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Romanysoft SpeedTest


Romanysoft SpeedTest free download for Mac

Romanysoft SpeedTest

23 January 2018

Internet speed test without Flash.


With Romanysoft SpeedTest, all you have to do is click "Start" and in few seconds, you'll get accurate Internet-speed results.

  • Features an easy-to-use and novice-accessible interface
  • Shows actual ping speed, download speed, and upload speed of your Internet connection
  • Test and report your actual bandwidth usage depending on feedback from a number of testing servers worldwide.
  • Features a world map used for pointing the closest server location.


What's new in Romanysoft SpeedTest

Version 7.0.5:
  • Updated SDK v20180122.10.50
  • Update kernel SDK

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26 November 2014

Most helpful

Just hooked up with a new internet provider. His “Professional” program gave the same results as Speed Test but Speed Test was 10X faster. Clear, well illustrated and accurate! What more could I want?
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Version 5.14.11826
20 April 2018
su imac el capitan non funziona assolutamente
Version 7.0.5
27 December 2016
the very well known and reliable site provides a non-Flash test at:
Flash version URL is
I have found that their non-Flash results are consistent with the Flash version results, which is good indication of the accuracy. Also provides ping test, option to select different servers and ISPs
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Version 6.7.2
02 October 2016
I have been trying all versions from 6 on. Even now they hang on the download test or frequently crash. Very few bugs have been fixed. The graphics are pretty (especially the right sided dial which flips back and forth) but the app is for the most part useless.
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Version 6.6.7
02 October 2016
I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but you can get a free internet speed test - that does not require Flash - at
Version 6.6.7
25 September 2016
This update has totally revolutioned again the ability to test our connections..
Comparing this to the previous 6.6.5 i must say, with 6.6.6 (evil number must be that) my connection has dropped by the half.. hilarious is the fact it just run after the other... :)
I wouldn't mind a little more perseverance
i didn't really noticed all the fixes reported, as such bugs are still there worsened
Version 6.6.6
1 answer(s)
04 October 2016
Ok this version (6.6.7) seem to have regained consciousness, unfortunately testing remains painful and the idea to push back the connection tracker is a bit awkward..

Finally found the solution that gives very good test in few seconds
07 September 2016
Use it time at a time when needed. It's really shows the precise speed, I'm satisfied with this service unlike the previous one, don't remember the name, but it was much worse. This is great!
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Version 6.6.3
12 August 2016
... My review stars. (I decided to review rather than merely comment).
Version 6.6
12 August 2016
I see some very initial good work and app specific features in Speed Test for Mac. If your bandwidth problems prevent you from accessing the usual web-based tests, you want an app on your Mac to test your bandwidth. Note that a trial version is available at the developer's website.

- Some of the GUI titles overlap.
- The speedometers can't accommodate modern bandwidth speeds. My results pinned way past the red.
- The full history graphs leave out ping results.
- You can't print or save anything. But note that the full history graphs collect all your test results over time.

Meanwhile, setting aside the free vs pay, ads vs no-ads issues, there is a website that has the single best results output I've seen so far, and the site uses only HTML5 in its implementation. That site is:

I prefer it over all others because it...
• Provides excellent live graphing of up and download results over time. I don't know anyone else who does this, yet. Documenting changes in bandwidth over time can be extremely useful.
• Provides several file size tests. This allows you to see whether your ISP service is providing full promised bandwidth over time or cheating by providing merely burst bandwidth.

I collect screenshots of the result graphs for comparisons. It helps me sort out whether I'm experiencing bandwidth traffic jams over time, the stupid squirrels are chewing on my ISP's cable again (which sadly has been a problem where I live), or some other problems.

Perhaps as Speed Test for Mac matures it will improve, provide more detailed results, add printing and saving.
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Version 6.6
10 May 2016
It’s great! I liked its mode of operation
Version 6.5.1
28 January 2016
LOL @ $1.99
Version 6.2
1 answer(s)
10 February 2016
Software does not make itself, unfortunately. If going to a website is your preference, it is not mine.
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