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17 June 2019

Keyboard-focused window switcher (beta).


HyperSwitch provides a compelling alternative to HyperDock for keyboard junkies.

What's new in HyperSwitch

Version 0.2.589-dev:
  • Fix trial expiry

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08 November 2012

Most helpful

Great find! CMD+Tab often left apps like finder out. Now with hyper switch installed it works properly. FEATURE REQUEST: please provide an option to leave certain apps out of view. I don't want to cycle through Spamsieve, for instance.
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Version 0.2.107-dev
18 December 2018
I am using Version 0.2.585-dev: however I am not receiving trial expiry issues! Please fix.
Version 0.2.585-dev
03 September 2018
This shows a lot of potential, and for a beta version is impressively stable. My biggest suggestion would be having the ability to see tabs as windows. As it currently stands, Hyperswitch will show you the current active tab in a window, but not the other ones. Witch will display tabs as windows, but the interface isn't nearly as slick as Hyperswitch - and it costs $14.
Version 0.2.585-dev
12 June 2018
Adds a lot to the default Cmd-Tab experience.
Version 0.2.584-dev
13 January 2018
Why is this feature not build into mac yet, its super convenient . However, the thumbnail still does not refresh instantly when menu is activated. I have to wait 3 seconds for it to refresh. This bug? still persist since the version for Mavericks.
Version 0.2.584-dev
06 January 2018
Easy to use; stable like rock.
Version 0.2.584-dev
01 September 2017
It's confusing that it says it's free, but the latest bug fix says it fixes the trial expiry? So, if it's free, why does it expire?
Version 0.2.577-dev
21 July 2016
I really love this, I'd love it more if options would work. One thing I'd love to do, I'm not sure if its possible but cmd tab would change just the app then a different key would start changing windows for the app that is currently selected. Please just update the application, there's nothing else quite like it.
Version 0.2.565-dev
28 November 2015
Wow! This is superb, and nearly perfect already. I've been using Witch for years, which I always thought was really good, but this is immediately better in several ways. Lately Witch has suffered from an annoying issue with OSX's new(ish) "Desktop as Spaces" feature, whereby the Witch UI disappears really slowly when you switch to a window that's on another monitor (and therefore on another space). I contacted Witch about this and they told me it was an inevitable workaround to a system issue that 'might' be fixed in Witch 4. Well, HyperSwitch fixes that immediately! Not only that, HyperSwitch is showing me windows that I have been missing from Witch for years! I always found it annoying that I couldn't see certain types of windows in Witch switch, usually preference panes. They also don't show on uBar, a Dock replacement I use, so I figured maybe it was just a system limitation. Nope. HyperSwitch displays *all* my open windows, meaning I no longer lose them behind other windows and can switch easily back and forth. When I first installed HyperSwitch I had three such preference pane windows hidden under multiple other windows that I had no idea were still open. Wonderful. On top of that it's fast, looks pretty good, and I haven't found any of the expected beta bugs. Wow! I'm very impressed. This could easily be a v1.0 finished product already. Some minor feature requests: 1. Options for different styles of list appearance, in particular an optional Vertical Display. Witch displays a vertical list, and I think I might prefer that - it can be better when there are many windows, and it allows for longer display of window titles 2. Option to disable mouse input. I often switch windows with my left hand while holding the mouse in my right; if I accidentally move the mouse cursor over the HyperSwitch UI, it will change my place in the list. I never want to use the mouse to switch windows, so I'd like to disable all mouse input. 3. More keyboard shortcut options: it should be possible to bind any key to Witch activation, not just Cmd/Alt/Shift+Tab. Witch has a whole long list of options, such as "All applications' minimized", and actions like "Deminimize all minimized windows" and "Zoom frontmost window". I haven't used these much myself but some might find them useful. At the least, it should be possible to assign any shortcut to activate HyperSwitch. But these are only nice-to-have requests, this is already a wonderful app and I have stopped using Witch after 3+ years and am now using Hyperswitch as my only application/window switcher. Great job! PS. Some comments below ask for a merge windows option - if that is added, please do add it as an *option*. I definitely don't ever want that! I want every window separate, always. Two windows from the same app are always two separate windows to me.
Version 0.2.555-dev
18 September 2015
Not bad as for beta version. And really misses the "merge' option. Like it but it has minor bugs yet.
Version 0.2.533-dev
28 April 2015
Very good, but I miss option to 'merge' windows of the same application into one. I mean, when I have open 2 Finder windows by pressing CMD + Tab I want to see only one and then by pressing CMD + ` I would switch between those 2 Finder windows.
Version 0.2.481-dev