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05 December 2019

Powerful text and HTML editor.


BBEdit is the leading professional HTML and text editor for the Mac. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides a plethora of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. BBEdit transforms text with high performance.

An intelligent interface provides easy access to BBEdit's best of class features including grep pattern matching, search and replace across multiple files, function navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source code languages, FTP and SFTP open and save, AppleScript, Perl, and OS X Unix scripting support, glossary support, and a complete set of HTML tools.

What's new in BBEdit

Version 13.0.3:

Note: A BBEdit 13 serial number is required to use licensed features in this version

  • Fixes
  • Fixed bug in which changes made to the search and/or replace pattern fields in the Pattern Playground by means of the menu buttons (saved patterns, history, cheat sheet) weren't undoable.
  • Fixed bug in which refreshing the results of a Git "Show Working Copy" operation didn't update the results list when there were changes.
  • Fixed a bug in which color schemes which used the system text highlight color (such as BBEdit Light or BBEdit Classic, or any other scheme in which "Use custom highlight colors" was turned off) would use the wrong color when the system was in Dark Mode.
  • Fixed a bug in which the presence of legacy color settings would create a situation in which the color scheme selection was reset to a newly created "Custom Settings" color scheme each time the application started up.
  • Made a change so that errors invoking ctags or readtags don't surface while using the completion interface. (This stifles the 100086 error which will occur on Catalina if your available ctags is a 32-bit binary.)
  • Worked around a bug in the OS (FB7416680) in which the save panel would override an existing filename extension with its own notion of what the extension should be.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur if /usr/bin/diff failed to run. ("This should never happen.")
  • Fixed bug in which quitting the application with a Zip/tar archive browser open would reopen a disk browser window viewing the top level of your computer, rather than the archive that it had been browsing.
  • Worked around a system windowing behavior which would cause the following unexpected behavior: when starting the application in which the saved state specified a window in full screen mode, if the application was started by opening a document that wasn't previously open in that window, the document being opened (and any other such additional documents) would open into a separate window.
  • Made changes to improve performance at startup when doing autosave recovery for a very large quantity of unsaved documents (think: thousands).
  • Fixed a bug in which authenticated saves would fail in cases where the directory requiring privilege escalation was not on the startup disk.
  • Fixed bug in which deleting a file or folder filter that was in use by an open project, disk browser, or the Multi-File Search window would fail to update each window's settings and behavior.
  • Fixed a bug in which entering "~" (or a path beginning with "~") in the directory path would report an error when connecting to an SFTP server.
  • Fixed a bug in which Pattern Playground windows didn't remember useful things (search pattern, replace pattern, case sensitive setting, and scratch contents) when quitting and relaunching the application.
  • Evidently the Chock Lock Is to Awesome for Some of You to Handle but Thats Ok the Fleshy Palm Will Return Ps We Still Love You Craig No Not You the Other One
  • The HTML5 syntax checker no longer reports an error for crossorigin and integrity attributes in link and script elements.
  • Made a change to allow the property attribute to appear in meta elements, as long as the attribute's value begins with "og:".
  • Made a change to how the FTP browser view calculates the text for the "Kind" column, so that a more useful document kind is displayed in cases where something more generic was displayed before.
  • Quieted console noise when ingesting current format color schemes.
  • Changed the legacy color preference conversion so that it sets the converted color scheme as the active scheme only for the appearance in which it makes sense, rather that applying the scheme setting to both light and dark appearances.
  • Fixed bug in which creating a new file in a closed project folder would cause folder aliases to unrelated locations to twist open (as well as the project folder in which the new file had been created).
  • Fixed a bug in which a crash of the AppleScript runner would leave the application in a state where important menu commands (like Quit) were disabled or didn't do anything.
  • Fixed a bug in which certain scripting verbs which implicitly targeted the active window (cut, copy, paste, undo, clear undo history, insert clipping) would fail when the application was in the background. (Reminder: you generally should not use these because of their implicit targeting; and in the case of the cut/copy/paste verbs, they are inherently unpredictable with respect to the contents of the Clipboard.)
  • Fixed layout bug in the "Commands" window in which long items would get (invisibly) wrapped to the next line, rather than truncated with an ellipsis.
  • Fixed bug in which the fields in the "Replace All" text factory action sheet used the wrong font.
  • Fixed a bug in which an instaproject would get confused if the top-level folder from which it got created was moved or renamed. (The change won't be noticed right away; but eventually it will.)
  • Fixed a bug in which saved markers weren't loaded for files opened via the built-in FTP/SFTP support.
  • Made a change so that only the first click of a multi-click sequence opens the menu that's attached to a popup action button (such as the Cheat Sheet or Saved Patterns buttons in the Find window or Pattern Playground). This fixes a bug in which rapid clicking on different buttons would sometimes open the wrong menu.
  • Fixed a bug in which C++ "raw" strings which contained a double quote would confuse the syntax coloring.
  • Fixed bug in the Unix shell script scanner in which the next character after a "<" would be ignored if the "<" didn't start a heredoc. This sometimes caused problems if the character after the "<" was something relevant to syntax coloring, like a double quote.
  • Fixed a layout bug and a drawing glitch in the tool/control bar of Preview in BBEdit windows.
  • The Find window now pays attention to the "Selected text only" option when calculating live search results. If there is no selection, or if there is a rectangular selection, the search will be done over the entire document, as before.
  • Fixed a bug in which Git "Show Working Copy Status" would always show the status for the entire working copy, even when invoked on a subdirectory within the working copy.
  • Fixed a bug in which files which required conversion to HTML during site deployment (such as Markdown or Textile) were uploaded with correct names but incorrect contents.

