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19 December 2019

Vector graphics design.


Amadine is a vector drawing software with perfectly balanced UI that guarantees smooth workflow and quick learning.

The app is perfect for illustrations, designing websites, user interface, laying out flyers and brochures, creating logos and icons.

Developed with precision and attention to what users need, Amadine offers everything you may require to bring the craziest illustration ideas to life.

  • Use more that 30 tools for selecting, drawing, editing, slicing and typing.
  • Select and modify objects: Move, Selection, Lasso, Eyedropper, Scissors, Eraser, Zoom.
  • Draw and edit paths: Pen, Convert, Draw (combines Pencil and Brush), Width, Gradient, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Line, Arc.
  • Transform shapes: Free Transform, Symmetrical Distortion, Free Distortion.
  • Organize artboards: Sheets.
  • Type and edit text: Text (combines text in place and text in box), Text on Path, Text in Shape.

What's new in Amadine

Version 1.0.7:
  • A number of rendering problems arising after the Expand operation.
  • A problem with rotating shapes using the Transform operation.
  • A bug where shapes would change their order after the Knife tool.
  • A bug with path segments missing after expanding imported EPS graphics.
  • When exporting to PDF, the Inner Shadow effect is now clipped by the shape’s outline correctly.
  • The Esc key can now be used to exit the Isolation Mode.
  • Tool mode buttons on the Control bar now work correctly in the Full Screen mode.
  • Raster effects DPI settings now apply correctly when exporting documents to vector formats.
  • Text alignment now works properly for distortable text with two or more lines.
  • By holding down the Option key, it’s now possible to cut along a straight line with the Knife tool.

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20 January 2019

Most helpful

Good start, development to watch for!
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Version 0.9
07 June 2019
Please note that I don’t own Amadine and have only tried it for a day or two. Having said that, I admit that it’s one of the simplest and most straightforward programs of its kind and if your needs are limited its learning curve allows you to master it in no time. It has a simple interface and has never crashed on me during my tests. I already own and use “Affinity Designer” but it’s very powerful and to get the hang of it you need to practice daily for at least a month whereas learning Amadine is nearly immediate. Many of us don’t need all that power for everyday necessities and opt simplicity for power. If you are one of such users, then this is a handmade tool for you. Fariborz AMIRSHAHI - Verona (Italy)
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Version 1.0.2
20 January 2019
Good start, development to watch for!
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Version 0.9