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05 October 2019

Floating window shows available font characters.


PopChar helps you get the most out of your font collection. With its crystal-clear interface, PopChar provides a frustration-free way to access any font's special characters.

  • Expanded accessibility - Your Mac includes over 700 fonts, each of which contains thousands of characters -- Why not make them as accessible as possible? PopChar makes it happen.
  • Interface advantages - PopChar displays easy-to-analyze tables of characters, giving you an ultra-convenient interface. You can't access most of these characters from your keyboard -- PopChar puts them within your reach.
  • Liberating compatibility - No matter what app you are using, PopChar brings snappy simplicity to all font-related tasks. Whether you're working with a word processor or a Web browser, PopChar integrates seamlessly.
  • Smarter searching - PopChar's seasoned search capabilities will help you find what you are looking for, whether you need to search for a character by name, identify fonts that contain specific characters, or explore the entire character set of a font.

What's new in PopChar

Version 8.7:
  • Compatible with macOS Catalina
  • Support for Unicode 12.0 (including Emoji 12.0)
  • In addition to the backspace key, the forward delete key can now also be used to clear the hotkey in PopChar's preferences
  • Internal reorganization of localizations ensures compatibility with future versions of macOS
  • Improved handling of situations where a copy of PopChar was already running when a new instance was launched
  • The diagnostics report now contains information about all foreground and background processes
  • Clarified explanation for beta tests when the final version may require a license update
  • Internal redesign of adjustments for fonts with special properties
  • When unregistered, PopChar no longer tries to use a legacy license from old preferences
  • The distribution disk image is now notarized and can be mounted on macOS Catalina
  • The built-in installer's localization settings have been updated to ensure compatibility with future versions of macOS
  • Updated character names for the Font Awesome font family (corresponds to version 5.10)
  • Works around a metrics and display problem with the extra-wide logo characters in recent versions of Font Awesome
  • Works around a display anomaly with certain combined characters in the system font on Catalina
  • Fixes a problem in the built-in installer, which could not register the installed application with the Finder in certain circumstances
  • Fixes a problem that caused the built-in installer to stall on macOS Catalina, even though the actual installation succeeded

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21 November 2008

Most helpful

The price goes always higher since I tested it. It is a very helpful program.
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Version 4.1.1
07 October 2019
PopChar Pro (Mac version) is one of my daily absolutely necessary tools. As a geologist I might be working on manuscripts, writing notes to students or discussing matters with colleagues, both national and international. Consequently, I often need either encrypted text in various languages or symbols, such as angstrom (Å) to convey my thoughts. All of this would be much less precise without PopChar Pro!
Version 8.7
04 October 2019
I use a very old version, and its great. Anybody know, If I buy this app, do I have to buy it again and again everytime there's an update?
Version 8.7
20 December 2018
I'm an academic and frequently use a lot of obscure letters and characters (my 'favourites' are are £ § ° · Æ ę ̄̇͵ † • €), and as a teacher I also use lots of dingbats and wingdings, so my life would be a frustrating experience every time I sat down to type if I didn't have PopChar. I've used it for years (I have no idea how long, decades?) and I simply can't survive without it. I can't even think of a problem I've ever had with it.
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Version 8.5
24 May 2018
I've been using PopChar since I bought my first Mac in 1998. IMO it is an essential app for everyone! I don't use it that often, but when I need it, it's there. Highly recommended!
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Version 8.3
23 May 2018
Version 8.3 is available. It has a pile of new features and bug fixes. The list can be found on its History page: http://www.ergonis.com/products/popcharx/history.html
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Version 8.2
17 December 2017
PopChar is extremely useful and easy to use. Because I am in a hurry and new symbols are added all the time, I find PopChar extremely useful! It's easy to remember a few but not all shortcuts. Next to my wife, PopChar is my best friend. :-)
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Version 8.2
25 October 2017
It gets better and better by the minute.
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Version 8.2
09 October 2017
Hardly a day goes by when I don't reach for PopChar Pro to add a symbol or lettering style to a project I'm working on. It is one of the most useful pieces of software that I have!
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Version 8.2
10 July 2017
I may not have to use PopChar every day, but I cannot remember when I didn't have this application on my machine to use instantly to paste an unusual character or a foreign language combination character. It is also indispensable for looking at all of the available characters in a font, instantly! I love this application and would not run my machine without it.
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Version 8.0
07 July 2017
If you often find that your keyboard lacks that very key that you were looking for (which is the case if you need to write accented words in many languages or happen to be using a keyboard with a different layout than the proper one for the language you are typing with, I don't think you can find a best option than quickly invoking PopChar. It will insert in a breeze whatever character you were looking, and you'll be back to work as if that key had actually been on your keyboard. On top of that, the attention to users that Ergonis gives is second to none, and all their programs are truly "craftware", rather than plain software.
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Version 8.0


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  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later
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