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Job & time tracker business app.   Shareware ($30.00)
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MacBusiness is a job & time tracker for freelancers, contractors, small businesses.
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Version 4.53: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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ver. 4.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 09 Nov 2004
I just recently downloaded macbusiness because i needed an all-in-one application for my new business. I started fooling around with the features of the program and came across a error. I reported it to the developer and it was fixed in the new verison. This program is marvelous.

This product to me is worth the shareware as well as purchasing (which i did). Keep up the good work. My only complaint would probably be the icons used for and within the program. They could be a little better graphically, but I'm only saying that because I am a designer and I am so use to the nice icons that come with OS X now.
[Version 2.97]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Oct 2004
crash all the time.
clients window can't be closed ...
lots of work to do ! =)
[Version 2.96]

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Bright Light Software (developer) replied on 28 Oct 2004
This bug (introduced with 2.96) has been fixed.

Anonymous reviewed on 04 Oct 2004
Application continually quits unexpectedly. Cannot enter any data No rating because it won’t run.
[Version 2.96]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Apr 2004
Not sure the problems reported here have anything to do with the actual software and not a lack of maintenance or repaired permissions on the system install. I have been evaluating this package since version 1.0 and have yet have it crash or not launch. "Old" preference files may also have something to do with problems. On my end, since the first install, this application has performed very well and very stable throughout OS X 10.2.6-10.3.3. If the developer adds P/L statement capabilities or integration with another accounting package, I'd pay double the selling price. Until then, I'll stay in evaluation mode. Looking forward to purchasing soon, keep up the work,very very worthwhile app!
[Version 2.1]

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Bright Light Software (developer) replied on 09 Apr 2004
Thank you for the review. Please write feature requests to
Rasmuskl had trouble on 01 Dec 2003
Program unexpectedly quits every-time i try to open it.
OS X 10.2.8 G4 TiBook
[Version 1.1]

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Anonymous commented on 26 Jul 2004
I'm glad you posted your OS version (10.2.8). The application is for 10.3 and later which explains why it never actually launches on your system. It's annoying, I know. It took me until last week to move to Panther (almost a year after it's debut), but now there are a lot more shareware options out there with nifty new features.

I haven't played with this enough to review it...will get back to you...
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Version Downloads:943
Type:Business : Applications
Date:24 Sep 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $30.00
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MacBusiness is a job & time tracker for freelancers, contractors, small businesses.

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