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26 June 2019

Uninstall apps one-by-one or in batches.


DoYourData AppUninser (was CleanMyApp) is a very powerful yet easy-to-use Mac uninstaller. It can completely uninstall applications, remove associated files, and clean up anything leftover. It can thoroughly uninstall even the most stubborn applications, crashed programs, plug-ins, widgets, and preferencepanes from your Mac. DoYourData AppUninser also can remove unnecessary language files of applications to reclaim a great deal of disk space.

  • Support uninstallation of applications that you downloaded from the Mac App Store or from other websites
  • Completely uninstall the application and remove associated files, including junk files that produced by the application, registry files, traces, etc.
  • Can even completely uninstall virus-infected, crashed, or stubborn applications
  • Support for uninstalling applications in batches

What's new in AppUninser

Version 5.1:
  • INewly support for macOS Catalina
  • Fix minor bugs

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15 July 2016

Most helpful

The disk utility of OS X does't complete remove the app from my Mac. But CleanMyApp can completely uninstall the application and remove all the junk file of the application. I will keep it on my Mac. Is very useful, Thanks so much!
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Version 3.0
31 December 2017
most of these 5 star reviews are most likely fakes. strangely you can see that the profiles have only <3 posts, but the Recent Posts list is empty... does MU hide the Recent Posts now? most of the time they are the proof for fake profiles.
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Version 4.3
30 April 2017
When delete an app directly from applications, lots of junk files and associated files are left on the hard drive and take up great deal of disk space of SSD. AppUninser is the best uninstaller I’ve used. It not only uninstalls applications, but it also removes all associated files and junks. The interface is clean and simple.
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Version 4.2
1 answer(s)
28 May 2017
Yes, this app can help you remove all associated junk data.
23 March 2017
The official price is 14.99. Only here is 7.99, so if you want to buy it, just buy it from here. A good uninstaler, of course.
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Version 4.0
22 January 2017
Very effective uninstalling. It quickly uninstall applications and clean up all junk files. I like it.
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Version 4.0
05 January 2017
Really handy uninstaller. If you are total newbie this app is for you. Though this app does what it is supposed to do I would look for cheaper alternatives.
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Version 4.0
04 January 2017
Very easy to use and easily uninstall useless programs from my Mac.
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Version 4.0
03 January 2017
AppUninser has many features that other uninstallers don’t have. It just makes application uninstalling become easy and effective. For me, it is very useful.
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Version 4.0
03 January 2017
One word: the best uninstaller I’ve ever used.
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Version 4.0
15 December 2016
Why there are so many uninstall applications? I don’t think all of them are useful. AppUninser is not a bad one because it not only deletes apps, but also cleans up app leftovers. If can add shred files feature, would be better.
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Version 4.0
14 December 2016
I have used this app for half years since 2.0 version. I don’t like the 2.0/3.0 version because the interface is not user-friendly. So I am happy that the 4.0 version has been redesigned. I like the new interface. For me, it is useful because I have downloaded more than 60 apps on my MacBook Pro. I need to uninstall useless programs now and then.
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Version 4.0