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17 January 2020

Powerful text and HTML editor.


BBEdit is the leading professional HTML and text editor for the Mac. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides a plethora of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. BBEdit transforms text with high performance.

An intelligent interface provides easy access to BBEdit's best of class features including grep pattern matching, search and replace across multiple files, function navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source code languages, FTP and SFTP open and save, AppleScript, Perl, and OS X Unix scripting support, glossary support, and a complete set of HTML tools.

What's new in BBEdit

Version 13.0.4:

Note: A BBEdit 13 serial number is required to use licensed features in this version

  • Fixed a performance bug which would cause functions and folds to be scanned twice when opening a file. This was most noticeable when opening very large documents in languages which supported function scanning or automatic folding.
  • Fixed a performance bug which would cause automatic fold generation to take a semi-infinite amount of time in very large JSON files. (The test case was 391.2MB.) Opening such files will still take a while, but it's likely to finish before the heat death of the universe.
  • Fixed a concurrency issue which could cause a crash in the internals of the ctags subsystem.
  • Fixed a bug in which custom extension mappings were not properly applied to custom keyword files; this caused the customizations to not only not be applied to the intended language, but also poisoned the well so that the custom mappings didn't apply to documents when desired.
  • BBEdit will no longer prompt you to unlock the document when using "Reopen Using Encoding" and the document is locked.
  • Fixed a bug in which dragging a file or folder from an open project's sidebar into another project's "Projects" section wasn't allowed when it should have been.
  • Made a change to work around a bug in the OS which would cause alternate rows in results list windows to be invisible when certain display color calibration profiles were in use.
  • Fixed a bug in which using "Copy Name" for a document displaying a qualified name in the sidebar would copy the entire qualified name, rather than just the document's actual name.
  • Fixed a bug in which hiding the editor view in results windows and subsequently un-hiding it would create a condition where selecting results from the previously displayed file wouldn't have any visible effect, until a result from a different file in the list was selected.
  • Fixed a bug in which the results returned from the "find tag" scripting verb (and related ones) were malformed in a way that would cause the Apple script editor to report a -1700 error even though the operation succeeded. (This issue also caused Script Debugger to hang.)
  • For performance reasons, BBEdit will skip to drawing the "invisibles" (upside-down question mark) glyph for characters in the BMP "private use area" (U+E000 through U+F8FF). The Apple symbol (U+F8FF) is now excluded from that test, because it is sacred.
  • Fixed an application lifecycle bug which would sometimes cause the application to crash when quitting while on macOS 10.15.
  • Made a change so that the OS save panel is less likely to try to override your desires when it comes to filename extensions.
  • When computing qualified display names for documents displayed in an instaproject's sidebar, the set of files considered is limited to those contained in the instaproject's root directory.
  • Fixed a bug in which trying to edit a file filter with a very large number of terms would make the editing sheet unusably tall. The maximum size of the editing sheet is now constrained, and the list will scroll if needed.
  • Made a change so that the built-in update checker windows remember where they were, rather than always centering themselves on the main display.
  • Fixed bug in which reference text windows (resulting from "Find in Reference") didn't have scrollbars and weren't read-only as they should have been. In such windows the Space key once again works for paging.
  • Made a change so that the custom language extension list is sorted by extension (by default).
  • Fixed the appearance of the "+" popup buttons in the Text Encoding and Languages preferences when using Dark Mode.
  • Fixed a few places where popup button icons did not appear correctly when in Dark Mode.
  • Worked around a performance bug in macOS 10.15.2 (FB7493711/Radar 57728108) caused by the font service erroneously deleting its cache data. This was leading to multi-second delays when starting the application or creating/opening a text document (or the Find/Multi-File Search windows). With the fix in place, the first launch of this version of BBEdit or immediately following an OS update will take as long as it did without the fix, but subsequent launches will be at the pre-10.15.2 speed.
  • Made a change to reduce memory utilization in cases where the application is running in a switched-out user account and it has a large file open that is constantly being changed by another process.
  • When comparing an open document whose view has been split, the split is no longer replicated into the Differences window.
  • Any errors detected while loading a codeless language module are now logged to a separate log file: "LanguageModuleErrors.log". This is in BBEdit's Logs folder, which you can get to by choosing the "Logs" command on the "Folders" submenu of the main application menu.
  • Added some values to the list of non-warning-generating values for the rel attribute of the element.
  • Fixed a bug in which right-clicking on a non-selected item to perform a Subversion operation in a results window would instead perform the operation on the selected item, if a single item was selected and displayed in the window.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when using "Save As".
  • Fixed bug in which closing a shell worksheet left the underlying shell process running.
  • Fixed a hang in the PHP color scanner which would occur when opening a binary file (such as a PDF) which happened to have HTML at the beginning to fool the auto-guesser and which contained nulls after dollar signs.
  • Removed a typoed duplicate from the PHP predefined name list.

