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09 March 2020

Time tracking and Invoicing, built for freelancers.


FreelanceStation helps freelancers to manage their projects and tasks, track time, generate estimates for their clients and invoice them. The dashboard offers you a quick glance of up-to-date information with colorful charts. Have more than one job? No problem, FreelanceStation supports multiple activities. Invoice your clients in any currency you want. FreelanceStation will do currency conversion of your hourly rates. Send both PDF and HTML estimates and invoices. Comes with a default HTML template for generating estimates and invoices. Duplicate and customize it to your own taste.

  • Time Tracking Track your time easily using a task based approach. Start and stop the timer from FreelanceStation's main window, the dock icon or the menu bar. Plenty of options!
  • Invoicing Invoice your clients without hassle. FreelanceStation uses a task based approach for your projects.
  • Multiple Activities FreelanceStation supports an unlimited number of activities. If you have different jobs, you can separate them by activity.
  • Multiple Currencies Use any currency in any project. FreelanceStation will do hourly rate conversion automatically.
  • HTML Templates Estimates and Invoices are generated from HTML templates you can customize at will.
  • Work Offline Work anywhere without worrying about your internet connection. FreelanceStation does not require internet to operate.
  • Complete Privacy Your data is yours and never leaves your Mac. FreelanceStation respects your privacy and stores all your information locally.
  • Fully Native Experience FreelanceStation is built exclusively for macOS, in contrast with other solutions that are web-based, or bloated cross-platform repackaged web apps. It is fast and energy efficient. There is no need to register and then log in every time to any service. Just click on the FreelanceStation icon and it's open!
  • Sandboxed FreelanceStation runs inside a sandbox. Your Mac data is safe from corruption.
  • Integration with Apple Contacts Select your clients main contact directly from your address book. It doesn't get easier.

What's new in FreelanceStation

Version 1.5.2:
  • You can now create Unbounded tasks at any time and immediately start the timer without creating a project first. Unbounded tasks are not parented to a project and they don't have a preset duration.
  • Tasks can now be moved between projects.
  • Tasks and time entries can now be set as billable or non-billable. Non-billable time entries are ignored when creating a new invoice from time entries, while also allowing for successive invoices for that project to ignore already billed time entries.
  • The status item menu items now have proper keyboard shortcuts.
  • The menu list of active projects was showing projects without tasks.
  • A currency formatting issue in the accounts inspector.
  • When opening the Templates window it was possible to open multiple windows when only one was needed.
  • The time log in the project view had an issue while scrolling.

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