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Artwork Evolution1.3

05 January 2012

Create, view, and mix artwork.


With Artwork Evolution, you can create, view, and mix artwork without any brushes or traditional fine art skills. Psychedelic, abstract artwork can be generated in seconds with the touch of a finger. Judge what makes an image interesting or appealing by using your visual preferences. Creating art can be an easy, creative experience for anyone.

Artwork Evolution simulates evolution using images that can breed together to create new visual lifeforms. Each image contains digital DNA, which describes how to draw an image. Every time images are evolved or mutated the DNA is modified to vary the colors, structures, and forms.

  • Play: Tap, rotate, and flick images on your virtual coffee table
  • Evolve: Drag and drop images to evolve new artwork on your coffee table
  • Build: Mix abstract images together and build your art collection
  • Save/Delete: Store and manage images in the My Saved Album for future breeding
  • Enlarge: Render high-resolution images to use as wallpapers
  • Share: Email friends and family artwork that you design

    Coffee Table:
  • Images will automatically slide onto the table
  • Drag and drop 2-4 images into the Evolve box to mix images together
  • When the Evolve box is empty, Top Rated images will slide onto the table
  • When images are in the Evolve box, new children images will slide onto the table
  • Flick images off the table to make space for new images
  • Tap an image to show options
  • Add images from your My Saved Album directly to the table

    "Artwork Evolution is an app you're going to get a real kick out of if you enjoy creating abstract art but don't have any actual artistic skills. Whether you want to create art for art's sake, or for iDevice wallpapers, you'll be able to make something beautiful with this app. This app is really quite unique." -

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  • What's new in Artwork Evolution

    Version 1.3:
    • The massive Artwork Evolution 1.3 update enhances the existing interface and adds a new way to interact and create artwork using a virtual Coffee Table.

      Coffee Table user interface is updated and improved
      • The Coffee Table now supports evolving images just like the image library screen
      • Drag images into the evolve box and watch them evolve
      • Flick images off the Coffee Table to see new images
      • Show/Hide button renamed Album/Table on the coffee table screen
      • Updated and improved the image interaction on the Coffee Table
      • Added a new button on the top right for options to Shuffle, Clear Table, and Info
      • Updated the Info page with new tips and a video tutorial
      • The Shuffle button slides images around on the table that are not in the Evolve box
      • The Clear Table button removes images not in the Evolve box from the Coffee Table
      • Tap an image to show options to Save to the "My Saved Album" or View a larger size

        Top Rated Album
      • Updated the top rated collection with new and fresh artwork
      • Added images from Wallpaper Evolution to the Top Rated Album

        Image Library
      • Manage My Saved Album with a delete option
      • Updated toolbar buttons
      • Fixed the duplicate saved image bug
      • On the image library screen, pressing "Evolve" no longer cancels selection mode from pressing the Select button.
      • Added an option "Save To My Saved Album" on the large image screen
      • Added options to stretch the wallpaper when saving to the Photo Library from the large image screen
      • Improved the zoom in the large image screen
      • Added background rendering of image albums - it loads images that are not visible
      • In Top Rated or My Evolution Albums, in selection mode the Random/Refresh buttons use a confirmation to prevent accidental presses
      • Higher quality thumbnails are created
      • Added magic to reduce the amount of black/solid color images
      • Improved performance of scrolling in the image library
      • Fixed various bugs

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