweak it. What is wrong is this.... My HDD fan speed is just fixed, because of this app. I emailed them, just waiting their answers....
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05 August 2014
Version: 2.5
$35 bucks for what can be done for free? (Macs Fan Control, smcFanControl and whatever)
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11 June 2014
Version: 2.5
Do yourself, and your wallet, a favor. Bypass this software and instead surf to exirion.net to download & install the FREE, and excellent, SSD Fan Control software. Works perfectly fine with HDD's as well. (Just a satisfied end-user of SSD Fan Control; NOT a hater of HDD Fan Control.)
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02 April 2014
Version: 2.4
I purchased this app after trying out the demo. The demo seemed to work, but now my fan is back to full speed. I've tried adjusting settings in Preferences (btw i think that interface is well designed), but to no affect. The menu-bar display says my fan should be at 1372 rpm, although the preferences target says it should be at 1100. I can hear my fan running very loud as before installing this software; much much faster than 1372.
23 September 2013
Version: 2.2
The price is now 35$, please fix is in the macupdate listing
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26 July 2013
Version: 2.2
$30 to fix a simple problem? Vulture-ware. Do yourself a favor and use a free fan controller.