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30 June 2019

Comprehensive personal finance manager.


SEE Finance lets you manage all of your financial accounts in a single place and gain control over your finances. Track all of the financial accounts you might have including banking, credit cards, investments and others. Generate a variety of customizable reports and budget to keep your spending on target. Track and monitor your individual investments and your investment portfolio as a whole. Perform these tasks and more in any of the 150+ different currencies available.

Packed full of options to allow you to take total control of your finances. Adjust the information shown for transactions, increase font sizes, color code just about everything, tweak import settings, and generate custom reports. These are only a few of the many, many options available to you to personalize the app just for you.

Store your file(s) on iCloud Drive and access them from your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Designed to give users complete control over their data. SEE Finance allows you to choose where you keep your data. Unlike similar programs, there's no forcing you to upload your personal data to a service outside of your control in order to access it from multiple devices. iCloud Drive lets you access your files from multiple devices, keeps them secure, and under your control.

  • OFX Direct Connect Downloads*
  • Investment Tracking
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Calendar and List Views
  • Quick Transaction Entry
  • Split Transactions
  • Batch Edit Transactions
  • Transaction Attachments
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Import OFX, QFX, CSV, and QIF files
  • Export CSV, TXF, and QIF files
  • Create Multiple Files
  • Customizable Preferences
  • Companion iOS Version

*OFX Direct Connect downloads is a service provided to customers by their financial institution. The institution may require enrollment and/or may charge a fee to use their Direct Connect downloads service. Generally only available with U.S. institutions.

What's new in SEE Finance

Version 2.1.6:
  • Added a Memorized Transactions feature that applies the last used settings for payees to transactions during account downloads and file imports.
  • Adjusted the Memorized Transactions feature that applies the last used settings for payees to prefer info from a transaction in the same account when available.
  • Added the ability to change the account type for accounts.
  • Added an option to budgets for selecting to show totals as of the current date or totals for the entire budget period.
  • Added the ability to rearrange accounts in the "Hide and Show Accounts" window using drag and drop.
  • Added the option to set how many backup files to keep in the program’s General preferences.
  • Various other minor adjustments and bug fixes.

