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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder

01 November 2019

WYSIWYG website builder.


Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is not an HTML editor, but an HTML generator! You can visually (WYSIWYG) create your websites by using drag-and-drop. Place objects (text, lines, images, shapes, slideshows, galleries, forms, etc.) anywhere on the page (pixel-perfect layouts). Now you can create amazing websites without having to learn HTML! It's like desktop publishing for the Web! Create websites as easy as drag-and-drop.

  • Outputs HTML4, XHTML, PHP, or HTML5
  • Site Management. Easily add, edit, clone, and structure your Web pages from a single file
  • Easily create forms using the built-in Form Wizard or manually with a large selection of form tools
  • Built-in PHP form processor (send email, upload file to a folder on the server)
  • Advanced graphics tools like shapes, rotation, shadows, reflection and more than 50 other image effects
  • Style manager for global styleing (CSS)
  • Gradient Manager, create awesome multi-color gradient effects
  • Publish to local drive or a FTP server using the build-in FTP manager
  • Built-in slide shows, photo galleries, rollover images, logos, etc.
  • Sitemap generator
  • Supports JavaScript events with (optional) jQuery animations
  • PayPal eCommerce tools
  • Many navigation tools available: navigation bars, tab-menus, drop-down menus, slide-menus
  • More than 50 ready-to-use JavaScripts (galleries, text effects, social media, etc.)
  • Template support; already more than 100 templates available
  • Support for YouTube, Flash video, HTML5 video/audio, and many other video formats
  • Add external scripts and other code with the HTML object

What's new in Quick 'n Easy Web Builder

Version 7.1.0:
  • Flex container ignores right padding.
  • Missing icon font reference in global style sheet.
  • Active and hover colors of Breadcrumb switched.
New feature:
  • FTP now uses use new FTP engine for better performance and stability.
  • Added 'Allow full-screen' option to Inline Frame object. Enables content in an inline frame to be displayed in full-screen mode.
  • Added the ability to target objects on master/embedded pages in Events.
  • Added the ability to change the text of Wizard buttons (Previous, Next, Finish)
  • Added Shape Divider support to Page Header and Page Footer.
  • Added events support to 'Horizontal Line' object.
  • Added 'Full width' option to 'Horizontal Line' object. When set to false, the line can have a fixed width (instead of 100%).
  • Added 'Cookie Expire Days' property to Toast. Specifies the maximum age in days for the cookie to remember the visibility state of the Toast.

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22 February 2017

Most helpful

I had the Windows version before, it was easy to use, I liked that it let you create forms. I didn't even know this had a Mac version?! I just downloaded the trial. I can't find any other Mac web design apps that will create forms, so I will probably use this in combination with one of my more expensive web design apps.
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Version 4.2.2
09 November 2017
In App Store it is $27 currently. The same last version 5.2.1
Version 5.2.1
03 August 2017
I used it many years ago on Windows, around 2004. It was free then. It was one of the best tools to build a website. Imagine in 2004 to move elements of the website around. It was easy done then, and for sure much much easier today. For now I'm using Etsy, RedBubble, Bonanza...places like that. BUT they are getting overcrowded with billions of shops and hundreds of billion items. Maybe I'll have no choice but to build a website again.
Version 5.1.0
24 June 2017
Crow is best eaten fresh. A couple of years ago I left a 2-star review below due to a couple of deficiencies. In the interim I've always downloaded trials of new versions because in my heart, I really wanted to use this app. I received an email announcement for version 5 recently, so I again downloaded the trial. I was so amazed with the new features and discovered that responsive web design, semantic HTML tags, blocks and flex containers., to name a few that interest me. While this app still doesn't recognize the triple-click (I can live without this as it is no really easy to select all text in a box), the other main problem I noted about text boxes shifting has been fixed. After experimenting around for an hour or so, I made the decision to purchase an upgrade. I know that I've made a good decision this time and look forward to many pleasant hours using this app to design sites. There's a lot to learn with the new features but there are quite a few video tutorials to help get over the rough spots. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is interested in designing a responsive site that looks modern and will be easy for visitor to use. Well done, Pablo! This is remarkable.
Version 5.0.2
22 February 2017
I had the Windows version before, it was easy to use, I liked that it let you create forms. I didn't even know this had a Mac version?! I just downloaded the trial. I can't find any other Mac web design apps that will create forms, so I will probably use this in combination with one of my more expensive web design apps.
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Version 4.2.2
2 answer(s)
20 June 2017
saunter over to Coffeecup software
24 September 2017
to Higherterrain-com:
why overpriced ? did you look the prices of other website builders ?
All of them are at least $80 !!! EverWeb, Wolf, Sparkle...
And all of them are inferior to Pablo's.
ALL of them don't have so many tools like Quick'n Easy does.
Quick'n Easy has literally hundreds of tools and widgets for use on a website with one click.
07 December 2016
Might buy it if it was 20 bucks cheaper but not for the price it is now.
Version 4.1.4
1 answer(s)
20 June 2017
Way over priced
19 November 2015
I've since migrated to Sparkle as my website creation tool of choice. However on a whim I paid for the upgrade for this a few months ago and since such simple bugs as I described below still haven't been fixed, I'm downvoting this to two stars. The dev doesn't seem to care about how Mac apps are supposed to work for those of us who have never used Windoze apps. It's such a disgrace to not fix something like being able to triple-click the contents of a text box and not select everything, or to continue to allow boxes to shift position when one simply clicks on them to select them. Sorry Pablo, you had your chance. No more spending on upgrades for a Windoze port when such great alternatives as Sparkle or Everweb offer a much better experience.
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Version 3.1.2
22 September 2015
I have been using this app for several years now. It is excellent for simple websites.
But when I upgraded to "3" I was very much surprised not to notice any change or improvement (except the regression on my CB). First of all the app didn't retain my settings. When editing a website you have to make sure you manually import all the extensions again. The tool bar still cannot be customised. The new icon set is pretty ugly.
All together I'm very disappointed.
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Version 3.0.5
18 April 2014
This app does the job quite well. I have two major complaints that drops my rating to four stars: Whenever I select an element by mousing over it and clicking on it, the element (text box, image, menu...) often jerks a few pixels sideways, requiring the cmd-z "undo" command to get it to jump back its original position. Also, trying to select all text inside a text box by positioning my cursor in the box and then triple-clicking is problematic as it doesn't always work. Trying to highlight all text also gives me grief. I've been using Macs since 1984 and have generally mastered text selection and object selection over the years, so these two points really bother me. Trying to discuss these with the dev on his forum resulted in a few condescending replies to the tune of I just wasn't doing things right or I wasn't clicking consistently or perhaps my hand is a bit spastic. Of course, according to him, there's nothing wrong with his software and no one else has complained about these problems. Perhaps it's a cultural issue but it was definitely an off-putting experience.
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Version 2.2.1
17 March 2014
Does anyone know if you can modify an existing site with this? I could not find an email to ask the developer. Thanks, Steve
Version 2.1.0
11 February 2014
There comes a time when you have to take your hat off to a developer and this is one. This is an excellent piece of software. After using Dreamweaver, Flux and others, if you want simplicity and excellence without having to go through the headaches then this is the web design software for you. I cannot say enough about this thing. I was astounded the first time I used it and still am every time I use it. Here is the truth, I subscribed to an online video training site for the longest time so I could learn the others or get help when I needed it. After using this I canceled my subscription and that alone paid for the software. Thanks Pablo! You are welcome to dinner anytime at my house!
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Version 2.0.2


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  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
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