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04 September 2019

A rule-based time-tracking app.


Klokki is a rule-based time-tracking that will start/pause the timer for you automatically. The automation is based on the rules you configure and that gives you full control over what should be tracked and what not.


  • Auto-Tracking: The Auto-Tracking technology automatically tracks the time for you, based on what you tell it to track. This way you keep the control over it, but the need to manually start or pause the timer goes completely away.
  • Billable Hours: Track and monitor your revenue at all times. Change the billing states to not lose the overview.
  • Traditional time-tracking: Use the traditional start/pause buttons, for manual control over your session.
  • Task-management: Store an unlimited amount of tasks and folders within a flexible structure. You can also color-code them to give your projects an identity.
  • Powerful Reports: View your data by day, week, month, year or select your own date range and filter out any session you need within seconds.
  • Privacy: Your data stays where it belongs - on your computer.
  • Mini Tracker: Control your session and time directly from the menu bar, without even opening the timer.
  • Intelligent Import: Import a CSV-file and let the app automatically recognize your data and its format.
  • Automatic Backups: Always feel safe and never worry about losing your data.

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What's new in Klokki

Version 1.1.2:
  • Multiple Browser Support: We've added and improved Auto-Tracking support for Firefox, Firefox Developer Edition, Firefox Nightly, Opera and Yandex Browser.
  • Extended CSV with Billable Hours: The exported CSV-file now includes your billable sessions. Klokki will also process your imported billable sessions.
  • We've improved how the Custom time-range stepper behaves. Now it will remember the range and move between the time-ranges accordingly.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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