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Parallels Desktop Lite

22 January 2019

Run different OS apps without rebooting.


Parallels Desktop Lite allows you to easily run Windows, Linux, and their applications on your Mac. You don't have to reboot your Mac to switch between operating systems or when switching between Mac, Windows, or Linux applications.

  • Use Mac gestures in Windows apps
  • Time synchronization between Mac and Windows
  • Mouse synchronization enables the mouse to move seamlessly between the Mac OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Copy/paste formatted text between Mac and Windows
  • Drag and drop files between Mac and Windows
  • Share Mac folders with Windows-including Desktop, Documents, and Downloads-without duplication and saving precious disk space on your Mac
  • Resize window to get desired Windows resolution
  • 3D graphics acceleration up to DirectX® 10.1
  • Use Mac printers in Windows
  • Share Mac location info with Windows

What's new in Parallels Desktop Lite

Version 1.4.0:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • Up to 80 percent faster application launch.
  • Up to 30 percent faster suspend operation on APFS partition.
  • Up to 130 percent more frames per second in Shared Camera.
Linux support
  • Install Ubuntu 18.04, Fedora 28, and Linux Mint 19 in virtual machines right from Parallels Desktop.
  • Support for mmap() in Linux Shared Folders.
  • New pre-configured virtual machines with Debian GNU/Linux 9 and CentOS 7.
  • Resolves an issue with Parallels Tools not installing in openSUSE Leap 15 and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Resolves an issue with Parallels Tools not working in Linux virtual machines with X Server 1.20.
  • Resolves an issue with Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machines periodically crashing or locking up.
  • Resolves an issue with Ubuntu 18.10 virtual machines not installing.
  • Resolves an issue with not being able to mount the same shared folder twice in a Linux virtual machine.
  • The new "Auto" mode for graphics allows Windows to use more than 2 GB of Mac system memory for graphics, while allowing Windows applications to use it when possible.
  • Support for OpenGL 3.x in Windows virtual machines.
  • Improved the way a virtual machine is displayed on 4K+ monitors:
  • reduced the system and graphics memory consumption;
  • increased performance when 3D acceleration is turned off.
  • Improved the way a virtual machine is displayed on multiple monitors when the macOS "Displays have separate Spaces" option is turned off.
Ready for macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Parallels Desktop Lite supports Dark Mode.
  • Use the virtual machine’s Edit menu to insert pictures from your iPhone or iPad into Windows applications.
  • Quick Look in Windows has the same functionality as that in macOS.
  • Parallels Desktop Lite uses the Mojave technology to take screenshots.
Integration with Mac
  • Use your Mac’s camera that supports up to 4K resolutions in a virtual machine
  • Use the Touch Bar to work with more Windows applications.
  • The size of the virtual machine hard disk (.hdd file) is optimized by means of native Windows defragmentation.
  • Backing up a virtual machine with Time Machine has been simplified. Now if you want to add a virtual machine to the backup list or exclude it from this list, just do what you need in the Time Machine preferences.
  • Backing up a virtual machine with Acronis True Image has been improved.
  • Easier way to get help from Parallels - click Help > Support Center to access the webpage where you can find the most popular knowledgeable articles, links to the Parallels forums, social media and technical documentation, get personalized support and much more.
  • The "Free Up Disk Space" dialog has been redesigned and simplified. Now you can use it to reduce the amount of disk space occupied by all your virtual machines.
  • A paused virtual machine resumes automatically when you drag a file to its window.
  • As most of Windows customers have switched from Windows 8 to Windows 10, the "Enable swipe from edges" option is disabled by default in order not to confuse users.
  • Windows Maintenance feature has been improved.
  • For new virtual machines, the SmartGuard backup functionality now keeps 3 snapshots by default (not to occupy additional disk space).
  • The Resource Monitor has been redesigned. Use it to check how much CPU and memory is consumed by your Mac and all virtual machines.
  • Monitor the virtual machine CPU usage in the virtual machine status bar.
  • When you click a macOS notification that a technical data report has been sent, the report ID is automatically copied to the clipboard.
Support for keyboard layouts
  • Improved support for the German keyboard layout.
  • Improved support for the Japanese keyboard layout.
  • Added support for the Brazilian Portuguese keyboard layout.

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22 January 2019

Most helpful

It seems that it's no more free as previously (for the LITE version) Now, you have just a free trial period :-(
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Version 1.4.0
22 January 2019
It seems that it's no more free as previously (for the LITE version) Now, you have just a free trial period :-(
Like (2)
Version 1.4.0