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12 May 2020

Client for multiple e-mail accounts (was CloudMagic Email).


Newton helps busy professionals and teams go through their email twice as fast. Cutting down complexity with a minimal interface helps professionals manage emails with a smile.

Works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and all IMAP accounts.

Read Receipts

Email tracking to get read-status for every email you send. Also, get notified as soon as the email is read. Know exactly who read your email with individual mail tracking.

Send Later

Schedule emails to be sent later and have them delivered to the recipient’s inbox at just the right moment.

Tidy Inbox

Focus on emails that matter. Weed out newsletters and social media emails to another folder and make your inbox distraction-free. Think Gmail tabs for all email accounts.


Set your emails to come back to Inbox at a more convenient time. Snooze emails, not productivity.

Connected Apps

Finish your workflow without leaving your email. Add important emails to your favorite productivity apps like Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Trello, Wunderlist, Instapaper & more.

Undo Send

Pull back that email blunder you just sent. Especially useful when you’re on mobile and need to reply in a hurry.


Recap automatically brings back conversations that are waiting for your reply or that need following up. It also covers other mails with due dates, reminders etc., so that nothing slips through the cracks. (Available only in English)

Instant push notifications for ALL types of email

Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAP account.

Save attachments to your favorite​ cloud storage service like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. with ease.

What's new in Newton

Version 10.0.49:
  • Minor bug fixes

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19 Reviews of Newton

12 February 2020
Version: 10.0.32

Most helpful

I LOVED this app when it was Cloud Magic. I just found out the developer cashed out, causing the name change to Newton Mail and premium charge for it. I should have been mentally sticking pins in Andy Rubin all this time. According to says that company failed to and Newton is toast on May 1. At least I'm not as made against the developer of CloudMagic.
12 February 2020
Version: 10.0.32
I LOVED this app when it was Cloud Magic. I just found out the developer cashed out, causing the name change to Newton Mail and premium charge for it. I should have been mentally sticking pins in Andy Rubin all this time. According to says that company failed to and Newton is toast on May 1. At least I'm not as made against the developer of CloudMagic.
11 July 2019
Version: 10.0.18
If you're looking for an email app that's super stable, responsive, and helps you get through piles of email quickly and efficiently then give this a try. I've used almost every email client available today, including Airmail (iOS, macOS), Edison Mail (Android, iOS), Front (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, web), Gmail for Mobile (Android, iOS), Outlook, Mail by Apple (iOS, macOS), MailMate (macOS), Outlook Mobile (Android, iOS), Polymail (iOS, macOS, web), Postbox (macOS, Windows), Spark (iOS, macOS), Spike (Android, iOS), Thunderbird, etc., and Newton was the last one standing. What's free? The test-drive is free. After that, I was more than willing to pay a fair price for a modern email app that continues to get developed and refined.
14 March 2019
Version: 10.0.16
What FREE? Is $49.99 per year FREE?
08 August 2018
Version: 9.8.421
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09 July 2018
Version: 9.8.407
I really wanted to like NEWTON. It has so much potential with its supercharged features. The problem is, the supercharged features are the ONLY thing this email client has going for it. Otherwise, it's lacking in just about every other respect. Let's start with the UI. It's as plain as plain can be. It looks like you are using mail on a webpage. I know NEWTON wants to keep it simple, but it's too simple. Only single pane viewing, not dual. That certainly does not help one's workflow. Next, there are no gravatars to quickly allow you to see quickly see received email through images of your friends or clients. Other email software like AIRMAIL and MAILSPRING feature gravatars. Next, there is a total lack of a RULES feature. You can't make your own rules so incoming mail goes to a folder of your choice. No spam filter either. The least NEWTON could have done was work with SpamSieve (as other clients do) to create a system that weeds out unwanted mail. Touchbar support? Not on NEWTON. For those with the 2017 Retina Macbook Pro, there is no touchbar support. While NEWTON does support Apple Watch, there is no way to respond to mail on the watch. How does that happen?! Listen, if you are going to charge $50 per year for this email client, please be sure you have something worth charging people for. I really loved the premium aspects of this email software but its lack of just about everything else drives me back to using Apple Mail with the MailButler plug-in.
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16 June 2017
Version: 9.8.8
This won't work with Apple mail UNLESS you enable two-factor authorization. This isn't the fault of the vendor, except that they were foolish enough to code for Apple. Don't reward this mistake.
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06 May 2017
Version: 9.7.29
From the web site, it looks like this is NOT free, but rather a trial. Free and trial are NOT the same thing at all. Don't they call this "false adverting?"
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Dr. Evil
11 April 2017
Version: 9.6.26
So far works just fine.
15 February 2017
Version: 9.4.52
This app really has potential, too bad it doesn't work very reliably with iCloud. There are always some kind of sync issues ... or you have to wait for ages until a folder was synced etc etc. Not sure how good it works with other gmail etc, but with iCloud it is a mess.
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07 December 2016
Version: 9.3.29
Updated Review: Ok yeah i'm one of the long time user of CloudMagic (Newton). After many updates now it is fully furnished especially with SUPERCHARGERS and other addons like save to evernote, todoist, 2factor, user info etc. Yes i'm still not inclined with their price point. And i think Newton Mail will be forced to lower the price especially Readdle's SPARK mail is already available in mac.
05 November 2016
Version: 9.2.6
14 days free trial :-( Its not free !!!
14 October 2016
Version: 9.1.25
Not free: 14 day free trial, which is quite different
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08 October 2016
Version: 9.1.19
I tried "Newton Mail" few days ago. Of course it is an interesting piece of software for mailing, etc. BUT what I don't like is when software connected to google services (google-analytics,etc.) although I don't enter any Google account or open a html styled mail! To the developer. If you want money for your product, it is okay, but then don't sniffing user data in any case. Otherwise, if you mean to deal with devil tell this your customer before. I delete every kind of software, which means to call any analytics services. Don't make google or similar companies bigger then they are. thx.
17 September 2016
Version: 9.0.71
This is probably the best email client overall, although not perfect yet. It's fast man... super fast. That said, it cannot be your only mail client, because some even basic features are still missing... like deleting a single email in a thread for example (you can disable threads and do it, but... yeah...), or viewing HTML emails correctly (many times they get trimmed). However, usability and UX is so good I'm willing to stick to it!
10 July 2016
Version: 7.12.46
As was said here before, it's really quite basic. I can't change fonts or have sounds or skins for readability. I can't have rules to put emails into different folders and ring different sounds.

