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Goldfish Professional

21 February 2019

Web design for all devices in a few easy steps.


Goldfish is the easy-to-use solution to design stunning, custom websites in very little time, using the latest HTML5 technologies. We come from the creative world, and understand how you think as an illustrator, creative, and designer. All our knowledge and our experience in developing websites, informed by the feedback from the Goldfish community, are now in Goldfish 4.

Goldfish Professional Features
  • Gorgeous designs for the creation of your website in only minutes
  • Efficient and intuitive creation with the unique Goldfish construction kit
  • Assistance by the use of templates for pages and page areas
  • Design your website freely with text, images and other content
  • Customized website for smartphones and tablets
  • Automatic forwarding to a customized page, depending on the device, operating system or language
  • Same typography on all devices by rendering fonts and support for Adobe Typekit *
  • Retina graphics and support for resolution independent SVG vector graphics
  • HTML5 audio and video, as well as integration of YouTube videos
  • Dynamic menus with customizable design and customizable features
  • Buttons for like and share for all major communities
  • Professional image gallery and slideshow in multiple different styles
  • Entirely customizable e-mail, contact, and booking forms with SPAM protection
  • Dynamic visitor counter in many pleasent styles
  • Automatically generated sitemap for finding a page quickly
  • Integration of external websites in iFrames
  • Guestbook where your website visitors can post comments and annotations
  • Blog and CMS for posting content without Goldfish, directly on your website with comments and RSS Feed
  • Embed code snippets e.g. for GoogleMaps, Flickr or Facebook
  • Integration of Google Analytics with data protection rules
  • Pinning of backgrounds and page areas when scrolling (the background or area is fixed)
  • Prepared for the Fishbeam Clips library with over 1000 clips **
  • Publish your website directly via FTP with SSL encryption
  • Export your website as HTML files
  • Goldfish generates modern HTML5 and CSS code complying with official standards
  • Password protection for individual pages: The page will be displayed only after entering the correct password
  • Animations for any item on the page with many effects and possibilities
  • Show or hide any item by a click or hover with the mouse
  • Search box on the website to browse and find specific passages
  • Slider to scroll through different areas on a page
  • Online shop with PayPal Integration, which can be configurated in minutes
  • Write your own HTML and CSS code to any position of your website
  • Developing web apps using PHP, Javascript and other techniques
  • Add files and folders from external sources and develop webapps
  • Stats from your website on the go directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer

* The use of Adobe Typekit possibly requires a paid registration on the Typekit website.
** The Fishbeam clip library is not part of Goldfish, and can be purchased separately.

What's new in Goldfish Professional

Version 4.5.2:
  • Publish: Fixed an internal error that could occur after publishing to the Fishbeam Cloud.
  • The code tab no longer puts code at the wrong place in some cases.
  • Button: Buttons are no longer displayed at the wrong position in the preview or exported website, depending on the line height.
  • Publish: For multiple nested projects in one (possible through external folders), Goldfish will no longer swap "goldfish_info.txt" files.
  • Form: Notes are now displayed correctly in the editor.
  • Form: Now a maximum number of characters can be set for the elements "Text" and "Multiline".
  • Form: It is now possible that the text field can be resized by the user for the element "Multiline".
  • Fixed display problems of the buttons in the "Font Style" and "Import Media" windows.
  • Better rendering of transparent SVG images in the editor.
  • Animation: New event "When coming out of view" to start an animation.
  • Animation: New property "Run only once" to start an animation.
  • Link window: For links to area templates, the entry "Current area" has been replaced by "Current page". You can select animations and objects from all area templates to create cross-section links.
  • Improved presentation in the editor.
  • Newsletter Blog: An error when displaying pictures in the newsletter has been fixed.
  • Error when sending emails fixed in the newsletter blog, form, onlineshop.
  • Fixed a bug with absolute file paths.
  • The code tab no longer forgets the code position in some cases.
  • A missing page address is now asked when publishing and not when creating the website.
  • Improved presentation in the "Build Error" window.
  • A missing page address will now automatically collected from the Fishbeam Cloud.
  • The web server will now be checked: Does the internet address point to the location of the website on the server? Is PHP running? Is the PHP version too old?
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when editing value lists.
  • Added buttons for adding and deleting values in the Edit Value List window.
  • New window for embedding fonts in the project properties.
  • Dialogs while creating the website and loading images will be more fluid.

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Sorry to say but this just plain s$cks. Creating a decent website is not easy with this app. In fact the workflow is illogical and drag. Compared to Rapidweaver this is a toy. And take a look at the high price setting! Common .. Avoid and try Rapidweaver instead.
Like (2)
Version 3.7
02 March 2017
Hi, new Mac user here. I'm trying to build my first website. On Windows I used to make sites on FrontPage (many years ago). Is this a good replacement for Mac? For comparison, I'm downloading free trials of a bunch of other web design Mac apps that are half the price or cheaper. I'm just wondering.... does this app have something more to offer for the price?
Version 4.3
18 December 2016
All you really need to do to understand why you should not use this software is go to their homepage and view the page source. The amount of extra code for their site is crazy, even in just the head section.. I'll give it 2 stars for ease of use, but if you need something to build websites like this I would recommend Blocs over this.
Like (1)
Version 4.3
15 July 2013
I clicked a link from Macintouch to look at this app. They have two movies side by side on the home page. One for Standard and one for Pro. The only difference in the two movies seemed to be direct FTP upload for pro. In fact both movies were titled as STANDARD. Such an obvious glaring error on the website of a Website Creator?! For this price a lot should be right without elementary errors on their own site. It is of some concern that newer versions aren't compatible with sites from just 3 point versions ago as posted here. I did took a serious look at this app..for about 5 minutes. It has promise when it gets a little bit more professional perhaps.
Version 3.9
1 answer(s)
16 December 2013
Hey Friend :) How's it been? How would I get in contact with you? Don't have ur email or anything anymore. Long time no see...
12 July 2013
Sandvox, anyone?
Version 3.9
13 December 2012
Unfortunately an old customer asked me to update her website for Christmas. Her website was last updated with version 3.6. I just updated to version 3.8 and it completely screwed up the formatting of every single line of text. Now I have to sit here for hours fixing it - FOR FREE. This reminds me why I don't use this POS anymore.
Version 3.7
06 August 2012
Get Quick N' Easy Web Builder. It's not pretty but has more features and is 1/10th the price.
Version 3.7
Sorry to say but this just plain s$cks. Creating a decent website is not easy with this app. In fact the workflow is illogical and drag. Compared to Rapidweaver this is a toy. And take a look at the high price setting! Common .. Avoid and try Rapidweaver instead.
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Version 3.7
3 answer(s)
18 May 2012
Goldfish has many more features. It is more for designers because you have many more options for creating a website with unique design. Of course it is not as simple as filling just a template. But you can't compare these two different solutions.
Like (1)
30 May 2012
What sucks is a company that has to remove its forums on their web site and the comments here because of all the negative comments.
31 May 2012
We will set up a new forum as soon as possible. The onld one was filled with spam at least after one day. So we are looking for a new software. Meanwhile you can write to our support We will answer your questions as soon as possible. We are not able and don't want to delete comments here. Because of the sale, the Goldfish listing has been split into one listing for Standard and one for Professional. All old comments are on the page for Goldfish Standard. Yves Pellot (Fishbeam Software)


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10.5 or later
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