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17 October 2016

Control Intel Mac fans to make them run cooler.


smcFanControl controls the fans of every Intel Mac to make it run cooler.

smcFanControl lets the user set the minimum speed of the build in fans. So you can increase your minimum fan speed to make your Intel Mac run cooler. However in order not to damage your machines smcFanControl doesn't let you set a minimum speed to a value below Apple's defaults.

What's new in smcFanControl

Version 2.6:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.7 or later

  • Added french localization
  • Updated sparkle updater
  • smcFanControl now requires macOS 10.7 or higher
  • Crash on Macbook 12"
  • Invisible text on macOS Sierra "Dark mode

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30 May 2015

Most helpful

This app is AWESOME! Total control of my fans, left and right side individually, who could ask for more? Three category default settings for AC power, battery, or charging, with the ability to create my own personal default profiles in each category, just amazing! The function is flawless on my MBPr 15. Now I can set it on my bare legs, and the bottom of my laptop stays cool (max speed both sides) to tepid (Med speed both sides), depending on fan sped "I CHOOSE," not Apple. Menu bar info is easy-to-read and exactly accurate.

As one who uses constantly running air purifiers in my home/work office, I know that these type of fans run for years with no issues. They are designed to run 24-7-365 and never wear out for years. I know Apple uses the same quality type fans or even superior, so I never worry about replacing fans prematurely in my MacBook. Moreover, even if I needed to in two or three years, that's a fraction in cost of replacing my SSD or multi core processors due to heat, not to mention that cooler processors run infinitely better than overheated ones. All high graphic use 3D gamers know this, I'm told.
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Version 2.5.2
27 March 2020
This stupid software keeps asking me to type in my password all the time! Really annoying!
Version 2.6
04 February 2020
its year 2020 and it still works great on my iMac. Cools it down pretty fast.
Version 2.6
30 January 2020
Saved my overheating MacBook Air - Thanks!
Version 2.6
12 January 2020
Version 2.6
18 December 2019
Simply brilliant ! Brought a new life to a VERY expensive, top-of-the-line mid-2012 MacBook Pro which should had been part of a clearly articulated recall for flawed and faulty motherboard, using a cheap, underpowered PCI chip. I still encounter ocassional booting issues, but the laptop is back in action.
Version 2.6
22 November 2019
I installed this current version on my old Macbook Pro 2009 El Capitan and I just can't change the cooler temperature at all, and it only stays at 4000rpm. Lucky I have a saved old version that I was able to reinstall. I have been using this program for a few good years and I hope you will correct this problem.
Version 2.6
29 October 2019
what happens when we quit the app? will our Mac go back to the normal software which control the fan or this is the only software which control our fans. what if I quit thus app and use my thus gonna effeec.
Version 2.6
15 September 2019
Worked well on my 2015 Macbook Pro. My computer started getting really hot lately due to a number of programs I am running for a school project. I cleaned the fans but nothing worked to keep the temp down. I can control each fan separately and there is an ability to change the modes for higher fan speed for when I am running on batter, on log-in and when charging. Simple and well done.
Version 2.6
04 April 2019
Didn't work on my Mac - had to find a substitute
Version 2.6
29 August 2018
I love this application, but, very very sadly, it no longer works on the 2018 MacBookPro...
To the Developer, i'm sure some of us faithful users would be willing to pay for an update capable of working on the 2018+ Macs...
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Version 2.6