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Main image of Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac Review 2022: Features, Price and Alternatives

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac Review 2022: Features, Price and Alternatives

Bottom Line

The number of malicious infections aimed at the Mac has risen exponentially in recent years, and although macOS has some built-in security protections of its own, many users require a more robust solution that’s better at identifying, blocking, and removing the latest malware threats as soon as they arise. Trend Micro Antivirus is one of the leading options.

With complete system protection, Trend Micro Antivirus monitors your system to detect and stop potentially dangerous files as soon as they surface, then helps you remove them safely. It can also protect your most important files and folders from ransomware attacks, and bolsters your privacy and security when you browse the web.

Pros Cons
Real-time and manual system scanning Website filters are easily fooled
Folder Shield protects folders from ransomware Junk removal requires an additional tool
Built-in web extension for added browser protection  
99% threat detection rating  


It’s a myth that the Mac is immune to malware and viruses. It used to be that they were less susceptible to being infected because attackers focused their efforts on Windows PCs instead — simply because there were a lot more of them in use. But as the number of Mac owners has increased in recent years, so has the number of Mac infections.

A 2020 report from Malwarebytes found that between 2018 and 2019, there was a 400% increase in viruses built specifically for macOS. And while Apple does its best to combat those at an operating system level, a dedicated antivirus solution is a must-have — particularly for those who handle sensitive documents and data, or take their privacy seriously.

The good news is that there are plenty of reliable antivirus applications for Mac to choose from. One of those is Trend Micro Antivirus, which packs everything you need to protect your system and your online browsing activities. In addition to real-time system monitoring, you get camera and microphone protection, browser security tools, website filtering, and lots more.

Trend Micro Antivirus achieved a 99% threat detection rating in the latest tests carried out by the independent experts at AV-Test. We’ve been putting it through its paces for the past two weeks to find out exactly how good it is. Here’s our full review.


Antivirus scanning

After installing Trend Micro Antivirus, its system scanning feature trawls through every file stored on your Mac to ensure that nothing malicious is lurking under the hood. The process is pretty snappy, though it does depend on how much data your Mac is holding, and once it’s finished, you can remove anything that’s potentially dangerous in just a couple of clicks.

The application also offers real-time system scanning, which is even more important. This runs continually in the background, with no noticeable impact on system performance, to ensure that any threats are identified the moment they surface. It also stops viruses in their tracks, before they’ve had a chance to do any damage to your Mac or your data.

I did a quick antivirus test by putting a bunch of malicious files on a dusty old MacBook Air. I then installed Trend Micro Antivirus and performed a “smart” system scan, and it successfully identified — then helped me remove — all four of them. It was also able to identify the same threats on an external drive, so you can use it to keep your flash sticks safe, too.

Web protection

Trend Micro Antivirus includes a browser extension that bolsters your privacy and security when you’re on the web. Its Privacy Scanner helps protect your data when you use social media websites like Facebook, and it constantly looks out for web threats so that they can be blocked before making their way onto your machine.

You also get the option to “filter” access to certain websites, which may prove handy if you share a Mac with younger internet users. Trend Micro offers a long list of filter options for things like mature, violent, and gambling websites. You can also block individual sites by adding their URL to a list, and Trend Micro will flag blocked sites in Google searches.

Website filtering is a nice addition, but it’s not quite as effective as some users may be hoping. Using certain search times, it’s relatively easy to find and access inappropriate sites that the filters miss. So, while entering a URL to a blocked site will prevent a user from accessing it, they may be able to find similar content by simply searching for it on Google.



Ransomware protection

Trend Micro packs an additional layer of protection from ransomware — a kind of virus that uses encryption to hold your data hostage until you pay a ransom fee to release it. The built in Folder Shield feature, which can be customized to protect any folder you choose, prevents your data from being locked down by making other apps ask for permission to access them.

Folder Shield can also protect external devices, like USB hard drives and flash sticks, while they’re connected to your Mac. You can adjust the feature’s settings at any time to add or remove individual folders whenever you see fit. There’s also a “Trusted Program” list, to which you can add apps that don’t need to ask for folder access approval.

Junk cleaning

When performing a system scan, Trend Micro Antivirus also seeks out any junk files your Mac is harboring. These could include leftover installing files and application data, browser caches, and system logs. Over time, these things can take up gigabytes of data, and you simply don’t need them. Sadly, however, Trend Micro Antivirus can’t remove them on its own.

It will tell you how much junk data your Mac is holding, but then it prompts you to install Cleaner One Pro — another Trend Micro tool — to remove it. Cleaner One Pro is free if you have the Antivirus application, but it’s still a slight shame that another piece of software is required, and that junk removal isn’t built in as a standard feature.

Webcam and microphone protection

Worried someone could be watching you? Trend Micro fixes that problem with webcam and microphone protection. It alerts you every time an application tries to access these features, which prevents potentially malicious software from spying on you in the background without your knowledge. It works with both built-in and external cameras and microphones.


Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac starts at $25.95 per year with a current 25% discount, and a 30-day free trial is available to new users. The standard license lets you protect one machine, and includes a standard level of system protection.

However, to protect up to five machines, and to add features like website filtering, social media privacy monitoring, and mobile device protection, you’ll need to have the Maximum Security plan, which is currently priced at $49.95 per year after a $40 discount.


As you might expect from a brand as big as Trend Micro, its Antivirus application for Mac offers all the protection you need to keep your system and your data safe. With real-time and manual scanning, plus additional ransomware protection, you should never have to worry about being infected with malicious software — or losing access to your data.

Although we would like to see improvements to website filtering and a built-in junk removal function, Trend Micro Antivirus is easy to use, reliable, and effective. It also has no noticeable impact on system performance, even during full system scans.


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Ruslana Lishchuk
Ruslana Lishchuk

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Ruslana is a passionate Mac admirer and tech writer with 5+ years of experience in Mac support.