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24 September 2019

Create and explore your family tree.


MacFamilyTree gives genealogy a facelift: modern, interactive, convenient and fast. Explore your family tree and your family history in a way generations of chroniclers before you would have loved. MacFamilyTree helps you capture your family history, and turns data and facts into conclusive reports and visually impressive charts.

MacFamilyTree offers numerous options for you to capture and visualize your family history. Now matter how you want to illustrate your family relationships - MacFamilyTree 8 has the right solution for you, offering different types of reports, charts or the innovative Virtual Tree 3D view. The possibilities are nearly endless - optionally synchronize your data via iCloud, access a huge genealogical online archive to assist your research, create websites and family books or do your research on the go with MobileFamilyTree 8, available separately for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Well-structured, fast and easy-to-use user interface
  • The new Interactive Family Tree: Lets you navigate your entire family tree, view all persons and families, and add persons directly
  • FamilySearch: Doing extensive research has never been more convenient - access the world's biggest genealogical archive with several billions of person and family records from the comfort your home.
  • Genealogical research developed specifically for OS X in order to harness cutting-edge Apple technologies for optimized application performance

What's new in MacFamilyTree

Version 9.0.9:
  • Description of events added to the Family Report
  • Issues in the Family Report settings fixed
  • Improvements displaying step or adopted relationships in the Kinship Report
  • Web Export: Issues displaying Statistic Charts resolved
  • Performance when copying family trees using AirDrop improved
  • Stability improvements when using CloudTree
  • Performance of the Virtual Globe vastly improved when displaying a large number of places
  • Person Report: Improvements displaying facts
  • Localization improvements

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05 June 2013

Most helpful

Looks like Snow Leopard will be my last Apple OS X and MacFamily Tree 6 will be my last Synium Software. Their ill conceived logic or lack of and their insistence on the App store, destroy and stifle free and open enterprise! CHOICE! They have already stopped supporting my other "purchased" Synium Software, Chronories, because of their decision, for App Store distribution exclusivity. Below is their explanation on their web site for discontinuing Chronories and the reason why I choose to avoid the App Store Software whenever possibly. "Why have we stopped selling Chronories?" "Apple implemented some major modifications to the way applications are allowed to interact or access data from different applications. Unfortunately, Chronories is one of the applications that are severely affected by these decisions. While technologies like "Sandboxing" improve the general security of the whole system, several applications can no longer be maintained as before. Even updates to the existing app are nearly impossible because Sandboxing is required for any further update." "This is we had to stop selling Chronories... although we really liked it a lot."
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Version 7.0
07 August 2019
Personally I was most impressed by the new interface, the new reports and the new statics. But there's a lot of other goodies for everyone. New is also the ability to store DNA information. It seems faster and it still is no 1 when it comes to intuitivity. Recommended!
Version 9.0.1
31 July 2019
Just an fyi - MFT website says it's $30 at the Mac App Store for a limited time.
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Version 9.0
12 August 2016
Excelent! The best!
Version 8.0.9
19 April 2016
Wow, you didn't accept having your GUI in lock step with Apple; thank you! You choose to pay attention to lots of good color and font choices and prefs to make your App pleasant to use for us who are legally blind/vision impaired. Many other Deves have refused to think outside the box to help their users; so have been forced to fight them. You respected the wise insights from the original HIG of 1985!
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Version 8.0
11 February 2016
I have had several email exchanges but the step-issue is yet to be resolved. Here is the difficulty, taken from the Manual. "Enter "patchwork" families with a biological and a step or adoptive parent If a child lives in a family where only one part of the family is the biological mother or father and the other part is in a step or adopted relation to a child. Such a relationship requires some steps to create, but can also be entered into the database. You actually have to create three families in order to enter the mentioned relationships correctly, because children are assigned to families and not persons." This could be easily done invisibly in the background. This is on page 48 of the Manual. How to call a child 'step' is done on about page 17!
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Version 7.6.2
26 November 2015
Please improve the way step relationships are dealt with - a virtual family can be created in the background with no user involvement and no intrusion into the interface. Spoils an otherwise good product.
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Version 7.6.2
27 July 2015
I have used this for years, and have seen it improve. One of the good things is that the dev listen to the consumer, they answer to questions quickly and take suggestions seriously. Try it and you´ll love it!
Version 7.5.3
16 March 2015
Excellent program - which I find easy to use and very fully featured. As was noted by MaggiesDad, the relationship chart doesn't handle all situations elegantly, but the printed output is very nice and while it is easy to pick up, it also has a lot of flexibility too. I find that the various views and reports give a lot of interesting ways to view your data, including maps showing how people moved around during their lives, various forms of relationship charts and some nice website output options. I can't really fault it, and it comes with a very good manual too.
Version 7.3.3
01 January 2015
Just noticed on the Synium site that MacFamilyTree is on sale for $24.99 (through the MAS) until January 11. Nothing here about that, so I just thought I'd let people know. I just now purchased the software, so I can't review it yet...
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Version 7.3.2
22 August 2014
I've used this software through several versions. I like the way it looks and I am comfortable with data input. In my tree there are many people and a lot of double cousins. It does not handle those relationships very well in the relationship chart, but other than that, it is great. I like it enough to pay for it. I will pay for the next version as well. I would like to be able to upload a site and not be told there is too much, and that I need to not load photos and other info. THAT didn't happen in version 6.
Version 7.2.4


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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.0 or later
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