Then when I deleted it, I still kept getting notifications from CloudMail whenever I got mail from Apple's Mail. Once I deleted the stuff causing it, I had to reboot to clean everything up. It needs an uninstaller to clean all the stuff it leaves behind out and restart services that it affects.

I was disappointed because the Android app is fantastic.
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24 February 2016
Version: 7.7.33
CloudMagic Email is a beautiful hybrid application: at its core, it’s a full-fledged email application in the vein of Airmail, Mailbox, and many other 3rd party apps, but it comes in a package that is reminiscent of minimalist word processing apps like iA Writer, Byword, or Ulysses. Most mail applications focus on organization, labeling, and other general mailbox maintenance pursuits, while leaving the email composition step as a seeming afterthought, peripheral to the application. CloudMagic Email flips the script by putting serious thought into the way the application looks and feels when you’re actually composing an email. It does so to the extent that the application could legitimately stand in as a word processor for many users — no minor claim, given the wealth of word processing options available these days. But that’s not to say that CloudMagic Email skimps on mailbox management. A wealth of intuitive gestures and neat tricks make it as worthy an option as any of its direct competitors, meaning you’re not sacrificing quality for an attractive feature. Because it began as an iOS application, CloudMagic Email delivers a forward-thinking interface that is at once informed by the simplicity expected of an iOS app, and the greater range of freedom that is afforded by the Mac environment. This developmental decision-making comes through beautifully, as the iOS app is geared towards quick, simple replies while the Mac app is designed for longer form, thoughtful responses, and their respective interfaces and feature sets are geared towards these causes. It’s a new Mac app being robustly developed, so there’s much more to come, but as an initial offering, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better email client.
21 January 2016
Version: 7.6.19
I'm surprised the developer thinks people will shell out $20 for software without a trial version available. (No, I don't consider an iOS app in any way a trial version of an OS X app.) Though I'm actively searching for an alternative to Apple Mail, there are plenty of other options out there that don't require me to pay for a trial. Airmail, Postbox, Mail Pilot, Mailmate, Unibox, etc., in no particular order.
17 January 2016
Version: 7.6.18
No reviews? Maybe that's because you don't provide a trial. Stop hiding behind Mac App Store and provide a trial on your website.
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10 January 2016
Version: 7.4.173
Now it is still very basic. The iOS version is still superior because of the "cards" and easier navigation. Right now there are a few bugs to squash and hopefully and easier UI with the left sidebar.