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MoneyWorks Gold8.2.1

25 May 2020

Fully integrated small business accounting system.


Need all the bells and whistles? MoneyWorks Gold has all the features of MoneyWorks Express plus cost center accounting, multi-currency, job costing, advanced inventory management and much more - all in one place and all fully integrated.
Core accounting

Integrated cashbook, general ledger, receivables and payables.

Departmental accounting

Powerful subledger capabilities, allowing departmental/cost centre reporting and budgeting.


Send and receive invoices or payments in any currency.

Order entry

Enter quotes, sales orders and purchase orders and manage deposits, backorders and shipping.

Enhanced items/products

Store product images and barcodes, manage multiple pricing and discounts.

Inventory and bills of material

Manage inventory and manufacturing. Track serial and/or batch numbers across multiple warehouse locations.

Job costing and time billing

Automatically collate time and disbursements for billing.

Custom report writer

Customise any of the supplied reports, or create your own.

Advanced security

Per-user privileges and general ledger security levels protect your vital accounting data.


Customise MoneyWorks or add your own features using the built-in scripting and window design system.

Enhanced integration

Integrate MoneyWorks with other key systems for streamlined workflow and greater productivity.


Extend the functionality of MoneyWorks to meet your special requirements.

Features common to all MoneyWorks products

All MoneyWorks product are built on a powerful, framework that includes the following:


Record payments and receipts and automatically track the GST.

General Ledger

Maintains details of your accounts for over 7 years.

Powerful on-screen enquiries

Easily view balances and trends for accounts, customer or item sales.

Flexible reporting

A library of over seventy standard reports.

Names database and contact management

Store customer and supplier names, addresses, phone numbers, email & web addresses.

Item pricing

Enter sales and purchases using account coding or item lookup with quantities and discounts.

sales tax tracking

MoneyWorks provides the best possible support for sales tax.

Sticky notes

All the better to remember you by.


Full budgeting for better control and decision making.

Multiple entities

Keep accounts for as many entities as you need.

Import/export & interoperability

Ensure interoperability with the other systems your business relies on.


Record information and prepare invoices/reports in almost any language.

What's new in MoneyWorks Gold

Version 8.2.1:
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12 Reviews of MoneyWorks Gold

22 December 2017
Version: 8.0.3

Most helpful

Been using Moneyworks since before Trump was born and it is the number one. My only critique is that now it IS so popular, the update price has risen in direct proportion. Still using version 7 on 10.13.2 beta and will continue to do so until I am forced to pay the upgrade price. Sorry Cognito - you are my #1 but NZ$495 for an upgrade is to to much imho, (especially for long term users)
22 December 2017
Version: 8.0.3
Been using Moneyworks since before Trump was born and it is the number one. My only critique is that now it IS so popular, the update price has risen in direct proportion. Still using version 7 on 10.13.2 beta and will continue to do so until I am forced to pay the upgrade price. Sorry Cognito - you are my #1 but NZ$495 for an upgrade is to to much imho, (especially for long term users)
10 June 2015
Version: 6.1r5
A really irritating piece of software which will not allow journal entries to correct errors. Avoid.
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18 December 2011
Version: 6.0.8
I'm new to this software, but I've been running it parallel with Account Edge until the beta expired, then purchased it about a month ago. I like it A LOT! The workflow is much better, with more sophisticated solutions of managing and tracking services. The analysis is more intuitive and clear, easier to setup, and useful (which is the point right?) I'm VERY disappointed with Account Edge, and the new version for 2012 is just another $159 upgrade that should be free. I suggest downloading the demo and trying it out first. There is a MYOB migration application on their webpage to help us out, but it wasn't completely useful for me. I was quite taken by the speed, and I'm not feeling that there should be more features missing (like I do with AccountEdge). Good luck fellow travelers...
18 October 2011
Version: 6.0.8
I've been looking for a solution to replace quickbooks and found this gem. After evaluating several solutions this one was the best for our needs however trying to purchase it has been a different experience. Has anyone purchased it lately? I've tried to purchase this over the last week or so. I ordered it from,, eCost and a couple others. All of them have canceled my order within 24 hours stating that they are out of stock and that the product is no longer available from the manufacturer. Is there a new version coming out, is this a warning sign that I should choose a different solution, or something else entirely? Has anyone else had this experience?
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12 April 2011
Version: 6.0.5
The major factors in my recommendation of this accounting software versus any other currently available are: a)Cross-Platform full functionality (that is, the Mac and Windows versions offer the exact same experience) b)Multiple Company Management (perfect for multi-tiered small businesses, especially those that operate online) c)Multiple Currencies (again, brilliant for those who conduct business online) ...and of course, the "Free Copy For Your Accountant" offer, which will finally put an end to costly data migrations and/or endless excuses from your accountant! The TCO (total cost of ownership) per year across all editions of MoneyWorks is - as they say on the website - a great deal less than the competition (this is especially true of the Gold Edition). And the learning-curve is absoutely transparent, making book-keeping far more intuitive than either MYOB or Quicken ever managed to. Put simply, MoneyWorks is the only fully-featured accounting software on the market today that won't make you cringe evey time you think of making an entry! And even more points to the crew at Cognito for including fully localized data that caters to all of us in the "forgotten countries" (Australia, NZ, Canada etc)! I couldn't be happier with this software - I've been using it since version 5 and haven't found a serous flaw yet!
24 May 2010
Version: 5.3
Could someone tell me if it's possible to turn a quote raised in Moneyworks into an invoice? As far as i can see, it can only be made into a Sales Order. Thanks
09 March 2008
Version: 5.1.1
Fantastic program - easier to use than MYOB or Quicken. Technical support is responsive, friendly and helpful. Program is stable and feature-full. Only criticism I can muster is that it lacks a 'Wages/Salary' calculation section, like MYOB has (wages and their complicated sliding-scale taxes have to be calculated and entered manually). Still better value than any other accounting package I've come across.
22 November 2006
Version: 4.2
No UB version? And where from that price????
04 October 2004
Version: 4.1
I switched from being a QB user on windows to Moneyworks when I moved platform to the Mac. QB is not available for Mac in the UK. I'm so glad it is not - this program is 1000% better than QB. It is really fast. I personally think the UI is very elegant, and the support so far has been pretty good. I got emailed directly from a real person on a saturday when I had a problem registering. It's still early days, but so far, very happy indeed.
20 June 2004
Version: 4.1
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12 August 2003
Version: 4.0.6
It is a pity the previous reviewer did not concentrate on the positive aspects of the program which is exceedingly feature rich compared to QB. Does the reviewer want a program that performs superbly or one that looks nice?
13 May 2003
Version: 4.0.1
It's too bad this isn't a cocoa app. The user interface uses many small font's that just look ugly on OSX. Functionality wise, it seems pretty complete and the UI is well designed but it does suffer for being to modal (you can't go to another window when some of the detail windows are open). The English that is used is a little non standard (for Americans). The GL only works with numbered accounts. There are some quirks with reporting. I think the price is fairly high considering that Quickbooks sells for less and all the accountants in the US are used to QB.