PasswordBox 18 Apr 2014

Password manager with auto-fill for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, and Android.


Developer website: PasswordBox, Inc.

PasswordBox lets you say goodbye to passwords. With instant login on any device, it means you get to your accounts faster with one-click login.

  • Click on a site in your PasswordBox or type in the URL and get instant access
  • Control auto logins on a site by site basis
  • Express login even when you have multiple user accounts for the same site
  • Safety from keystroke malware - if you don't type it, they can't steal it
Your Passwords, Everywhere - Save a password to PasswordBox and it is instantly saved to all your browsers, computers, and mobile devices.
  • Syncs automatically so you always have your logins at your fingertips
  • Works on nearly every computer, browser, and mobile device on the market
  • Your passwords are also available from the secure PasswordBox website
  • Free plug-in for all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
Your Legacy, Secured - Pass on your online accounts to the people you care about in case something ever happens to you.
  • You won't leave loved ones in doubt about your online assets
  • Have peace of mind. Nothing will ever be transferred before death certificate validation
  • Protect your family from legal fees and added stress
  • Add or remove your digital heirs at any time
Weak passwords are a thing of the past - For each of your online accounts, our password generator can create highly unique and secure passwords.
  • Increased online security is guaranteed with super-secure password generation
  • Create 26+ character strong passwords that take centuries to decrypt
  • No need to remember, they are automatically saved to your PasswordBox account
  • Create a strong password anywhere -- available on desktop and mobile devices



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18 Apr 2014
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