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LiteIDE X37.1

24 April 2020

Simple cross-platform Go IDE.


LiteIDE is a simple, open source, cross-platform Go IDE.

  • Core features
    • System environment management
    • MIME type management
    • Configurable build commands
    • Support files search replace and revert
    • Quick open file, symbol and commands
    • Plug-in system
  • Advanced code editor
    • Code editor supports Golang, Markdown and Golang Present
    • Rapid code navigation tools
    • Syntax highlighting and color scheme
    • Code completion
    • Code folding
    • Display save revision
    • Reload file by internal diff way
  • Golang support
    • Support Go1.11 Go modules
    • Support Go1.5 Go vendor
    • Support Go1 GOPATH
    • Golang build environment management
    • Compile and test using standard Golang tools
    • Custom GOPATH support system, IDE and project
    • Custom project build configuration
    • Golang package browser
    • Golang class view and outline
    • Golang doc search and api index
    • Source code navigation and information tips
    • Source code find usages
    • Source code refactoring and revert
    • Integrated gocode clone of nsf/gocode
    • Integrated gomodifytags
    • Support source query tools guru
    • Debug with GDB and Delve

What's new in LiteIDE X

Version 37.1:
  • Add new integrated terminal plugin
  • Change LiteApi, IToolWindowManager and IFileManager api
  • New terminal plugin
  • Export open in integrated terminal action
  • Support open multiple shells (/etc/shells) on unix
  • Support open cmd/powershell/git bash on window
  • Support dark mode
  • Support login mode --login (unix)
  • Load enviroment from LiteIDE action (unix)
  • Tab style multiple terminal
  • Auto save / restore terminal info
  • Ctrl+c key interrupt support
  • Mouse to select, enter key copy to clipboard (ctrl+c/command+c)
  • Ctrl+v / command+v to paste from clipboard
  • Folder add open integrated terminal action
  • Update hide tool window action icon.
  • Folder view enable create folder in files
  • Fix SideWindowStyle::moveToolWindow crash
  • Fix options widget add ScrollArea, enable resize, init check screen size
  • Change copy/paste/cut/selectall/undo/redo unregister shortcut for macos
  • Add open integrated terminal action
  • Enable create folder in files
  • Simple, remove litefind/terminal depends
  • SearchResultWidget add expandAll and collapseAll button
  • Fix fold by GO_ELSE
gotools & gocode
  • Fix & update for Go 1.14

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