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16 September 2016

Most helpful

I was advised by a friend of mine to try this app as the most reliable, useful and comprehensive app for managing my money. Really, he said the truth about this soft. It was difficult at the beginning to understand how it works and what I need to do to make it serves me efficiently. But as soon as I get used to it, I feel myself more sure about all my accounts and payments. Thanks for developing such an advanced app.
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Version 1.0.11
08 February 2020
I'm evaluating switching from Q2017 (given the upcoming sunset in April) to See Finance 2. I've downloaded v2.1.6 in trial mode and See Finance 2 repeatedly crashes with an error when trying to import my QMTF file produced by Quicken. It pops the error window and asks "what were you doing" and sends it off (i assume) to scimonoce software. I'm following the export/import instructions provided by the See support site... Not a good start for the trial. I'm awaiting a response from scimonoce and hope to get this working (and will update my review at that time as well).
Version 2.1.6
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Scimonoce Software
Scimonoce Software
14 February 2020
In case it will help others, with this user’s assistance we determined the issue they had importing the QMTF file that was exported from Quicken Mac 2017. It was due to an issue with special characters in the names of categories that were exported from Quicken which didn’t conform to the QMTF file specifications. Once removing special characters from various categories in Quicken and re-doing the export/import the QMTF file imported into SEE Finance. A check for such an issue has been added to our next update. Thanks again for troubleshooting this issue with us! SEE Finance Support
Version 2.1.6
24 January 2020
I have used Checkbook Pro, Moneydance and Quicken. After trying See Finance 2 it became apparent that I had found the best personal finance app. See Finance is extremely customizable and easy to use! The conversion from Moneydance was done without a problem in less than 5 minutes! I was astounded at how easy it was to use! I would advise anyone looking for a personal finance app to try See Finance 2! You'll fall in love with it!!!
Version 2.1.6
16 January 2020
I was looking for a replacement for Quicken which I had used since the early 90s on both mac and windows when I found See Finance 2. While not as "deep" as Quicken I find the program has more than enough capability to help us track all our credit, bank and asset and investment accounts. In operation the program is very polished, smooth, fast and seems to have few bugs or glitches. Although some things, like transfers, are handled differently than in Quicken it is not hard to learn the new methods. The overall feeling when using this app is very positive and confidence inspiring vs. the dated/antiquated feeling from today's Quicken. I've found the See Finance developer to be exceptionally responsive as well. For example: When we were working I handled all the financials. In retirement a major goal for us was to share the financials in case something happens to one of us. We wanted to keep the See Finance database on a UBS stick and sync it manually between our 2 iMacs rather than electronically due to the various issues when trying to electronically share data. We also wanted each person's usage of the system to be identical, but we had an issue getting bank downloads to work on both iMacs when moving the database back and forth. The developer helped us over a period of 2-3 weeks to get this working and it now works flawlessly. See Finance also backs up the database to each of our computers so we now feel we have a very secure data sharing and archiving method. Great program, great developer. Highly recommended!
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Version 2.1.6
09 December 2019
After many failed attempts to replace the wonderful but dated Quicken Mac 2007, I finally found the solution in SEE Finance. It does have a slight learning curve due to the ways that it differs from QM2007, but every alternative finance package does. I have to say that I am 100% satisfied with the features and reliability of the software. It does transaction tracking and investment account maintenance as well as QM2007 did. Also, this company is extremely friendly and responsive to user suggestions, which is the exact opposite of the Quicken experience. I have no affiliation with the company, other than being a satisfied customer. I give is my 100% endorsement.
Version 2.1.6
26 November 2019
Pros: Allows saving file where you want. Nice UI QIF import works good. Investment lookup works fine. Cons: Serious flaw when you open file it moves file to a new location/os drive and then sets the file privileges to what it wants, when done, it replaces your file with the messed up privileges file. Developer stated it was done to fix an issue, but this is very bad and potentially security issue! If you set privileges to allow others access, now they cannot access file. Scheduled transactions not intuitive if the developer updated the app to stop moving the file and changing the privileges I would buy it.
Version 2.1.6
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Scimonoce Software
Scimonoce Software
28 November 2019
When you open a file, that is not stored on iCloud, the program makes a copy of the file’s database to the program’s “container” within the user’s Library folder to record new changes. When the file is saved the file’s database is replaced with the copy of the database with the new changes. This copy of the database never leaves the user’s files and is deleted when the file or program is closed. This is all designed to safeguard the file’s database during editing and saving. When a file is saved the program does apply the default file permissions as would be set for any new file on macOS. File permissions are being set this way to ensure that the logged in user of the computer retains read/write access for the file. We’re looking into not adjusting file permissions each save as it was originally implemented due to older versions of macOS sometimes setting file permissions incorrectly. However, only the scenario of the logged in user being able to edit a file in the program is supported. Other scenarios, such as storing a file on a network to allow for multiple users to edit the file which would require different file permissions, are not supported. The only supported option to edit and sync files across multiple devices is to store the file on iCloud. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our email support. Thanks, SEE Finance Support
