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Adobe Dimension3.2.1

29 April 2020

3D design and layout tool for prototyping.


Adobe Dimension is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for $52.99/month (or $20.99/month for a single app license).

Adobe Dimension is an intuitive 3D design and layout tool for prototyping, rendering photorealistic images, publishing interactive 3D content, and more. Aggregate 2D and 3D content to create brand visualizations, product mockups, packaging designs, spatial designs, and other creative work.

Key features:
  • Bring your designs to life in 3D Visualize designs in a new dimension by placing materials and 2D images seamlessly onto 3D models. Drag-and-drop logos from Photoshop or vector graphics from Illustrator directly onto objects. Adjust the layer’s material properties for even more nuance.
  • Mimic a photoshoot Deliver your designs in real-life contexts by quickly building scenes with photorealistic lighting. Automatically match your 3D design with any background image, aligning the perspective and lighting of your 3D scene or object with that of the background.
  • Explore different perspectives to prototype quickly With an intuitive UI for 2D designers, rotate objects and camera views to visualize graphics, objects, materials, and lighting from multiple angles. Save different views as bookmarks without having to change the content. Create templates for your team to easily adapt.
  • Publish designs easily and persuade with the clarity of 3D Share via the web with 360-degree views for interactive review and commenting. Also publish embeddable 3D scenes to your own portfolio site or Behance.

What's new in Adobe Dimension

Version 3.2.1:
  • Text crash: Resolved an issue where Dimension would crash for users adding new text on certain language OS combinations.
  • Crash on text conversion: Resolved a crash when converting 3D Text objects to Standard Model objects if the text property is empty.
  • Disabled features: Addressed an issue where some cloud-connected features were disabled on the first launch, including Publish to Web, CC Libraries, and Cloud Rendering.
  • Basic shape textures: Resolved an issue where some areas of Basic Shapes were displaying materials and graphics in the wrong direction.
  • Tour order: Addressed an issue with the Getting Started tour having a step out of order.
  • Broken links: Addressed an issue with some broken links.

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