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20 July 2020

PDF/EPUB reading software with features for studying.


MarginNote is a powerful reading and study software. By integrating the PDF/EPUB reader and multiple powerful study tools, MarginNote will enable learners to reorganize and connect knowledge from different aspects, then memorize and grasp it accordingly

Whatever your profession, such as student, educator, researcher, lawyer, or life-long learner, you may annotate and take notes through MarginNote, organize notes via Mindmap and Outline, connect knowledge horizontally via Hashtag and raise memory effect via the Flashcards

You will discover what MarginNote does is not to simply integrate these tools. Instead, it combines them deeply and skillfully, which makes it easier for users to toggle between different tools

What's new in MarginNote

Bug fixes and improvements:
  • When removing associated documents, if the documents have excerpts related to the mindmap, the removal operation will be prohibited
  • Fixed a bug that would appear when dragging and dropping to the reference node on the mindmap
  • Fixed some consistency bugs in creating links inside and outside the idea box
  • Fixed an issue that always prompts a dialog box when locating an excerpt in an inspiration box on a document
  • Fixed a performance issue when the annotation text was too long
  • Modified the entrance of the idea box function

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