Version 2.1.6
14 September 2019
Thumps up! Started keeping my financial transactions/records with a computer program back in 1993. Had still been using Quicken (since back when Quicken was probably the Mac financial program available). While Quicken 2007 still works with Mojave (but with some minor annoyances), know its days are numbered as we transition closer to Catalina. Knew I needed to find a replacement. Had tried out iBank (now Banktivity) a number of years ago ... but it was a nightmare and after using it through 2 version upgrades, went back to Quicken 2007. Glad I decided to Try SEE Finance. It does everything I need to do and does it well. While a few things appear to be slightly more cumbersome to accomplish than with Quicken 2007 ... the reality could be that I just need more time to get the hang of the program. Overall, a great financial program for my needs and, over time, I doubt I will miss saying good-bye to Quicken. A+ for Scimonoce Software.
Version 2.1.6
13 September 2019
SEE Finance 2 is miles ahead of every other financial app for the Mac. It has a gorgeous interface which one may customize to the hilt. The features are elegant. SEE Finance 2 offers four different ways, all very simple, to reconcile accounts with the bank. While other financial apps around have clunky functionality, are overly-simplified, are plain ugly or, in one way or another, attempt to force you to stay with that app, SEE Finance 2 has no subscription to shut you down if you don't pay every year, no dysfunctional QIF file that puts out unusable export data (SEE Finance 2 provides thorough exporting of your data to other financial apps if you wish to share finances with your brother-in-law...) and no hassle for the fastest, most thorough technical support for this intuitive product. SEE Finance 2's single developer wears more hats and does a better job than any full development team at Quicken. And while Quicken is a better financial app for Mac since leaving Intuit behind, SEE Finance 2 is simply BETTER than Quicken... (I am not related to the developer or an employee of his company). I am just very impressed and recommend this SEE Finance 2 without reservation because it soars way above all the rest of the financial applications for the Mac in its thoughtful design, customization, full features, and its sheer elegant beauty. For instance, while by default, SEE Finance 2 comes with a compact formatting of transaction line items on its register, I could easily modify the line width between transactions and even the size and style of the font as desired.
Version 2.1.6
01 August 2019
Sadly, support for Canadian Banks is non-existent.
Version 2.1.6
09 July 2019
Have been using See Finance (versions 1 and now 2) for three years. Truly the best finance package for the Mac available. (I have no relationship with Scimonoce Software - other than as a completely satisfied customer/user.) Having tried all the others - and I mean all - this is the one for me. Version 2 takes a big leap forward in terms of interface. Its feature set is superb. The organization of the many, many features is intelligent and extremely user-friendly. The support from Scimonoce is outstanding. And the program is 100% rock solid. The versatility and flexibility - different ways of getting See Finance 2 to do what you want - are superb. Yet the many functions never interfere with your own particular workflow. I'd recommend See Finance 2 without hesitation!
Version 2.1.6
03 June 2019
I’d been using Microsoft Money for Windows for almost 17 years, even porting it across to my Mac within VMWare Virtual Box. Sadly, that option has become unusable in recent months so I needed a proper finance app for my Mac. First of all, I tried trial versions of most apps out there about a year ago and eventually ended up buying Moneyspire 2018, then 2019. It was fine but, as a heavy user, I noticed a few bugs. When I reported them, initially, I got a reply (which didn’t actually help). Then, when I reported more bugs they decided to no longer reply to me. The last straw was about three weeks ago when I noticed an entire account had vanished from the app overnight. I reported that, too, but got no response. Time to move on. So, I tried Banktivity but was a bit put off by the price. I read the comments below on this page and tried SEE Finance version 2.08. I asked Technical Support about an issue and was pleased to find a full, helpful, response within about two hours. But, I still wasn’t completely sure about SEE Finance. So, I tried Moneyline. Absolutely dreadful. Deleted in 30 minutes. I then tried Moneydance. Unfortunately, its trial only allows 100 transactions, so I wasn’t able to try it out properly. I also tried YNAB but I didn’t like that. So, it was back to Banktivity. I then discovered the (to me, at least) rather odd way that it handled scheduled transactions, by requiring “reminders” to be set up beforehand. And, there was still that $69.99 price. I took one more look at SEE Finance last week and was pleased to see a big upgrade to version 2.12 which now had the ability to reconcile accounts. The more I played with this app, the more I realised it was exactly what I was looking for. And, at $39.99 it was much cheaper than Banktivity. I bought myself a copy of SEE Finance and am really glad that I did. I’ve spent several hours on it and it does everything that I would ever want. In fact, it has everything I used to have in Microsoft Money - and more!! Why, it even has access to Ugandan shillings in its currencies, which no other app provides (yes, I do need that currency for one of my accounts). I’m very pleased with it and can see myself using this app for years to come.
Version 2.1.3