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Bento de Espinosa
24 July 2019

Most helpful

I use it for my website. It is the best one. Period.
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Version 12.6.5
06 November 2019
The only editor you need on macOS.
Version 13.0.2
04 October 2019
BBEdit 13 is the one version I am NOT upgrading to. Use to be every two years, now just ONE year after my last purchase they want more money, and for very little. Grep playground? Not worth it. Better dark mode? I don't use dark mode. And in their "what's new" they even list something that was brought out in version 12 (the commands). And after all that embarrassing denial about the syntax colouring bug. No, no, no. Not this one.
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Version 13.0
13 September 2019
So, after me pointing this out about 5 years ago - Certain edits within a "PHP in HTML" source file would set up a situation in which subsequent edits would cause syntax coloring to get confused - they now finally fixed it. Really a pity that it took so long for me to believed and the fault to be found and fixed. I have burnt my wallet too many times upgrading hoping that the next version fixes it so I will wait for others to confirm. I cannot afford to keep updating for a feature (actually, a fix) that never seems to work. I hope you have it right, finally.
Like (3)
Version 12.6.7
28 July 2019
I like this app but really can't find an excuse to shell out the good hunk of money this app costs, when excellent editors like VSCode or Atom are available for free, not to mention commercial alternatives like Sublime that also are multi-platform -- and also happens to have way lot more of features than BBEdit all of them. Please enlighten me.
Like (2)
Version 12.6.5
Bento de Espinosa
24 July 2019
I use it for my website. It is the best one. Period.
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Version 12.6.5
DS9 Software
27 June 2019
Best editor for the Mac. It’s one of the apps that is permanently open and ready. I don’t use most of the features it has, but it’s reassuring to know it has so many for when I need them. It is well maintained.
Version 12.6.5
14 November 2018
I totally understand why the syntax colouring bug is frustrating but I don't understand how this could be the basis of so many super low review ratings. The team at BareBones clearly knock themselves out to constantly enhance and deepen BBEdit's abilities with plain text. (Now that I think about it, I don't think the syntax colouring but is still around or at least as bad as it once was.)

Have you seen the user manual? It's almost 400 pages... for a text editor! And that's not because it's overly verbose but because the ridiculous number of abilities BBEdit has to document. I'm sure I don't use more than... 15% of them and still find BBEdit essential. Yes, there are other editors that let you edit code, but there is very little with BBEdit's breadth and depth of features.

That all said, I'm only giving 4.5 stars because there's no way to get the Function menu to only show functions (not objects, etc.). Gotta keep you trying, guys! (See! *That* is how you rank something that's awesome except for your pet feature. :-) )
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Version 12.5
1 answer(s)
20 February 2019
I believe I have found a fix (at least for myself, in my dev environment) for the Syntax colouring bug. I created a script and put it into BBEdit's scripts folder (v11.6.8)

tell application "BBEdit"
set source language of front text document to "(none)"
set source language of front text document to "(automatic)"
end tell

Place it in BB's scripts folder and run when the coloring goes to pot.
Like (1)
The best editor on the Mac!
Like (2)
Version 12.1.4
1 answer(s)
23 July 2018
I was a heavy user of BBEdit, but I now use Visual Studio Code, which is free.
Like (1)
11 March 2018
folder compare is awesome! fast for opening (large) text documents
Version 12.1.1
28 February 2018
Been using BBEdit since day 1. It's not as super-fast as Atom or Sublime, but it's got eh absolut best simple automation functionality, great extensibiliyt, format detection, super huge file editing... can't live on a Mac without it.
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Version 12.1.1