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04 August 2020

Comprehensive, user-friendly personal-finance software.


Moneyspire is remarkably great personal finance software! Enjoy these benefits:

  • Keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. and see all your account balances in one place.
  • Categorize your spending and income. Balance your checkbook and keep your accounts in order.
  • Set bill reminders and see all your upcoming payments so you never forget to pay a bill again.
  • Generate detailed reports and charts and see exactly where your money is going. Use reports to make tax time easier and less stressful.
  • Set a budget for all your expenses and keep track of your progress.
  • Forecast your future account balances to help prevent insufficient funds.
  • Reconcile with your banking statements to make sure every transaction is accounted for, and to prevent account fraud and bank errors.
  • Manage your finances when you're on the go with our free mobile companion app.
  • Optionally import transactions from your financial institution's website, and Direct Connect and automatically download transactions and pay bills. If your bank does not support Direct Connect, we have an additional service called Moneyspire Connect.
  • Supports customizable categories and tags for powerful and robust reporting capabilities.
  • Supports OFX, QFX, QIF, QMTF and CSV file format imports, and exporting to spreadsheet and QIF file format. Easily migrate from another personal finance app via our import feature.
  • Supports investment accounts, including downloading of stock quotes and tracking investment actions like buy, sell, and other investment-related tasks.
  • Supports check printing on blank check stock, including a calibration tool allowing for easy calibration for different check types.
  • Supports all world currencies, including transfers between accounts with different currencies. Also supports downloading of current exchange rates.
  • You can optionally store your data in the cloud and work on your finances anywhere.
  • Your financial data is stored encrypted on your hard drive and is never transmitted.
  • For personal use, you can use the software on all of the computers in your household with just one license!
  • Other companies force you into a subscription or force you to upgrade your software, or else they disable features. Moneyspire will never force you into a subscription or upgrade, and does not disable your features!
  • Other companies force you to put your data online. With Moneyspire you have the choice to keep your data local on your computer if you want to.

The quoted price is the cost of access to the app and updates for the 2020 version. Additional pricing information can be found on the developer's site.

What's new in Moneyspire

Version 20.0.14:
  • Added Qatari riyal currency
  • Resolved OFX/QFX file import issue
  • Can now export All transactions register to spreadsheet
  • Categories are now automatically filled in based on payee when adding reminders (just like when adding transactions)
  • Can now press the Return/Enter key to sign in to Moneyspire Connect instead of having to click the Sign in button
  • Resolved PDF export issue (Windows)
  • Other changes and fixes

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11 April 2020
Version: 20.0.12

Most helpful

No bill pay capability = no deal
11 April 2020
Version: 20.0.12
No bill pay capability = no deal
30 October 2019
Version: 19.0.31
I have sent in questions about the software several times with no response. Software is only as good as the people behind it. Time to try one of the others.
21 April 2019
Version: 19.0.12
In comparison to Moneydance, and even to Banktivity, the Moneyspire budget module (2019) is lacking in both annualized budgeting and allowing the establishment of monthly individual category budgets. Moneydance is far superior.
17 May 2018
Version: 18.0.35
Would love to give this a try, but not being able to import QIF files in the trial version is a non-starter.
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07 March 2018
Version: 18.0.19
The current version is 18.0.20
13 February 2018
Version: 18.0.18
Great app. Easy to use. Extremely useful
22 August 2017
Version: 17.0.49
The website claims that "advanced search" is a feature of Plus & Pro. However the Manual mentions only simple text search for import filters.
05 August 2017
Version: 17.0.45
What version is the free download? Basic, Plus or Pro?
14 May 2017
Version: 17.0.27
The absolute best personal finance software. Awesome customer service they actually listen to their customers and provide both email and phone support for free. Do yourself a favor and at least try their free trial you have nothing to lose
04 April 2016
Version: 16.0.37
Just to clarify, My 5 stars rating for this software was a way of my encouragement and appreciation for the progress in the right direction since this company moved from FFF version to Moneyspire 2016 which is now being sold under a new more fair upgrading business model. To be more precise, the iOS still cannot do local wi-fi syncing with Moneyspire for Mac, but for now it can open local files via iTunes which is for me far better syncing option than to use cloud or any other server. MoneyspireGo iOS app is also very basic and only imports the last 30 transactions of each account.
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