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20 October 2019

Visual website creator.


Sparkle Pro will change your mind if you thought building websites wasn't for you. Sparkle is the intuitive site builder that lets you create sites for your online portfolio, team or band pages, or business and clients. Skip the tedium and design a gorgeous site that works right out of the box. Sparkle turns your design into a live site on the fly, no coding and no jargon. You don’t need to know about code or other web programming concepts: Sparkle makes sites happen.

With Sparkle Pro you:
  • Create landing pages in a matter of minutes--test your ideas quickly
  • Focus your attention on content and layout
  • Quickly iterate on fully functional site designs
  • Quickly add galleries, video, audio, maps, social buttons, and downloadable files
  • Web fonts, retina graphics and delightful animations for stunning output quality
  • Visual contact form creation
  • Default wireframe look to share your site at any stage of construction
  • You’re never constrained by a rigid page structure or by templates
  • Mobile device support via phone and tablet specific layouts
  • Live preview of your site on computers, tablets and phones, while you edit
  • Built-in incremental FTP to rapidly publish to any web host
  • Privacy and cookie law support
  • Backed by a product-focused company praised for its support and helpfulness

What's new in Sparkle Pro

Version 2.8.4:
  • Improved support for macOS Catalina
  • Improved compatibility with Safari 13 on macOS and iOS
  • Improved text lists
  • Improved the page import feature
  • Improved German localization
  • Fixed minor layout issues
  • Many more improvements and fixes

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06 April 2014

Most helpful

You might want to re-think the name.
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Version 1.0
27 September 2019
This app is UNBELIEVABLY good, easy to use, and well-integrated with professional results. The app's structure is great, intuitive, and lets you unleash your true creativity without having to know some of the more arcane details of "coding" and such. HIGHLY recommend this app!
Version 2.8.2
17 September 2019
Intuitive and fast UI. The best front-side web design tool ever since using Cyberstudio Golive and iWeb.
Version 2.8.2
23 June 2019
The best of its kind
Version 2.8.1
29 April 2019
I already left a very favourable comment after trying it last year here, but would like to ask a question though, have anybody had experience with Sparkle building an e-commerce site, an online store ? or is it better to go with sites like Shopify, bigCartel, wix..etc. ?
Version 2.7.2
1 answer(s)
River SRL
River SRL
07 May 2019
Hi, sorry for the late reply, you can actually integrate Shopify and other embedded buttons and shopping carts in your Sparkle site. We have a video about that here:

This is not the best channel for Sparkle support, please get in touch via our site or via email for quick support!
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18 April 2019
Over the years I have used virtually every web site creation tool available for both Mac and PC. The last few sites I have used Sparkle, and I am now converting older sites to Sparkle as well. This has got to be one of the easiest packages around, it makes very modern looking sites very easy to accomplish in a short time. I love the ability to have multiple layouts for different devices.
Version 2.7.2
30 March 2019
I am just blown away about the functionality of this app and how efficient I can create modern Web2.0 and 3.0 websites. I am a professional webdesigner who coded the templates and used Wordpress and Drupal. It is a very tedious process to have something launched in an efficient manner. Honestly the customer won't pay all the time and at the end they don't want to even touch the CMS. SO I went back to basic, satitic HTML with some emdeded life features as e-commerce and blogging,but the programming effort is immense. So i went out and investigated that web and looked anbd tested at probably every single Website Builder app for the Mac. Some resctricts you as hell, some you need to have a doctor title to understand the handling and some not worth the money. Then i found Sparkle that i had eactuallt already installed for 2 years and forgot about, i started it and felt easy to use straight away. First I thought it looks too cheap probably i cannot even build a decent website. After study some quick videos I saw the imennse functionality and use in this program. Now I am creating website one page in 1-2 websites per day, so mega easy. And the best is you don't need to care about maintenance, SEO or security updates, everything build in. Can highly recommend this app it will change your way how to create website effenciently.
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Version 2.7.2
11 March 2019
I bought the less expensive Sparkle software (since my web site is small and not a business) and am very pleased with it. It goes well beyond what I was capable of doing with iWeb, with much greater ease. But what I want to emphasize here is the top notch tech support when I was converting from iWeb to Sparkle and publishing a web site. The same tech support person (Duncan) stuck with me via email for almost a full day on back and forth emails. He was able to help me negotiate the pitfalls one might encounter when changing web building software and then publishing the site to my domain server, GoDaddy. You can't go wrong with either product and the quality tech support.
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Version 2.7.2
29 September 2018
Great app as always
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Version 2.7.1
23 August 2018
Without question, this is the BEST WYSIWYG programme available. I am not a professional web designer but I've been making websites since 1998 (first one was on Word!). I then used Frontpage and then started using Wordpress. However, WP started becoming difficult to use for this non-technical lass and FP faded from existence. I volunteered to create a website for my church thinking I could build it on WP but the security updates were a pain and then making even supposedly minor changes on the site proved tedious. That's when I decided to scour the net and after downloading a number of programs (using free trials), I stumbled across Sparkle. Oh my goodness! What a difference! After watching a 3rd party how-to video, I was up and running within minutes and I re-built the entire site from scratch in one evening. My church love the site almost as much as I enjoyed building it! Building websites is fun again! There are some features that I hope one day will be offered to make Sparkle my go-to for all my website building needs. One is a blogging feature. I'm in the midst of creating a Mummy blog but unfortunately have to rely on WP for that - though I would really prefer to use Sparkle. It'd also be great to have an advert rotator to easily monetise a website. And the ability to integrate third party apps/scripts would be good too. But despite the lack of blogging ability, this is the BEST EVER WYSIWYG programme in existence and it beats Frontpage, Wordpress and iWeb! It's ease of use and the beautiful sites it can create is just amazing. Thank you Duncan from Sparkle!!!
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Version 2.6.3
15 August 2018
Great App! Using it for quick Website creation. Always looks professional. Highly recommended.
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Version 2.6.3


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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