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iBackup Viewer

02 November 2019

Browse and manage iOS backups.


iBackup Viewer manages to extract information from iPhone and iPad backups, including contacts, call history, SMS messages, Web visits, website bookmarks, photos, and iPhone apps.

How does it work? iTunes backs up iPhone and iPad contents into unreadable database and files. This makes it difficult to get necessary information for the backed up files. iBackup Viewer loads and parses the iPhone backups, extracts those useful data, and converts them to a readable format for viewing. iBackup Viewer also supports to extract data of encrypted backups.

What can iBackup Viewer do? We offer two versions of iBackup Viewer, free and pro, which offers advanced functions. With both version of iBackup Viewer, you can get most of the important and useful data from iOS backups, including:

  • Add contact people and groups to Apple Address Book
  • Show call history and save to a well formatted text file
  • Show SMS messages conversation, and save to text file
  • Convert SMS messages to a PDF file with the form of the conversation.
  • Show WhatsApp messages in the same way as SMS messages.
  • Generate html files for messages
  • Manage voice memos and recordings
  • Manage notes
  • Manage Web history and URL bookmarks, sync bookmarks to Desktop and Safari
  • Browse photos in thumbnails, export photos to chosen location
  • List iPhone / iPad apps and data
  • Preview apps' data, and export to specified file
  • Copy files from iOS devices to computer, vice versa
  • Transfer files from iOS device to another by copy-and-paste
  • Copy iPod library on iPhone to computer.

What's new in iBackup Viewer

Version 4.1580:
  • iBackup Viewer for Mac 4.1580:
  • Adds features to show EXIF information of photos
  • Fixes problem of loading notes on some old macOS systems
  • Various bug fixes

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18 December 2014

Most helpful

This is listed as free, but several key features are only available in the $50 Pro version, like copying files out of the backup, and working with encrypted backups. I don't know if MacUpdate's page design allows it, but it would be useful to identify both prices (free/$50) at the top of the listing.
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Version 3.30
24 March 2018
Excellent app. I have been using it for many years much to my satisfaction. With MacOs 10.13.3 all of a sudden, a blank window appeared in iBackup Viewer and the app could not find my iPhone backup, any longer I mailed a request to IMT Support <support@imactools.com> and within minutes they solved my problem that some other app had interfered with iBackup Viewer finding the appropriate localhost like this: 1, open Terminal 2. enter "sudo nano /etc/hosts" 3. check if it misses record like " localhost" if it does, just enter these lines localhost broadcasthost ::1 localhost Great customer service
Version 4.0550
25 August 2017
This has been a nice little product over the years and you can't beat free when it comes to price. BUT, these updates released every few days has gotten really annoying and ridiculous! Test your product thoroughly BEFORE releasing it and stop using your loyal users as beta testers.
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Version 4.02.01
23 January 2017
I upgraded to the PRO version, ive received the licensecode, but everytime i fill in the code it sais: Invalid code!?
Version 3.96
1 answer(s)
08 March 2017
Please contact us directly by emailing to support@imactools.com
20 September 2016
Good idea to make the backups readable. It is very handy to recover only the data you need (e.g. some photos or messages) just in several clicks. Free version was enough for me to complete my task but I will consider buying a license.
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Version 3.91
02 August 2016
This is a cool app. Easy to use and can see just about all of the backup items.
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Version 3.90
28 April 2016
Super helpful and works great!
Version 3.71
23 March 2016
ibackup viewer did not work, I have tried to contact the company several times and they have not responded. I think that's sadly because their product sucks and they don't want to give me my 39.95 back!
Version 3.70
05 April 2015
This app works great, it saves all my photos and messages.
Version 3.52
28 March 2015
i'm really enjoying this app except for one thing, i recently switched my sim card from my old phone to my dad's old phone (more memory on his). ibackup will let me access the old phone and it's info but not the new one. there's a padlock on the listing and i cannot for the life of me figure out how to unlock it. help?
Version 3.51
1 answer(s)
29 March 2015
Please send details about the problem to support@imactools.com.
05 February 2015
was able view and archive my notes and text messages from an iTunes backup for free!
Version 3.41


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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