Vuze 02 Nov 2017

BitTorrent client with wide-ranging features.


Developer website: Vuze

Vuze is the ultimate client for BitTorrent. Mac-native, it's a fast and accessible file sharing solution. It lets you find torrents with a built in search bar, then download them at blazing speeds. Vuze even lets you control your torrent downloads from a web interface.

File transfer, with helpful features
  • Built-in player. Watch videos in stunning HD.
  • Bandwidth management. Adjust bit-rates to boost download speeds.
  • RSS integration. Subscribe to feeds, and let the content come to you.

Note: A paid version of Vuze is also available. For more information, go here.

What's New

  • FEATURE: UI | Classic friends meets dchat! [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Handle alt networks [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Option to chat about torrent errors [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Option to hide auto-generated messages [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Added option to move torrent on tag-move-on-complete [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Option to categorise friend connections as lan-local for rate limiting purposes [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Support some alternative chats [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Torrent location support for initial save location and copy-on-complete [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Added json import [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | I2P: install on attempted dns resolution [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Remove [TuxPaper]
  • CHANGE: UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
  • CHANGE: UI | Double click actions for search+subs views [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Made menus more consistent [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Added 'date added to tag' column [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Added order setting to tag limit removal - values 'time [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Added to vuze' and 'time added to tag' [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
  • CHANGE: UI | Norwegian translation update [Lislegard]
  • CHANGE: Core | Added option for LAN/WAN nets [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Added option for buddy-boosting when both peers incomplete [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Improve link parsing [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Reworked location change logic to support independent data and torrent movements [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Added tag option to file movement to allow separate control over data and torrent [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Bring back ability to update subscription filters [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Added a 'tag_age' constraint variable [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | Fix NPE that causes thread hang [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | Torrent link needs reconstructing in some cases [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Defer constraint application until restore-from-archive is complete to ensure that tags are appropriately applied [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Various fixes around non-public singletons [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Don't try inaccessible default constructor for built-in platform managers [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Only record addition time for persistent tag types [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Check limits more frequently; added a hack to allow tags to have a max of 0 entries [Parg]


  • OS X 10.7.3 or later


Current Version (5.x)


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Utilities / File Management
02 Nov 2017
Intel 64 / OS X