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Instantly translate foreign-language text.   Shareware ($9.99)
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Just Translate is your ideal editor to instantly read and write foreign language text. It features 59 languages, a spell checker, transliterations and integrated in practically any Mac application such as Safari or Microsoft Word you get the power to understand unknown text with simple One-Click.
What's New
Version 2.6.8:
  • This edition features revised spelling dictionaries as well as general application fixes
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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Just Translate User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Dejmac reviewed on 23 Jan 2011
Bad, bad, very bad!
Just Translate = literary translate word for word!? Makes no sense when you read translation. It is almost impossible to correct translation because the translated sentence doesn't have any meaning.
[Version 2.5.5]



Macambulance reviewed on 22 Jan 2011
How is this anything more than a GUI for Google Translate? Why would anyone pay $34.99 when they can get this for free at http://translate.google.com

The GUI is not quite as polished as some other Mac apps and the translations are literal only, if you're translating business critical text into another language you could end up in trouble with the wrong intonations in the text.

The most annoying thing is when you quit the demo, Safari opens a page automatically with a RSS feed of the latest products from the developer, talk about shameless self promotion!
[Version 2.5.5]



mday reviewed on 28 Sep 2009
I have been using Just Translate for a few months now
and it has literally changed a major part of my life.

I am a minister doing service in South America and...
I do not speak Spanish.
While I have managed to get by as a result of finding people here
who speak some English... my capacity to really communicate
took a major leap when I found Just Translate.

I had used many translators on the web but
I found that the end result of these translators to be terrible.
However, since I started using Just Translate...
I have received consistent feedback from people here in Venezuela
that my emails now are 90 to 95 per cent accurate in terms of
translation from English to Spanish.

I am also delighted with my experience of Jalada as a company.
Whenever I have needed a question answered,
I have received a reply within 72 hours.

It saddens me as to how many people condemn software
developers for not answering their email immediately.
It's easy to forget that unless you are hugely successful in this area,
you often have to hold at least one other job just to get by
especially since the global financial crisis hit.

After a few months of use...I really have no complaints .
if somebody could only develop software
that would instantly translate audio and video...
that would really be incredible!
[Version 2.0]

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Mrglsmrc replied on 07 Nov 2009
this software isan elaborate front end for web-based google translation services.
i might try this sometime but i dont understand why ishould give jalada the cash for googles work when i can just use the url for free.

to the minister in latin america-- why did you goto a country where you don't understand and can't be understood without an assistant? what makes you think you are being understood now in a persuasive way with this e-service?

please understand that i admire your determination to spread the word of god but translation is more than just swapping words-- it is cultural and gestural and so many nuanced things where technology is merely a crutch. spanish is not a hard language to learn when you are immersed in it.

i do use translation software myself for business purposes when i am getting a poor response from emails in english from a foreign developer. i use it when i want to show some europeanthat i am willing to go the extra mile to be understood byhim so translation services have their purposes.and jalada is as good a company for software as any. i know because i play with their fractal generator. but i do translation via two apps that are more appropriate and cheaper. i use kavaservices which operates on text in various ways besides translation. also i use the devonagent browser with instant google translation of webpages built in.

i am guessing that jalada's excellent product covers a larger gamutof languages than i need to use but on thos occassions where i want to see an arabic webpage i can just visit or some such without a forty dolar front end.
if the folks at jalada want to give me a reviewer's copy i will be glad togive their product a serious workout but presently i am disinclined to find it more useful than googles own web interface for the google service that jalada uses.

Wts replied on 16 May 2011
Wow, you sure are at odds with the other reviews.


Mac Fan reviewed on 09 May 2009
Again, another nonsense "upgrade", with nothing changed. The developer just wanted to get more exposure unfairly from download sites.
[Version 1.2.2a]

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Anonymous commented on 23 May 2009
To Mac Fan: We changed a lot in our source code in the last weeks to enhance the stability of our product. That you can't see this kind of enhancement lies in the nature of these changes.


Mac Fan reviewed on 08 May 2009
The developer updates the app every week, but actually added/improved nothing.

All he tries to do is to put his poor apps on top of the product listings on major download sites.

I downloaded this poor app. Sometimes, it simply didn't work. Sometimes, it gave apparent errors.

It's a totally useless app.
[Version 1.2.2]

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Jalada Gmbh (developer) replied on 23 May 2009
To "Mac Fan": Can you give us some hints about your problems with our application, so that we could create a better application for our customers.

If you still have further problems with our application, please contact our support.


Mac Fan reviewed on 08 May 2009
Doesn't work. Please do NOT download from a cheat.

The author shamelessly posted 5-star ratings to his products across several major download sites. This severely misleads/hurts visitors.

To the author: Please concentrate on improving your software. Do NOT use dirty tricks to cheat web surfers. Do NOT spam the Internet with fake 5-star ratings for your poor apps.

This app is poor. 5-star is a shameless joke.
[Version 1.2.2]



Barton Fink reviewed on 17 Apr 2009
A little tool which help us to understand foreign documents such as newspaper, books and technical descriptions. I know machine translation can't be perfect but it helps you to realize the meaning and context of the text.
[Version 1.1.5a]

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Maulrat replied on 27 Jun 2009
Odd how "Barton Fink" here has rated/reviewed ONLY Jalada programs and has given them all 5-star reviews that tend to read more like advertisements than honest to goodness reviews ... I'm smelling me some fakery goin' on in these here woods ... and thats not a good practice devs.

Fromage-Head commented on 22 Jan 2009
The world is full of knowledge but automatic translation is an hazardous method that distorts meaning.
[Version 1.0.1]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Zicola rated on 17 Jun 2013

[Version 2.6.8]

kpyoco rated on 21 Dec 2011

[Version 2.6.7]

Version Downloads:1,188
Type:Education : Language
Date:04 Feb 2012
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $9.99
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Just Translate is your ideal editor to instantly read and write foreign language text. It features 59 languages, a spell checker, transliterations and integrated in practically any Mac application such as Safari or Microsoft Word you get the power to understand unknown text with simple One-Click.

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