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14 October 2019

Plain text editor.


CotEditor is an open-sourced, Cocoa-based plain-text editor for macOS. It supports syntax highlighting, has a powerful find-and-replace with the regular expression, and other small goodies for coding. It can handle also CJK languages well.

What's new in CotEditor

Version 3.8.2:
  • Add an additional workaround to detour the bug in macOS 10.14 that crashes/freezes the application

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05 June 2012

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It's no TextMate, Sublime Text 2, or even TextWrangler, but it's a good, simple code-oriented editor. Recommended for those with light code- and plaintext-editing needs.
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Version 1.3.1
13 December 2018
Neat little text editor, but lack of support for modern web preprocessor languages - such as LESS, Sass, HAML, Pug and Typescript - couple with its inability to properly highlight embedded syntaxes (like PHP inside HTML and vice-versa) make it not-so-useful for Web Devs. If you're an app developer working on single-syntax files, this might be worth a look.
Version 3.6.9
09 December 2018
CotEditor is a fast and simple text editor. It's very light on system resources (takes 24 MB RAM with a blank document and 66 MB RAM with a 2.7 MB text file). It can't completely replace the deprecated TextWrangler, but developer is very active and I'm sure that he will add more features. For example, I still use TextWrangler to compare text files.
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Version 3.6.8
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02 January 2019
TextWrangler is no longer being actively developed, but you can use BBEdit for free if you don't need the "pro" features. The free version is comparable to TextRangler.
Sandra S.
13 February 2018
Nice thing!!!
Version 3.3.2
08 January 2018
I use this mostly for bash scripts. Amazingly wonderful freeware. Thanks to the authors! -HI-
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Version 3.2.7
30 December 2017
Solid, free code editor, with some remarkable features that worthy of note: - Built-in Syntax Creator/Editor: CotEditor comes pre-configured with support for dozens of languages, but if the one you want is not there, it has a built-in syntax editor that you can use to define your own. It is easy to use, well-documented, and allows you to define the syntax within a GUI - something that even Sublime Text can't claim. - AppleScriptable, and Unix-Scriptable: you are not tied down to having to learn Javascript, Python or some other arbitrary language, in order to use CotEditor as part of your own programming workflow. Use the languages you already feel most comfortable using. - Nice GUI goodies: link URLs automatically, semi-transparent windows, and manually selecting which invisible characters you want displayed are some of the many unusual and highly-welcomed customisation features that are built-in. - can auto-convert between different character encodings, and handles vertical and right-to-left text incredibly well Although it does sport some attractive and compelling features, I need to mention that it currently still lacks many features that are common to most modern code editors - which is surprising, considering how long the CotEditor project has been around: - unable to do proper highlighting of nested syntaxes - i.e., unable to highlight HTML inside a PHP file - no auto-closing or auto-indenting of tags (only auto-closes brackets and parentheses) - no snippet manager (scheduled to come in a future release) - no project/folder view Browsing the project's GitHub repository, it is extremely encouraging to see a developer that is supportive, active and engaged with the user community. All in all, this looks like an editor with a promising future, that is certainly worthwhile keeping an eye on.
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Version 3.2.7
22 May 2017
Although CotEditor has been around for over a decade, the current Japanese developer has accomplished a very impressive modernization. It's 100% written in Swift. I use Menlo with the Dendrobates theme. I hide the toolbar and I only show the character and word count in the status bar. The result is a minimal, plain text writing environment. It's quick to launch and speedy to operate. I like to use CotEditor in conjunction with TextSoap. The combination is quite powerful.
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Version 3.1.8
23 May 2016
great app.
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Version 2.5.4
29 September 2015
Version 2.1.6
14 July 2015
It is perhaps not suited for "Pro Users", but my needs are simple and this is an excellent alternative to TextEdit. Thank you for the frequent updates and for keeping it free.
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Version 2.1.4
27 February 2015
Excellent editor
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Version 2.1


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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.0 or later
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