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16 January 2020

A hackable text editor.


Atom is a desktop text editor application based on web technologies. Like other desktop apps, it has its own icon in the dock, native menus and dialogs, and full access to the file system. Open the dev tools, however, and Atom's web-based core shines through. Whether you're tweaking the look of Atom's interface with CSS or adding major features with HTML and JavaScript, it's never been easier to take control of your editor.

At GitHub, we're building the text editor we've always wanted. A tool you can customize to do anything, but also use productively on the first day without ever touching a config file. Atom is modern, approachable, and hackable to the core. We can't wait to see what you build with it.

What's new in Atom

Version 1.43.0:
  • PHP syntax highlighting for ternary operator, ereg functions, and comments within closures.
  • PHP syntax highlighting for functions returning references, return types.
  • SCSS syntax highlighting, by recognizing '-' as part of a class selector in an @extend statement.
  • CSS syntax highlighting by supporting grid properties (e.g row-gap, place-items, place-self and place-content).
  • CSS syntax highlighting by preventing deprecated CSS properties from being highlighted as errors.
  • Find and replace crashes when a tab is not an editor.
  • An issue that prevented directories created by git worktree from being recognized as git repositories.
  • A crash when viewing review comments on Windows.
  • Support for Javascript forEach snippet.
  • Support for Javascript syntax highlighting for BigInt numeric.
  • Update legacy TextMate grammars to match microsoft/vscode@e6abf47.
  • Removed the non-functional "jump to file" context menu option when viewing past commits.
  • Explicitly display and choose the active git working directory in the Git and GitHub tabs.
  • Avoid stalls due to data buffering by using TCP sockets instead of UNIX domain sockets for git dialog communications.
  • Create and publish GitHub repositories with the github:create-repository and github:publish-repository commands.
  • Copy the commit SHA and subject to the clipboard from the context menu on the mini-log.

Full list of changes available here

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satarii rexson
19 July 2019

Most helpful

Atom is a great codify text editor for GitHub!
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Version 1.38.2
25 August 2019
I'm not a coder but I tried it out as a text editor for writing large files. Unfortunately it is *much* slower than BBEdit or IA Writer or Ulysses. Considering that it's coded as an Electron app I shouldn't be surprised by the slowness (or the bloated size of the app) but I'm disappointed. Probably great for coding but for writing I'll stick with the free tier of BBEdit.
Version 1.40.1
satarii rexson
19 July 2019
Atom is a great codify text editor for GitHub!
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Version 1.38.2
03 April 2019
Visual Studio Code has utterly and decisively defeated Atom and Sublime Text in the past two years. I tried the latest version just to see how it progressed since the time I switched to VSC 1.5 year ago. I am disappointed that the performance has not improved much at all. VSC is MUCH faster to launch and use.
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Version 1.35.0
SweetP Productions
12 March 2019
great code editor, here's hoping Microsoft doesn't kill it, as I prefer it to Visual Studio Code.
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Version 1.34.0
10 June 2018
I ike that it is smart when adds tags.
Version 1.27.2
17 February 2018
Nice desktop text editor
Version 1.24.0
1 answer(s)
05 June 2018
What do you like about it?
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19 January 2018
I gave this a try mostly for advanced text editing features (the multi-line cursor feature), but lots of other cool stuff in here even if you are not a programmer. Looks snazzy as well.
Version 1.23.3
13 January 2018
I'm considering this as a replacement for BBEdit. It looks a bit nicer and you can run your code within the editor (including c code as well as python, which is awesome) if you install some external packages. I still think BBEdit's got a lot more functionality (unix worksheets are great, as are multi-file searches), but purely for coding, Atom is a great free alternative.
Version 1.23.3
1 answer(s)
30 August 2018
Atom can do multi-file searches just fine. I switched from BBEdit to Sublime Text (which Atom copied) years ago and after a few painful months of transition I have never regretted it. When I last tried Atom it was significantly slower than the other two programs searching many files, and editing very large files, but otherwise seemed very nice. One of the best features in Atom and ST is the ability to run live linters; I am appalled that BBEdit still doesn't support this.
27 December 2017
I adore Atom. It's snappy, efficient, looks gorgeous, has lots of useful plugins and it's FREE. Couldn't live without it now.
Version 1.23.1
31 August 2017
An excellent code editor that constantly gets better and has a large and active community behind it.
Version 1.19.4