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Bento de Espinosa
24 July 2019

Most helpful

I use it for my website. It is the best one. Period.
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Version 12.6.5
06 November 2019
The only editor you need on macOS.
Version 13.0.2
04 October 2019
BBEdit 13 is the one version I am NOT upgrading to. Use to be every two years, now just ONE year after my last purchase they want more money, and for very little. Grep playground? Not worth it. Better dark mode? I don't use dark mode. And in their "what's new" they even list something that was brought out in version 12 (the commands). And after all that embarrassing denial about the syntax colouring bug. No, no, no. Not this one.
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Version 13.0
13 September 2019
So, after me pointing this out about 5 years ago - Certain edits within a "PHP in HTML" source file would set up a situation in which subsequent edits would cause syntax coloring to get confused - they now finally fixed it. Really a pity that it took so long for me to believed and the fault to be found and fixed. I have burnt my wallet too many times upgrading hoping that the next version fixes it so I will wait for others to confirm. I cannot afford to keep updating for a feature (actually, a fix) that never seems to work. I hope you have it right, finally.
Like (3)
Version 12.6.7
28 July 2019
I like this app but really can't find an excuse to shell out the good hunk of money this app costs, when excellent editors like VSCode or Atom are available for free, not to mention commercial alternatives like Sublime that also are multi-platform -- and also happens to have way lot more of features than BBEdit all of them. Please enlighten me.
Like (2)
Version 12.6.5
Bento de Espinosa
24 July 2019
I use it for my website. It is the best one. Period.
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Version 12.6.5
DS9 Software
27 June 2019
Best editor for the Mac. It’s one of the apps that is permanently open and ready. I don’t use most of the features it has, but it’s reassuring to know it has so many for when I need them. It is well maintained.
Version 12.6.5
14 November 2018
I totally understand why the syntax colouring bug is frustrating but I don't understand how this could be the basis of so many super low review ratings. The team at BareBones clearly knock themselves out to constantly enhance and deepen BBEdit's abilities with plain text. (Now that I think about it, I don't think the syntax colouring but is still around or at least as bad as it once was.)

Have you seen the user manual? It's almost 400 pages... for a text editor! And that's not because it's overly verbose but because the ridiculous number of abilities BBEdit has to document. I'm sure I don't use more than... 15% of them and still find BBEdit essential. Yes, there are other editors that let you edit code, but there is very little with BBEdit's breadth and depth of features.

That all said, I'm only giving 4.5 stars because there's no way to get the Function menu to only show functions (not objects, etc.). Gotta keep you trying, guys! (See! *That* is how you rank something that's awesome except for your pet feature. :-) )
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Version 12.5
1 answer(s)
20 February 2019
I believe I have found a fix (at least for myself, in my dev environment) for the Syntax colouring bug. I created a script and put it into BBEdit's scripts folder (v11.6.8)

tell application "BBEdit"
set source language of front text document to "(none)"
set source language of front text document to "(automatic)"
end tell

Place it in BB's scripts folder and run when the coloring goes to pot.
Like (1)
The best editor on the Mac!
Like (2)
Version 12.1.4
1 answer(s)
23 July 2018
I was a heavy user of BBEdit, but I now use Visual Studio Code, which is free.
Like (1)
11 March 2018
folder compare is awesome! fast for opening (large) text documents
Version 12.1.1
28 February 2018
Been using BBEdit since day 1. It's not as super-fast as Atom or Sublime, but it's got eh absolut best simple automation functionality, great extensibiliyt, format detection, super huge file editing... can't live on a Mac without it.
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Version 12.1.1