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12 October 2019

Modern and fast Web browser.


Google Chrome is a Web browser by Google, created to be a modern platform for Web pages and applications. It utilizes very fast loading of Web pages and has a V8 engine, which is a custom built JavaScript engine. Because Google has used parts from Apple's Safari and Mozilla's Firefox browsers, they made the project open source.

Google Chrome for Mac is widely popular because it offers Google-specific features on your Mac.

Download Google Chrome on your Mac to get a multi-functional web browser that’s easy to use and customize, no matter your skill level.

Google Chrome is preferred by two-thirds of browser users across platforms, securing that position by serving as a major platform of compatibility for web apps, and should not be confused for Chrome OS which is an operating system.

Licensed as proprietary freeware, Chrome uses the Apple WebKit rendering engine for iOS versions.

When you install Chrome on Mac, you automatically get access to Chrome DevTools with the browser. DevTools allows developers to simulate device and to collect vital information on their code and most other web applications in real-time to debug code and analyze load performance.


  • Bookmarks and settings synchronization across devices and browsers
  • Common Web standards support
  • Advanced Malware and Ad blocking
  • Plugins and extensions
  • Privacy, Speed and Stability
  • A user interface, themes, apps, and desktop shortcuts.
  • Chrome Web Store
  • Automatic web page translation
  • Release channels, cycles, and updates.
  • Release version numbers

Release Channels

Stable Channel

This is the latest stable version and the safe option with all the features tested before release.

Beta Channel

These versions are still in the testing stage so you can expect a bug, but you get to test the newest features first

Dev Channel

Dedicated to the people who use the cutting-edge web platform APIs and developer tools to develop apps for all versions of the web. Weekly updates.

Canary Channel

This is the experimental edition of Chrome with all the newest technologies still under development. This new technology is sometimes referred to as Bleeding edge technology, as it can sometimes break down completely and cause havoc.

The work in progress edition is mainly for developers who want to have information about future releases to help them in their creative processes.


Google no longer provides support for older versions than Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.


Can you install Google Chrome on a Mac?

Yes, you can. If you want to use Chrome as your default browser, you will need to manually set it to the default browser on your PC as Mac comes out with the Safari web browser pre-installed.

How do I download Google Chrome on a Mac?

  • Select the correct version and download the installation file
  • Locate and Open 'googlechrome.dmg’;
  • Find Chrome and drag it to the local Applications folder - you might need admin permissions for certain file locations;
  • Open Chrome;
  • Open Finder;
  • In the sidebar, to the right of Google Chrome, click Eject.

How to make Chrome the default browser on Mac

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Locate the initial "Settings" section and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the "Make Google Chrome my default browser" option.

Can I make Chrome update automatically on Mac?

Click on the "three dots" icon in the top outer right corner. Select the "Help" then click on the "About Google Chrome’ option from the drop-down menu. Enable the "Automatically update Chrome for all users" option and restart Google Chrome on Mac.

What is the current version of Google Chrome?

The latest major version for iOS is 19.0.1084

What's new in Google Chrome

Version 77.0.3865.120:

This update includes 8 security fixes. Below, we highlight fixes that were contributed by external researchers. Please see the Chrome Security Page for more information.

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05 May 2010

Most helpful

This product continues to: 1. Report every URL you input into it back to Google for correlation with the browser's unique ID that can easily be identified with you. 2. Runs a background daemon that constantly talks to Google about what you are running and what you are doing 3. Redirects erroneous pages back to Google, earning them money 4. Does not allow built-in blocking of Google ads. Bottom line: this browser is more invasive than any other browser out there, and acts (as someone else on this forum said) more like a data-mining app disguised as a browser. If your privacy is important to you, don't use Chrome.
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Version 5.0.375.29
26 September 2019
• First, there was the emergency call to update Chrome to v77.0.3865.90 due to 1 critical and 3 high-risk security vulnerabilities in the previous version. • Then it turns out the buggy installer for v77.0.3865.90 did THIS to many Macs: *Buggy Google Chrome Update Behind Recent Unbootable Macs* - - We await the repaired installer. (0_o)
Version 77.0.3865.90
28 August 2019
...btw, the new forum format is terrible. Hard to concentrate, not as compact and pleasant for viewing as the old one. I see it as the current trend, which is too bombastic, too wide, too large, to spread out. Etsy for example did the same thing with their forums too. Most users there don't like it and stopped using the forum all together. Me as well. I suggest to MU, beware. Macupade, YOU don't have to follow the trend necessarily. It is not good for everybody. Not all MU users like this for sure. And you'll experience drastic decrease in visits.
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Version 76.0.3809.132
2 answer(s)
12 September 2019
I agree the former version of the comments, and reviews section was much easier to follow. Plus, with this new format, it seems like there are only review options and not simply leaving comments.
Like (2)
Version 77.0.3865.75
26 September 2019
I've aske MU to fix the stripped out formatting for comments and the cruddy little strip provided for Replies. So far, no response. But they have requested patience as they work out the bugs. - - I sincerely hope they get their web coding act together as this is a DEGRADATION from the previous interface. Quite a shame.
Version 77.0.3865.90
28 August 2019
I'm distancing myself from everything related to G. G. only goal is money. Everything G creates is for gaining more and more money. Their advertising like Adwords and etc. are all for money. G. tracking people is for money, because G uses this information for profit. All G projects are evil in nature. No G for and no gmail for me and for millions of users who cut all their ties with G.
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Version 76.0.3809.132
20 June 2019
With Chrome the user is the product.
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Version 75.0.3770.100
18 June 2019
Chrome 75.0.3770.100 was released today: <> Available at: <>
Version 75.0.3770.90
10 June 2019
Version 75.0.3770.80
17 May 2019
Chrome first wants access to my Keychain, then it connects to google without even having any browser window open. No other browser acts like that, constantly trying to snoop and crawl and connect to services which you never wanted or used, trying to find and report anything that can be sold on the market for ads. For me anything google or chrome is just unacceptable. This is only on my harddisk for testing browser compatibility in webdevelopment.
Version 74.0.3729.157
06 April 2019
When I open a browser... I want to BROWSE. And usually, I have a destination in mind and want to get there ASAP. Every single time I open Chrome, it wants me to log in so it can track everything and sync my info. It was annoying, and I turned it off. But it doesn't really turn off. And the "remember this device thing doesn't work, so I have to do it every time. But I dealt with it. Then, they forced 2-step authentication on me. Now, I open the browser, it opens a new tab. Demands I log in. I do, but then I have to authenticate it on my phone, and check the box to "Remember this device" 60 seconds later I can finally navigate where I wanted to go. So I turned it all off. No more synching. no more 2-step authentication, no more prompting for log in. But guess what? Doesn't matter that I have them turned off. It still wants me to log in. It still needs 2-step authentication. And it still doesn't remember my device despite the hundreds of times I've done it. Now I just avoid it. Garbage software. I still need to open it for certain sites that won't work on Safari, but that's the only time I bother.
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Version 73.0.3683.103
1 answer(s)
01 May 2019
Did you try Firefox?
13 March 2019
It's the BEST browser...!!!
Version 73.0.3683.75
13 March 2019
Well, it's fast. But it's Google, which also means that they are mining everything you do and everywhere you go and selling that info to everyone who wants it. Google used to be the "don't be evil" company. Now it's the "Fuck user privacy" company. Go with Firefox or stick with Safari.
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Version 73.0.3683.75


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  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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