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02 November 2017

BitTorrent client with wide-ranging features.


Vuze is the ultimate client for BitTorrent. Mac-native, it's a fast and accessible file sharing solution. It lets you find torrents with a built in search bar, then download them at blazing speeds. Vuze even lets you control your torrent downloads from a web interface.

File transfer, with helpful features:
  • Built-in player. Watch videos in stunning HD.
  • Bandwidth management. Adjust bit-rates to boost download speeds.
  • RSS integration. Subscribe to feeds, and let the content come to you.

What's new in Vuze


Note: A paid version of Vuze is also available. For more information, go here.

  • UI | Classic friends meets dchat! [Parg]
  • UI | Handle alt networks [Parg]
  • UI | Option to chat about torrent errors [Parg]
  • UI | Option to hide auto-generated messages [Parg]
  • UI | Added option to move torrent on tag-move-on-complete [Parg]
  • Core | Option to categorise friend connections as lan-local for rate limiting purposes [Parg]
  • Core | Support some alternative chats [Parg]
  • Core | Torrent location support for initial save location and copy-on-complete [Parg]
  • Core | Added json import [Parg]
  • Core | I2P: install on attempted dns resolution [Parg]
  • UI | Remove [TuxPaper]
  • UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
  • UI | Double click actions for search+subs views [Parg]
  • UI | Made menus more consistent [Parg]
  • UI | Added 'date added to tag' column [Parg]
  • UI | Added order setting to tag limit removal - values 'time [Parg]
  • UI | Added to vuze' and 'time added to tag' [Parg]
  • UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
  • UI | Norwegian translation update [Lislegard]
  • Core | Added option for LAN/WAN nets [Parg]
  • Core | Added option for buddy-boosting when both peers incomplete [Parg]
  • Core | Improve link parsing [Parg]
  • Core | Reworked location change logic to support independent data and torrent movements [Parg]
  • Core | Added tag option to file movement to allow separate control over data and torrent [Parg]
  • Core | Bring back ability to update subscription filters [Parg]
  • Core | Added a 'tag_age' constraint variable [Parg]
  • UI | Fix NPE that causes thread hang [Parg]
  • UI | Torrent link needs reconstructing in some cases [Parg]
  • Core | Defer constraint application until restore-from-archive is complete to ensure that tags are appropriately applied [Parg]
  • Core | Various fixes around non-public singletons [Parg]
  • Core | Don't try inaccessible default constructor for built-in platform managers [Parg]
  • Core | Only record addition time for persistent tag types [Parg]
  • Core | Check limits more frequently; added a hack to allow tags to have a max of 0 entries [Parg]

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10 May 2010

Most helpful

After reading a bunch of these Vuze comments and reviews, it seems that many people don't know enough about the application they're commenting on. If you find Vuze to be bloated or overly complex, just run it in a simplified mode. Go to Preferences > Interface > Start. At the bottom is "Vuze UI Chooser" (User Interface). Click it and choose "Classic Interface". Now all that extra Vuze content and ad-ware junk wont even load when you start the program. It'll run in a simplified mode which is fairly standard for anyone who's ever used Transmission or any other basic BitTorrent client. Some people like all the media features and extra Vuze content. Personally I hate it, but Vuze gives you the OPTIONS. You can customize just about everything in Vuze to fit your tastes. Everyone has their own personal set of requirements they want from any application, but no one can deny that Vuze is the most complete BitTorrent client available. It's never been the prettiest app, but the latest design changes make it more Mac-ish than ever. Some people say Vuze doesn't run correctly on their systems. I can't say they're wrong, but I've been using Azureus/Vuze for several years on different Macs using several different OS versions and, except for a minor installer glitch several versions back, I've never had a single performance problem. Plus, in my experience Vuze always gives a faster download than other clients. The bottom line for me: No other BitTorrent app gives you the speed, the customization, the search features, the in-depth information and detailed control over your torrents, their files and pieces, your peers, swarms, trackers, transfer speeds, IPs, filters, options…etc…etc. If you only download an occasional torrent file, and don't really care about file information and control, then perhaps a good basic BitTorrent client like Transmission is a better choice for you. However, people who do take advantage of these advanced features know that no other torrent client even comes close to Vuze.
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Version 4.4
19 December 2019
Not working, it tells me that I have to be in a root to play vuze?
16 July 2019
NO, this is not the torrenting client you're looking for. In 2010, Vuze was purchased by Spigot, became proprietary, was parallel named µTorrent, is now considered ADWARE and should be avoided. <-- I personally use the latest version of Transmission along with an up-to-date blocking list. If you like bells and whistles, aka Geek Meter in the RED, you want BiglyBT. Again, a blocking list is suggested. Both of these apps are Open Source. HISTORY TIME for NEWBIES: "BitTorrent" (BT) is the name of a file sharing protocol. It is also the name of the original, very first BT client, created by Bram Cohen in 2001. The BitTorrent company was formed in 2004. Versions 1 - 4 of their software were Open Source via various licenses. Azureus and its descendents are based on this code. As of version 5 in 2006, BitTorrent came under the scrutiny of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) due to copyright infringement by BitTorrent users. As a result, BitTorrent was forced to 'play nice' with the media industry or face lawsuits. As of version 6, BitTorrent became proprietary software. The cryptocurrency TRON Foundation bought the BitTorrent company in 2018, at which point creator Bram Cohen left the company. BitTorrent is currently considered ADWARE and should be avoided. <- Meanwhile, in 2004 the Open Source Azureus project was started and continued on via Vuze. In 2010, Vuze was purchased by Spigot, became proprietary, was parallel named µTorrent, is now considered ADWARE and should be avoided. <- In 2005 the Transmission Open Source project was started and continues on as such today. It is considered the most simple to setup and use reliably. The BiglyBT Open Source project began in 2017 in response to the Vuze situation. It is considered the descendent and revival of the Azureus/Vuze project. As such, it provides considerably more options than Transmission. The BitTorrent protocol has a steep initial learning curve, but is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that BT sharing remains under scrutiny by the media industry. Also note that BitTorrented WAREZ software is now infamous for being infected with malware. As such, never use WAREZ, or at least first scan such software with a high quality and up-to-date anti-malware app before using it. Please take this warning seriously. Thus ends today's lesson. Head over to Wikipedia for excellent introductions to all these topics and applications, with the exception of BiglyBT, which apparently hasn't yet hit Wikipedia's radar. You can read about BIglyBT here at MU as well as at the URL provided below by Barry5p. Be extra careful out there! And again, an up-to-date blocking list is recommended. Please DIY finding and using a suitable blocking list for your chosen BT protocol application.
29 November 2017
Vuze 5.7.5 stopped launching. I installed 5.7.6 on top of it. It installed a really ugly "Search the Web..." toolbar at the top of my desktop, and I can't get rid of it! I deleted all Vuze files on my Mac, but this ugly toolbar is still there. Please help! I'm thinking of doing a fresh install of Mac OS and just rewriting everything. Searching in the toolbar takes me to a weird search engine, and I worry that everything is just being tracked and recorded.
30 August 2017
Bad. The app iDoctor is installed with Vuze 5.7.5 and Intego VirusBarrier quarantaine it with differents virus. It claims to be a anti-virus, and it can be correct that detects it to VirusBarrier by error like in other cases.But I do not understand because one settles without being able to reject it with Vuze. Both applications do not offer confidence when thus acting.
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21 November 2017
You must be very careful while installing Vuze. It tries to sneak a bunch of crap in. You have to op-out of everything.

