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21 August 2020

Community fork of KeePassX.


KeePassXC is a community fork of KeePassX, a native cross-platform port of KeePass Password Safe, with the goal of extending and improving it with new features and bugfixes to provide a feature-rich, fully cross-platform, and modern open-source password manager.

  • Encrypted - The complete database is always encrypted with the industry-standard AES (alias Rijndael) encryption algorithm using a 256 bit key. KeePassXC uses a database format that is compatible with KeePass Password Safe. Your wallet works offline and requires no Internet connection.
  • Cross-Platform - KeePassXC is a community fork of KeePassX, the cross-platform port of KeePass for Windows. Every feature works cross-platform and was thoroughly tested on multiple systems to provide users with the same look and feel on every supported operating system. This includes the beloved Auto-Type feature.
  • Open Source - The full source code is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. We see open source as a vital prerequisite for any security-critical software product. For that reason, KeePassXC is and always will be free as in freedom (and in beer). Contributions by everyone are welcome!

What's new in KeePassXC

Version 2.6.1:
  • Add menu entries for auto-typing only username or only password
  • Browser: Add command for retrieving current TOTP
  • Improve man pages
  • Linux: Support Xfce screen lock signals
  • Linux: Add OARS metadata to AppStream markup
  • SSH Agent: Substitute tilde with %USERPROFILE% on Windows
  • Improve password generator UI and UX
  • Do not prompt to restart if switching the theme back and forth
  • Change actions for F1, F2, and F3 keys
  • Skip referenced passwords in health check report
  • Check system-wide Qt translations directory for downstream translations packaging
  • macOS: Change password visibility toggle shortcut to Ctrl+H to avoid conflict with system shortcut
  • Browser: Only display domain name in browser access confirm dialog to avoid overly wide window sizes
  • Fix clipboard not being cleared when database is locked while timeout is still active
  • Fix list of previous databases not being cleared in some cases
  • Fix saving of non-data changes on database lock
  • Fix search results banner theming
  • Don't enforce theme palette in Classic theme mode and add hover effect for buttons
  • Fix label clipping in settings on high-DPI screens
  • Fix excessive memory usage by icons on systems with high-DPI screens
  • Fix crash if number of TOTP digits exceeds ten
  • Fix slot detection when first YubiKey is configured on the second slot
  • Prevent crash if focus widget gets deleted during saving
  • Always show buttons for opening or saving attachments
  • Update link to Auto-Type help
  • Fix build errors with Ninja
  • CLI: Fix db-info command wrongly labelled as db-show in usage listing
  • Windows: Use Classic theme by default if high-contrast mode is on
  • Linux: Add workaround for qt5ct bug, causing icons not to show up
  • Linux: Correct high-DPI display by not allowing fractional scaling
  • Browser: Consider subdomain and path when requesting only "best-matching credentials"
  • SSH Agent: Always forget all keys on lock
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10 Reviews of KeePassXC

04 July 2020
Version: 2.5.3

Most helpful

Works like a charme to me (iMac 18,2 - Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5)
04 July 2020
Version: 2.5.3
Works like a charme to me (iMac 18,2 - Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5)
17 November 2019
Version: 2.5.1
Recently KeePassXC doesn't open. You need also to enter the database and some key file...??!! Why??? What for ??? I couldn't figure out, so went back to using KPx.
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31 March 2019
Version: 2.4.0
"Warning: There is a known data-loss bug in KeePassXC 2.4.0 on MacOS if safe saves are disabled and you are saving to a different file system (eg, VeraCrypt container, google-drive mount, etc). Please enable safe saves to workaround this issue."
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07 January 2019
Version: 2.3.4
Don't forget to check MacPass for a native KeePass implementation, and Bitwarden for a 1Password full replacement :D
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03 June 2018
Version: 2.3.3
I have always found this app to be windows-centric and not designed along mac user interface guidelines therefore I couldn't use or recommend.

Used to love 1Password but got way too expensive, too many upgrades, too much money. Now I use Enpass for Mac desktop (currently v 5.6.8) -- while not perfect, it comes so much closer to 1Password than any others I have tried (and I have tried half a dozen or more) so Enpass is my recommendation and has been for past few years and as they have improved it.

Caveat: it's possible they've changed KeePass but when i tried it in the past, just too overcomplexified (windoze characteristics) and not for me a lifelong multi-platform user who prefers Mac OS without a doubt.
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10 May 2018
Version: 2.3.0
A warning: on exporting all custom set attributes get lost, so this feature is totally useless and you will loose important data! Also having a gui made with (more) love would make daily with keepassxc more fun.
17 July 2017
Version: 2.2.0
Perhaps I have missed something but this product makes my password management more difficult rather than easier. I am especially disappointed in the almost total lack of documentation and no 'help' menu. I literally spent hours trying to find documentation on the details of how to set it up and what some of the various fields are for. I have yet to get the shortcut key to work which when first installed I found out defaults to blank. Unless somebody replies to this pointing out its errors, I will continue to search out and try other solutions to replace the aging app I currently use. While this app has promise I feel it is not yet ready for prime time.
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26 June 2017
Version: 2.1.4
2.2.0 is a great update bringing Yubikey support and many other improvements:
21 May 2017
Version: 2.1.4
Is there any way to import anything other than an existing KeePasss database? If not, then I can't see how this app can gain new users.
19 May 2017
Version: 2.1.4
As an old user of KeepassX, I can say that this application is BETTER. And actively developed. Uses the same password database of the old application; I am switching to KeepassXC today.
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