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23 April 2020

Innovative accounting solution.


Corona is a full general-ledger accounting tool, yet still retains its "simple check register" appeal and price. Corona features "drag-and-drop" accounting, on-the-fly account creation, and one-click reconcilement.

  • On-the-fly account creation
  • Journal selector for entry forms
  • Pop-up selectors minimize typing
  • Drag-and-drop transaction entry
  • Single-click bank reconciling
  • Dynamic inventory creates itself
  • Drag-and-drop inventory items
  • Folios for charges and billing
  • Query List recalls recent queries
  • Exportable queries and reports
  • Check register
  • Bank reconcilement
  • Unpaid bills file
  • Check printing drawer
  • Address index
  • Invoicing and receivables
  • Purchasing and payables
  • General form entry
  • Payroll and quarterlies
  • Financial statements
  • Subsidiary ledger reports

What's new in Corona

Version 4.4:
  • Updated graphics to support Retina and Hi-Res displays.

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4 Reviews of Corona

09 August 2012
Version: 3.9.1

Most helpful

Crashed when I tried to import a .qif file from my bank. What gives?
16 September 2020
Version: 4.4
This is my second try at switching from QuickBooks Desktop for the Mac 2016 to Corona. Trying to simplify my accounting practices for my seven year old business. I actually like it (Corona 4.4 64 bit); this time around I have most everything setup and running. Corona needs some accounting knowledge and QuickBooks requires less. Corona needs General Journal entries to accomplish tasks much more than QB ever does. This is not a bad requirement. Corona starts almost instantly and is in fact tiny by comparison to QB. No upselling tactics or artificial limitations for use of the product long term. No online accounts needed or offered.
09 August 2012
Version: 3.9.1
Crashed when I tried to import a .qif file from my bank. What gives?
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22 February 2012
Version: 3.9.1
After years of having used a checkbook app, separate invoicing software and a spreadsheet, I decided I'd prefer an accounting package — one I would want to use. I took a look at the contenders and chose Corona, which is exactly what I've been looking for. It is a true accounting package, and very enjoyable to use for people like me who are not an accountant. Because Corona is so much more complete than my checkbook app scenario, I didn't want to make entry/allocation mistakes so I emailed the developer whom I discovered is the epitome of what a developer should be. Extremely helpful and friendly, he spent time making sure I was up and running correctly. It's apparent to me that he is truly dedicated to his customers and Corona. Corona is very fast, very stable, and a pleasure to use. One of the first things I noticed is how smooth it is to enter transactions in the checkbook. The window stays open, the date doesn't keep reverting which makes it extremely speedy to catch up on all your transaction entries. If you have more than one account, the little save button on the top left also will list the other account files so you can quickly choose and open one instantly, which is a nice touch. Reporting features are important to me, and Corona's are robust and flexible. I feel Corona stands far above the other accounting apps with its ease of use, features, operation, and development. It doesn't make you jump through hoops, and is correctible also (some apps are not, like if you post the transaction in error and needed to change it). It is very clear to me that Corona is an extremely well-designed application with much thought behind it. I purchased it in my first week of use. Highly recommended.
13 April 2010
I am not an accountant, rather the (probably typical) small business owner who has to deal with accounting as part of the daily survival training. I've used two different accounting softwares under Windows before, barely avoiding two nervous breakdowns. The fact that I'm a native German but now dealing with an Asian environment (= English terms) doesn't help, either. So then, Corona per download, test period -- jeeez, even I can read and understand the manual, enter data, and get results! Well, close enough to results: naturally, I'm entering some crap, and the results are accordingly. Who to blame. Still, something else feels odd, and since I read elsewhere in reviews for older versions the the developer is responsive and helpful, there goes my mail to Charles, the developer. A few long (!) mails from him later, and I'm running perfectly well! Charles has even offered connecting via Skype, which I feel would now be only stealing his time... as I can't hug him via Skype anyway... No, you must not live with compromises or - worse - run Windows for your accounting. Corona is dead simple, straight forward, reliable, and offers more bangs and whistles than I will ever require. With version 3.5 being very near, I'm sure Corona will be the crown jewel among other accounting programs, and at the price it's a steal. I can't wait to see the amount in my ledger soon, it'll even be tax deductible, haha! And the developer... "responsive" is a major understatement! If more developers were like him, IT world would be a much better place! And my old accounting trauma has finally come to a happy end! Thank you, Charles! P.S.: Neither is the developer a relative of mine, nor a personal friend or similar, nor am I getting paid or any perks for this review. However, one would want people like Charles as neighbors.