To be safe run Malwarebytes, DetectX, or Etrecheck after you complete the installation.
30 January 2017
Vuze is the ultimate client for bitTorrent. Nothing else comes close and its FREE.
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04 August 2017
Check out the Vuze rebirth BiglyBT:
16 November 2016
The installer for Vuze 5.4 needs Lion, as does Java 7, so the related links part is wrong. I think 5.3 is what you need for Snow Leopard. 5.6 is for Lion. I think 5.3 is for Snow Leopard.
16 November 2016
Why is MacUpdate so out of touch with updates ??? I have been using Vuze version for at least a couple of weeks or more. What really bothers me about MacUpdate is that I have a PAID account and really can not rely on MacUpdate keeping my applications up to date.
08 May 2016
The current version of Fuze is
15 January 2016
I've used Transmission for years on my old PPC iMac G5 and it was great until I discovered the iMac had an issue with power management on OS 10.5.8, so I came back to 10.4 where it works perfectly (with software such as Awaken or ACP). Unfortunately, only version 1.54 of Transmission runs on Tiger, and it soon appeared that many torrent files were not recognized correctly (or at all)... :-( After trying some of the others (Frostwire 4.18.6 recognized more torrent files but not all), I finally found that Vuze seems by far the more efficient on PPC 10.4. You can't directly install the latest version, but you have to find a version, then it will auto-update to the latest. :-) Great! To the usual "why do you still use an old Mac?" rant, I'll answer "because I have one, and it's still good enough for downloading while I use my latest machine for better purposes". ;-)
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08 January 2018
It's a bit trickier that what I wrote above: version 5100 runs on 10.5, version 4900 on 10.4.
In both cases, you have to hurry up after install to disable updating in the prefs (Interface menus), otherwise the app won't start any more.
There's also a plugin inside the app bundle that is having issues (azplugins 2.1.7): in v4900 you have both version 2.1.6 and 2.1.7, just ditch v2.1.7; in v5100 replace it with v2.1.6 you've found in v4900.
(you can check plugins statuses in the prefs and the possible warnings appear on the lower right of the main window)
I haven't been using it much (in the meantime, I came back to Transmission on Leopard as I've found a workaround for the bug I mentioned) but it seems much slower in Tiger! (3 to 8 times!)
I might come back to Vuze/Tiger, though, because of a strange bug that freezes the iMac under Leopard...
You'll find the old versions at:
01 October 2015
Vuze used to be a great torrent program, but now I would recommend you steer well clear of it and use Transmission. Vuze now tries to install malware/adware when you first download it or later when you go to upgrade it to the latest version. It is also riddled with ads in the attempt to get you to purchase Vuze Plus. It uses Java which is not great for Macs and you get bugged continually to upgrade Java. Its also quite a CPU hog and slows my iMac down. Also be aware that Vuze as it comes straight out of the box will not find you any torrents - you need to search online for Vuze search templates and install these manually. Nasty piece of crapware!!
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24 July 2016
I've loved Vuze for a long time, but now it just constantly crashes or freezes up.

Works fine on my PC, but not on my Mac running El Capitan. Somewhat more stable in Snow Leopard.

Am looking for a replacement.
19 March 2017
Vuze is the most robust client around. All one has to do it select "customize" & "not agree" when installing and no adware is installed. It is the only app with granular settings and "to the point" control. Might be too much for less savvy users...

Note: Version 5.7.5 seems to have an issue with displaying the routing properly.